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All I’ve ever wanted was for the sdr2 kids to see how much Komaeda truly cared about them in his own way and for them to show that they cared about him too. And for Hinata to finally accept him for who he is. They could have just left him to rot in a perpetual dreamlike state so they wouldn’t have to deal with him. But they didn’t. They waited for him. They wanted him to wake up.

This OVA was a blessing. Thank you Kodaka.


As a Shinhwa Changjo & VIP, Shinhwa jamming to BIGBANG’s song is the cutest thing ♥
Love how Shinhwa were enjoying the moment & making up for BigBang’s absence, turning the stage into their own club & showing their affection towards their hoobae ..They could’ve left the stage or stayed still, or act like “we’re the legendary Shinhwa”, but as their hoobae’s song started playing, they cutely started dancing & jamming to it ..So sweet ♥


AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

(Now time to disappear and study for finals)


Reiner’s hand lay on the table, and without a second thought, Bertolt slipped his own hand under Reiner’s. He stroked the back of Reiner’s hand with his thumb as they made eye contact across the table, while Annie quietly lit the candles.

The moment was calm, similar to what Reiner and Bertolt had shared earlier in the kitchen when the sun came streaming in through the window. Bertolt could sense the joy Reiner was radiating. He knew how much spending time with family and friends meant to Reiner, so even the three of them sharing cake together on his birthday must have meant the world to him. Bertolt was overwhelmed with the amount of love he felt for Reiner. He never thought he could feel this way about another person.

I couldn’t really celebrate my son’s birthday without getting a commission :’)

Thank you so much to @whinges for my amazing commission, depicting a scene from my fic: You Are The Sweetest Thing

Chapter 1 - Explicit
Chapter 2 - Teen And Up Audiences

Permission to post given by the artist. Please do not delete the caption.

One-Sentence Fics in Which the Animorphs Live Happily Ever After

Within five years half the girls she knows have their hair cut in the style known as “the Rachel”—and no, they’re not referring to the character from Friends.

Finishing Elfangor’s hirac dilest is what finally gives him the courage to make the call; that, and the knowledge that if she can go without morphing for nine months to keep their child safe, he can go without for an entire lifetime to be sure that their son is never without a father.

One day Ronnie turns to her and says, “You know it’s been over a month since you’ve had a nightmare,” and she laughs and kisses him because it’s true.

He is, in fact, bored to tears—right up until the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, at which point he discovers that fame can be used to move humanity to rise up and do awesome things for the power of good, and that sometimes saving the world means asking the world for help. 

It’s the kind of miracle he never even knew to hope for during the war, to wake up late on a Sunday morning to the warm weight of a golden retriever across his legs, the smell of his mother’s pancakes from the kitchen below, and the sound of a basketball echoing off the side of the house from the driveway outside.

<So,> he hears an aristh whisper, <Old Hoof ‘n Tail’s gonna show us how to act like humans, right?> and he can’t help the private smile that crinkles all four of his eyes.  

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Oh my love we’ve lived in troubled days
Oh my friend we have the strangest ways
All my friends on this one day of days
Thank God it’s Christmas

My favourite demon and angel pairing, just enjoying one of the many After-Apocalypse Christmas’s they’ll get to see.

A late christmas dedication and celebration to my favourite book finally getting an adaption of it’s own - in this case a radio drama. If any of you haven’t read Good Omens yet then I highly recommend it!

Merry Christmas to all my followers x

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Remember that anon that asked for your advice on Astrope back in early December, and you gave the motivational toast? Well an update on that... I finally achieved it. Thank you for the encouragement then and in various posts on your blog. When I wanted to stop, I remembered your kind post and delicious motivational toast. It really pushed me to get it on top of your own stories, pictures and experiences. Again, thanks a ton Selli. Really appreciate what you do for people.


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I’m so happy for you, Toast Anon! :D I’m really, really glad I was able to help you achieve your goal with what little I could do you aid you. I am truly humbled and flattered, this message made my whole year. Thank you so much for keeping me updated and taking time to send this lovely message.

And, again, congratulations! :D Please enjoy Astrope and take tons of pictures, I’d love to see them! <33 *Big hugs*

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heey dear followers, how are you doing? I’m feeling a lot better, although i still feel like a failure  sometimes, i’m happy to finally go back to uni and have my own life!
so this weekend i’m gonna move out to where i’m gonna study and probably will not spam your dash with yoi, but no worries, i’ll come back right after!


Hello sweeties!! 

I’m finally back~ tomorrow is my last exam but I survived the worst month - January and passed everything so far. I’m super relieved and happy about the fact that I managed to cope with this all and even go to a concert and keep writing my BA thesis (I was writing all day yesterday…) but now finally I can slow down, read and write more but at my own pace.  I have almost 3 weeks of break at uni, I still have language courses but it’s just in the afternoon. I’m gonna watch TV series, read stuffs and relax Ah and I’m gonna watch WT DVD finally and maybe make some gifs haha 

Have a lovely day y’all and feel free to talk to me here or on LINE and to follow my instagram for more photos :3

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so random but yur Fic has encouraged a conversation to finally take place between me and my Boyfriend. So thank you! (and we love your writing and we'r big fans!)

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That’s amazing, I’m so excited for you both! Go forth, be kinky and have fun!
But please, please also be safe! Talk things through and for the love of god, please do your own research. Don’t let my self-indulgent pornfics be your only point of reference, especially for risky play as in ramwk.
That being said, thanks for letting me know! I hope you’ll have lots of fun together :)