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The seven + notable others finding out about Tumblr
  • Annabeth: Why is everything with me and Percy? I have a lot I'm doing on my own. Why aren't I designing Olympus more?
  • Percy: Don't worry baby, that's nothing. Me and Jason are bros apparently.
  • Jason: Seriously dude, we're not bros
  • Percy: That's right dude.
  • Jason: Dude
  • Nico: Cut it out, you two.
  • Will: Wait, look at this. Apparently, you and I are very important to Tumblr. There is fan art, stories, everything. Ohhh, this one recommends we play a steamy version of Doctor. Nico?
  • Nico: No. Stop.
  • Frank: Finally, someone realizes that I'm Canadian.
  • Leo: Why is there so much art and stuff about how I'm secretly depressed? I'm happy and funny! Comic relief
  • Calypso: Not comic.
  • Leo: Come on!
  • Calypso: And it's more a relief when you leave then when you arrive.
  • Hazel: *confused*
  • Hazel: What's the internet? And what's smut fiction?
  • Jason: Oh no.
  • Frank: Shut this down
  • Leo: Shut the internet down.
  • Percy: There are innocent minds here.

Wow guys I can’t believe SPM finally has it’s own animation

Wouldn’t it be sad if Black Hat had a similar backstory to Count Bleck with his own lost love…?!

Anyway the similarities between these two are astounding so I just had to draw them

in which neil is a sappy little shit: part one

i’m thinking about andrew and neil at matt and dan’s wedding and it’s near the end and andrew won’t leave the cake table and neil won’t leave andrew so they’re both sort of leaning against the table while neil watches andrew eat the chocolate cake with raspberry filling that matt and dan ordered specifically because it was one of the only ways to get andrew to come, and everyone’s slow dancing on the dance floor, with dan in her big poofy princess dress and matt staring down at her like she hung the moon and neil just blurts out:

“dance with me?”

and andrew, who has a fork hangng out of his mouth and a smear of chocolate on the corner of his mouth wordlessly declines by staring off into the crowd. neil, as he always is, is alright with andrew not wanting to and settles for staring at his boyfriend some more.

it’s not until they’re in the complimentary bar of the hotel allison rented out and neil’s had a couple of vodka shots that he realizes “holy shit this could be me and andrew one day” and he’s overcome by so much affection that he just starts crying and laughing all at once. the other foxes, who aren’t that drunk that they don’t notice neil crying slowly take away the alcohol and calmly ask neil what’s wrong. and in between tears and bold laughter he says,

“i want to marry andrew”

matt almosts bursts into tears and throws up his hands and yells about how he literally just got married and you already have to show him up like wow josten what the hell while fighting his own sniffles, allison and renee laugh and smile dan gives him a big teary grin and she hugs him while nicky combs his hands through neil’s hair and they’re all crying because getting married means staying somewhere, it means being permanent and neil finally loves someone enough to stay with them and they’re so happy for their little fox.

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If Yamato heard TK say he wants to be tais borhter he could be like. I can make that happen *slides up to tai* Hey babe


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(part 1) while it was really well-written, the story about the system did make me sad. I have DID and while it is true that integration, aka merging everyone in a system into one person, is the way to recovery for plenty of systems, it isn't for everyone. many of us also feel we are our own people instead of parts of a person. not to say that story was invalid or bad! it was touching, and I'm glad to see people telling their own stories.

(part 2) just, as someone in a system who doesn’t want integration, with so much media out there telling us we can’t be happy without integration, I want my story heard as well. so. imagine this: systems working out schedules for who gets to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to put out the offerings every morning. alters bickering internally over who gets to use the nickname that several of them want, until another alter finally gets tired of it and calls them (nickname) A, (nickname) B, etc.    

(part 3) systems passing any deals that they plan on making amongst themselves, to see if anyone can spot a loophole in the wording that someone else missed. systems whose members bargain the treasures that belong to *them*, and not the system as a whole, so that everyone can have a more continuous memory, can switch voluntarily. artsy or poetic system members who trade paint or verse so that other system members can get that grade, or ace that presentation.    

(part 4) and imagine: alters who bargain things unspeakably precious in exchange for their own bodies, because they want their own lives but know that integrating isn’t an option for their system. maybe it goes badly. but sometimes it doesn’t. and the alters who wake up one day and find themselves alone, and who arm themselves with hellfire and iron and march into the heart of the Underhill to win back their system, their imperfect, jury-rigged, frustrating, beloved family. so many stories.            

Ohhhhhh wow thank you so much, this is gorgeous, and I love the possible ways you’ve described for systems to negotiate all the weird elsewhere shit - like you said, there’s so much potential for stories!

(And as ever, thanks for writing me about this. I err, like you said, on the side of people telling their own stories - I trust you all to do so with grace and style, like the mentioned story, and the one above. But this is absolutely one of the many areas where I’m fully aware I don’t know enough about it to say anything of value, and so I really appreciate hearing this perspective!)


All I’ve ever wanted was for the sdr2 kids to see how much Komaeda truly cared about them in his own way and for them to show that they cared about him too. And for Hinata to finally accept him for who he is. They could have just left him to rot in a perpetual dreamlike state so they wouldn’t have to deal with him. But they didn’t. They waited for him. They wanted him to wake up.

This OVA was a blessing. Thank you Kodaka.

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I know you have a lot of things on your mind it takes a while to answer question I'm always grateful for it. the persona 5 game is based off of Gnostic creation like the final boss's name for example. I am so happy your still doing context video despite your throat virus. the tarots I really want to know about are the heirophant,chariot,hermit,justice,strength,moon,star thank you for getting this I'm happy for what you said thank you

Yep, the use of Gnosticism in Persona 5 is really interesting, since it relates a lot of the game’s themes, without actually submitting to a purely Gnostic mindset. As always, the game syncresizes religious ideas for its own meanings, and it works beautifully. 

A whole layer of this was actually lost in translation, with the areas of Mementos, who are only called by their Hebrew names (which are taken from the Qliphoth, the inverse Sephiroth) in the English version. In the Japanese version, they all also have additional Japanese titles, which all amount to “Road of the Stolen [Insert opposite of what the area’s name means in Hebrew here]” , which adds even more to the themes. The areas represent what they do, because the opposite of said vice has been stolen away! 

Here, the whole chart, of what the Areas of Mementos are “translated” as in Japanese:

Path of Qimranut = “Path of stolen thoughts" (Qimranut=“Materialism”)

Path of Aiyatsbus = “Path of stolen harmony” (Aiyatsbus= “Insecurity”)

Path of Chemdah is “Path of stolen temperance” (Chemdah= “Averice”)

Path of Kaitul is “Path of stolen virtue” (Kaitul=“Disgusting, ugly behavior”)

Path of Akzeriyyuth is “Path of stolen compassion” (Akzeriyyuth= “cruelty”)

Path of Adyeshach is “Path of stolen emotion” (Adyeshach= “Callousness”)

Path of Sheriruth is “Path of stolen tolerance” (Sheriruth= “Rejection”)

Path of Iweleth is “Path of stolen self-respect” (Iwelet= “Mental dullness”)

Just thought I could share this little tidbit~!

Obedience is not a virtue. I wanted to please everyone but myself, and I had to lose everything to learn that lesson. For my pride I had to lie in a glass coffin for twenty years to learn my lesson. By the time I was released, I understood. My husband was a good man, but he did not rescue me. I rescued myself.
—  Snow White: The 10th Kingdom (X)

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would you say you're in a place where you're happy? im still young (19 soon 20) and i want to feel happy but i feel like i'll only get there if i'm this totally made up version of myself that i'm not sure is achievable. were you ever in a place where you feel like you finally figured out who you are on your own? sorry if this doesn't make any sense.

i’m so happy, i’ve never been happier. that said i really only got to this place less than a year ago and i’m about to be 25 next month. i feel like i know who i am and what i want and how i’m going to get there. 19 feels so far away tbh, i was just in college having fun and fucking around lol. i had darker times when i was older like 21-23 yeas sort of terrible, like rock bottom a thousand times over. 

the best piece of advice i can give you is to stop planning, stop thinking so far ahead. be present. think about what you enjoy doing and who you enjoy being around and take time for yourself and just focus on right now. things don’t go as planned, people come in and out of your life and your feelings change and your interests change and you just have to welcome all of those things and let your life play out.


stories i probably will never write :: electra gallagher

Being a fucking Gallagher was a damn curse. For starters her father was none other than Frank himself. She could never stand him, hell he still doesn’t know her name and keeps calling her Erica. Electra was part of dysfunction family and they didn’t have rules in the house. (That was already a bad sign.) However she’s used to it. Her father, Frank was and still is an unemployed alcoholic and her mother, Monica is an addict. She never had carrying parents that took care of their own children. The closest thing to a parent was her older sister, Fiona. 

It felt like she was the only one who wad willing to take care of her and her other siblings. When you live in a dysfunctional family like Electra, you never turn out to be an angel. She had her own demons but she never tried to show it as she found it pointless. She covered it up with partying, getting drunk and smoking.

 But was it that really surprising? She’s a Gallagher after all.

+ Bonus

Today, I oficially moved out for college. I’m living alone. In my own apartment. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much this means to me and for how long I’ve wanted this. I can finally practice my craft without having to justify it to anyone, I finally have my own little magical home to fill up with things that inspire me. Oh, and this is only happening because I got into college (did I even tell you guys that?), I’m so excited. I’m going to be studying Biological Sciences aka Biology (yay science witch!!!). Anyway, I just felt like sharing this with all of you, I’m really excited to start this new chapter in my life and to grow and finally be able to freely experiment with my craft. 🌙


My queue has finally hit the Merrill reblog spam, and from the looks of things is making this my own personal Week of Merrill. So I thought it’d only make sense to doodle my precious Daisy for the occasion! 

The first one is just her being happy like she deserves, and the second is Hawke’s fave pastime of scandalizing the neighbours by walking Hightown with her Dalish wife girlfriend and Bandit. 

One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Chapter 5

It had been about a week since the greenhouse incident and Caroline was still completely spooked, especially after her and Paul had searched the greenhouse inch by inch for any signs of a stray to no avail. Paul tried to convince her that it was probably just a strong draft and that maybe the plant had been too close to the edge of the table but Caroline knew better, she knew it was a sign that she needed to put a stop to this before it went too far.

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I'm so happy to finally see someone else who doesn't particularly care for MariChat and the weird way the fandom twists the characters' personalities!

I personally like all sides of the love square in their own unique way. They each bring something to the table.


As a Shinhwa Changjo & VIP, Shinhwa jamming to BIGBANG’s song is the cutest thing ♥
Love how Shinhwa were enjoying the moment & making up for BigBang’s absence, turning the stage into their own club & showing their affection towards their hoobae ..They could’ve left the stage or stayed still, or act like “we’re the legendary Shinhwa”, but as their hoobae’s song started playing, they cutely started dancing & jamming to it ..So sweet ♥


Sword Art Online - Gifset per Episode
Episode 2 | Beater

Forgetting that there were extra forces, Asuna and her nearby partner dashed at the monsters. The sword in her right hand, despite being used only starting yesterday, had already been assimilated into her palm and felt familiar. She felt that the response from the sword was clear when she fired off her techniques. Like leather wrapped around her hand, even the top of her sparkling and sharp blade felt like a part of her.

Sword Art Online Progressive Vol. 1, Chap 1 [ARIA IN THE STARLESS NIGHT]

Okay, so I know I've probably lost a bunch of followers after spamming my own blog with love declarations, but I don't give a f*ck because my signif is FINALLY moving in with me in a few weeks. NO MORE LONG DISTANCE!!!