i'm so happy this drawing exists

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Did you know 3.22 is International seal day? I'm not sure if it still is in your time zone. My friend mentioned it today and I was so happy.

YESSS!!! I do know actually! :D  Unfortunately, when you live in a country where seals practically do not exist, International Seal Day is not that big of a deal ;O; But!! I did draw this little thing yesterday to celebrate!!ヾ(・ω・*)ノ


Gargoyles AU! 

Originally I just wanted to draw the Pines Family as gargoyles for Halloween but it kind of… got out of hand… and now this exists! A fusion of two of my favorite disney cartoons. I already have more stuff planned for this AU so hopefully I’ll be able to draw it all out soon. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

(also… please click on the images… they’ll look way better if you click on them i promise)

I myself have contributed to the Blushing Killua meme for fun, but let’s be honest. Killua is a chill person who is very okay with physical contact and often initiates it himself. I think this is how their dynamics would be. Gon would be openly affectionate with lots of cheek kisses and hand-holding and Killua’s fine and casual with that. Killua prefers simple gestures like touching and leaning into Gon, rather than initiating “romantic” things like kisses. Killua kisses are something of a rarity (and usually kind of sly), so Gon, who is absolutely crazy about his best friend in the whole world, turns into an excited blushing mess whenever he sees one coming. I see him as the type that gets so happy he just starts laughing. And Killua at first is like, “What’s so funny??” and gets mad because he thinks Gon is laughing at him for, idk kissing wrong? wtf Gon! But Gon keeps assuring him he’s just SO HAPPY that Killua loves him.

The second reason this not-quite-a-comic exists is because I wanted to draw Gon in this shirt. Dogs say “WAN” in Japanese, which sounds like “ONE” in English. Killua got him this shirt because Gon is a pup who is Number 1.

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Can I just mention how talented and good you are? You can frickin voice act, draw and make others laugh. I know you might get a lot of these messages (You should cuz you DESERVE IT) but I just want to let you know that you are a gifted and good person and your videos always make me laugh and/or feel happy whenever I'm down. Thank you for existing :D

*D O KI  S *


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((This blog is fucking perfection and a godsend, and seeing it on my dash always makes me smile. Please accept my gift of rose petals and sensual saxophone music to go with the aesthetic as an 'I'm happy you exist, thank you' token (I'd make Chante give them, but I think she's too busy swooning over the puppety perfection or something...)))

The Soundtrack

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Hi! Congratulations on your 8k followers :) Your art is absolutely amazing and I love that you exist! So, may I request cherik having a breakdown after a huge fight with one another? Sorry I just love angst...

so i’m not very good at angst

When I played BOTW I fell in love with the Gerudo from the character designs to the environment of the town  to the lore and culture of the women so I’m now working on making a lesbian romance comic based off it. 

It will be between the spunky, smart alec, adventurous Jelani (on the left) and her kind, confident, loyal childhood friend Kamala (in the center). The last one is just Jelani’s mother who I haven’t decided on a name yet but will have a supporting role to the girls, especially Jelani.

A lot of it is still in the works (I have a TON of script writing to do and I still need to decide on a title name too lol) but I felt the need to conceptualize some of the faces of the main characters and I’m happy how they’ve turned out! Next is designing their clothes!

Remember that traditional drawing ? Guess I drew it digitally as well. Quite (REALLY) proud of it !

Ofc it’s Jacksepticeye, who is one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever known (if I can say “know”). He makes lot of people smile and laugh with the amazing work he does every day. He built a wonderful and strong community that’s healthy as heck, and it’s kind of impressive to see how a single person, with his energic and smiling self, can help so many people to feel happy. To go through hard times, to laugh when they feel down, to simply have a good time ! (And the hard work behind is just stunning when you think about it : 2 videos per day, thanks to Robin for that as well, because damn the content is good, but without editing it is definetly not the same !).

Anyways, stay as you are man, you’re freakin’ awesome. :)

Please take a moment to appreciate my handsome sons in 70′s clothes. 

I think this may very well be the pinnacle of my 70stalia drawings. I’m very happy with how it turned out ♥

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I love your art so much! I'm so happy that I found your blog. The way you draw them all is so cute and I'm in love. Help. I can't stop looking at your art! I have my notifications turned on for you so that every time you post something I can't see it. Drawing or not, I still get excited to see what it is. Thank you for existing! You're like... #1 as my favorite artist. I just wanna share it with the world. Too bad no one I know likes BTS. I can still show them your other art though. 💙💙💙사랑해


I’m just so happy with Sombra’s design! I had to do a quick drawing of her! I’m so excited for her to come out officially. Sorry for the bad phone pic ~

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Hi, I have a question. The whole mind rape debate has been going on for almost two years. Maybe someone from the Reylo community could send a tweet to Rian and ask him to verify it with JJ Abrams. I mean, is there a reason why no one has thought of asking him? I'm sure Rian won't take offense and he'll be happy to offer some clarification on that front. I know that another crew member has been asked about this, so why not Rian? It'll put the debate to rest. Just wondering.

Please please please don’t do that. Asking such an absurd question that’s already been laid to rest just gives it credibility – and draws the creators into a debate that shouldn’t even exist. Matt Martin was already asked and even though he debunked it, the fact that he was asked generated a LOT of controversy. I don’t want to see the fandom go down that road again if possible. Clear denial won’t stop antis – as we’ve seen over and over again, they just lie. They don’t care.

There’s nothing to be gained from bugging Rian on this one. It’s been debunked. Let’s just keep going and leave the creators out of fandom drama.