i'm so happy to see you that happy

I wanted to write a poem for Minxie in iambic diameter since i discovered the meme and I finally kicked my ass into gear at some point this last week ^_^

i ame a cat
alle byg and whyt
i cuddle up
to friends et nite
as Minxie i
kan keep them warme
and snug together
thru each storme

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yesterday was voisper’s debut on immortal songs and they poured so much emotion and soul into the song that they began crying by the end of their performance. you could almost see the audience tearing up as well and it makes me so happy to know that they reached #1 on search engines right after the broadcast bc they have so so much talent and dedication for singing and this is their first major breakthrough as voisper and not b.i.c19. the harmonization, the passion, and the teamwork that they have is so genuine it blows me away ?? when they won against park won gyu they were all crying and hugging each other honestly voisper is so wonderful please love and appreciate them they deserve to be known !!!

(kbskpop doesn’t allow embing of their videos so please watch their full performance here and their winning clip here)

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It's so good to be you 'cause no matter who is on the podium you r happy

i’m not really sure how to take this bc it does kinda sound sarcastic but i’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt lmao

and obviously there are jumpers i would prefer to get a medal more than others, but honestly at the end of the day, ski jumping makes me happy as it is, i just want them to have a safe and fair competition and if we get that idk why i should be bitter about the podium?

like yes if one of my faves who had a chance to get on the podium really messes up his second jump (kinda like michi did yesterday) i’ll be sad for that person, but that doesn’t stop me from being happy for the guys who did get on the podium

all these guys fight so hard and they have fought so hard to get to where they are now, they train so much, they have so much passion for this sport, they are what MAKES the sport what it is and i think it’s just kinda disrespectful when the first comments i see after a competition are about how someone didn’t deserve the podium.. and tbh i refuse to contribute to that bc i don’t agree, everyone who was on that podium got there bc they did a great job and yes i’m happy for everyone who does great


Yuri Plisetsky,
15 years old,
GPF gold winner 🏅

Happy Klancemas everybody!~

Day 2 - Tradition / Nostalgia

It SHOULD be a tradition to have your boyfriend’s face on your butt!

But oh my god guys! Thank you for your notes and tags! It makes me really happy!


Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother


It’s love. We first met when we were 15. It took another 15 years for us to sort it out. She’s an incredible woman, very special. So the fact that she said yes was a huge deal. I was in a boys’ school and she was in a girls’ school. They were doing a charity fashion show. They brought some guys over. I will never forget I was this pasty boy with freckles. I had to walk topless in the show for this school of girls. As I walked off the stage, the entire school erupted [in applause because] the best-looking guy in the school walked on. It was a very scarring moment. But afterward at the party, I saw Hannah across the room. She was very beautiful, kind and very funny. [I learned that] we had similar interests, that she loved the arts, theater…all the things that were important to me. When Hannah and I finally got together years later, I had finished rehearsing ‘Les Miserables’ and was about to start shooting it. I had four days off, I was going to Florence by myself—slightly sad. Hannah and I went on a date just before I was to leave. We had known each other for a long time, but not closely. I was like. ‘We had a wonderful evening. You wouldn’t want to go to Florence next week, would you?’ She was like. ‘That’s absurd.’ I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ She said, ‘You don’t mean that.’ I was like, ‘I do.’ The next morning, I sent my easyJet booking form to her. She let me stew for a few hours, and then she sent back her easyJet booking form. So our first proper date was in Florence, and that felt quite crazy.

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit

I find it incredibly sad how some fans can get so greedy with awards to the point where they'd want to take away an award from a group who has worked so hard to get their first daesang 😧

Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

GUYS! There’s a way for international fans to support Eywitness!

Here’s a link to a twitter post about how you, as a international fan, can buy season 1 of Eyewitness on Amazon!! I just tried it and it totally works so please, if you can, please support the show by following the steps!


I’ll just copy all the steps to here so you don’t have to click the link:

* Go on amazon.com (the USA website)
* Create an account and register your credit card to your account (it can be a credit card from anywhere in the world)
* Go to the gift card section ‘Gift Cards & Registry’
* Click to send an eGift Card
* Buy yourself (send it to your own email address) a gift card of whatever amount of money you’re gonna need to purchase an episode or the whole season of Eyewitness
* It might take a little while, but you’re gonna recieve the gift card by email
* Go on your Amazon account in the section to redeem a gift card
* Enter the claim code of the gift card so that you can use the money on it with your account
* Go in the payment/credit card section of your account and delete your credit card info (IMPORTANT)
* Now you can go and purchase Eyewitness and it’s gonna automatically use the gift card money to pay for it
* Watch and enjoy!
* With this method, you will only be able to watch the show on amazon.comon a computer