i'm so happy the movie is doing well

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I haven't read Harry Potter (and I haven't seen the movies either), but a person I follow reblogged one of your posts. I accidentally clicked on your blog and got lost in it, and now, I think I'm going to start reading it!

i’m glad you’re here friend!! but there’s no need to read the books.

those are the only two passages that matter. they sum up the essence of harry potter quite well. you’re welcome! :)

Amazing Netflix films 🎥

Some(all the)time I watch Netflix instead of facing my responsibilities. This is some of the outcome, reblog to save a life.

LGBT MOVIES (these are all gay lmao oops)
• Holding the man (drama) (2015)
• 4th man out (comedy) (2015)
• Those people (drama) (2015)
• Weekend (drama) (2011)
• The way he looks (foreign drama) (2014)
• Henry Gambles birthday party (drama) (2015)
• Tiger orange (drama/comedy) (2014)
• August (drama) (2011)
• Like you mean it (foreign drama) (2015)

Other romantic dramas/drama/crime drama
• A little bit of heaven (2011)
• Love and Honor (2013)
• The keeping room (2015)
• Lila and Eve (2015)
• Jamesy boy (hello eye candy) (2014)
• Short term 12 (2013)
• Wildlike (2014)
• What’s eating Gilbert grape (1993)
• Boyhood (2014)
• You’re not you (2014)
• Unspeakable acts (1990)
• The road (2009)
• White bird in a blizzard (2014)
• The other woman (2009)
• Adulterers (2015)
• Tallulah (2016)
• My all American (2015)
• 6 years (2015)
• Listen to your heart (2010)
• Before we go (2014)
• In your eyes (2014)
• Tiger house (2015) • All American (2015)

• The little death (2014)
• 10 things I hate about you (1999)
(Oops someone add to this I guess I don’t do comedy, I’m deeply disturbed and love to be sad)

• Hush (2016)
• The forgotten (2004)
• Trespass (2011)
• Consumed (2015)
• The guest (2014)
• Curve (2015)
• The perfect host (2010)
• A good marriage (2014)
• First response (2015)
• Would you rather (2013)
• We need to talk about Kevin (2011)
• Out of the dark (2014)
• Not safe for work (2014)
• The rite (2011) • Blindsided (2013)

• Visions (2015)
• The babadook (2014)
• Pay the Ghost (2015)
• Final girl (2015)
• The Lazarus effect (2015)
• Mercy (2014)

I WILL RATE THEM IF YOU ASK!!😘😘 Rip I got tired at the end, but these are all films I really enjoy, I hope you will too. Hmu for summaries and more film ideas!! I have plenty more⭐️ I’m still passing all my classes believe it or not…enjoy!

I absolutely LOVE the new Power Rangers movie and I ended up scribbling down a pic of myself as a ranger 😉💜 I think my favourite characters are Trini and Billy (I can’t believe how well they portrayed someone on the spectrum!) 🌸


Happy Birthday, Christine Baranski! (May 2nd, 1952)

“If I never do another movie, I will have had the privilege of working on one of the big Hollywood movies with top people, creating a world that can only be described as totally cinematic.”


Damn it Papy you will catch a cold standing in the rain like that!

Don’t mind me, just had a sudden urge days ago to draw Papy all angsty standing in the rain for no reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

couldn’t decide if I liked the coloured or the greyscale one more, so posting both~

Seeing Kai’s face in the movie when Kei rips his own throat with no hesitation at all made me wonder just how much powerless and useless Kai must have felt every time Kei had to die in order to survive. I bet he’s the self-deprecating type who always thinks it’s his duty to protect him. Even when Kei pushes him aside and leaves him alone. He never asked for anything more than Kei being happy on his own terms. He never complained to him whenever he was left behind. He just sucked it up and kept his smile on (and his smiling earrings) just waiting for the moment Kei would ask again for his help (as he was already packing the bag when Kei called. He knew Kei would eventually need him from time to time and he just waited for those times.)
So their relationship is really fucked up: Kai would gladly just stay behind and be the one who gets hurt (Kaneki much, anyone? ugh) if that means he can protect Kei and make him happy that way, right?
Well, now picture how crushing must be the feeling he gets every time Kei’s heart stops DESPITE ALL THAT. Even though he always wakes up. Kei is human in Kai’s eyes, but that only means Kai always pictures him never waking up again ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

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As an avid fan of Newtina as well, I wanted to ask you where you want the next movie to explore in their relationship. Since we know they end up married of course, how do you think that's going to come about? And do you think that their married life will feature in the films, or will we have to wait until the very end? I just have so many questions about them and never have I been so happy that I know that an OTP of mine is 100% endgame :D

Welllll, I’m absolutely a fan of the slow burn.  So I’m hoping they actually drag it out for a while?  Mostly because if they get together right away, that means that more bad stuff could happen to them as a unit.  If they’re apart, I feel like it maybe won’t be as bad, or have as much potential to be problematic?  

I just really don’t want certain characters from Newt’s past to come up and dredge up anything horribly unforgivable?  You know?  I don’t want to start disliking Newt or Tina.  Or anyone else, tbh.  

(AKA what happened with R*n/H*rmione for me…I used to love them and then just…idk.  I fell out of love with them the longer the series went on?  And then it got to the point where the shippers just…ruined the ship for me? So now I can’t even think about it.  I might get back there eventually though.  Never say never!)  

And omg, I know!  Most of my ships are so cracky that they would never happen in a million years!  I can’t believe I actually am shipping something that is going to be canon!  <3  

  • Sasuke: *reads letter in his hands* Oi... Sakura, you seen this?
  • Sakura: Huh, what is it, Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke: *gives Sakura the paper*
  • Sakura: *reads* ...
  • Sasuke: Well?
  • Sakura: I can't believe this.
  • Sasuke: Aa, me either.
  • Sakura: You're a main character.
  • Sasuke: I know.
  • Sakura: You haven't been in a movie since Bonds.
  • Sasuke: Yes.
  • Sakura: -We- were supposed to have development here.
  • Sasuke: Hn.
  • Sakura: And you only have two freaking minutes of screen time?
  • Sasuke: Hn.
  • Sakura: Then you don't even show up at Naruto's wedding.
  • Sasuke: ... Hn.
  • Sakura: ... Why am I not even surprised.
  • Sasuke: ?
  • Sakura: SP always does this you--to us. They treat us like dirt. *tosses paper*
  • Sasuke: ... Yeah.
  • Sakura: Hm... why don't we get a movie? I mean, I would have been -fine- if we had a few minutes together, like maybe some crazy eyesmex or something.
  • Sasuke: ... And me being relevant?
  • Sakura: YES!
  • Sasuke: Uh huh.
  • Sakura: I mean, we're all members of team 7 aren't we--
  • Sasuke & Sakura: Yes, dobe/Naruto.
  • Sasuke: We know.
  • Sakura: Seriously, Naruto?
  • Sasuke: ... You're not going to let that one go, are you?
  • Sakura: He isn't. It's Naruto we're talking about.
  • Naruto: Though... I'm pissed that they didn't have you at my wedding. I guess you're going to elope with Sakura privately now?
  • Sasuke: ... Ah.
  • Sakura and Naruto: ?
  • Sasuke: N--Nothing.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun... did you just imply--
  • Sasuke: No.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun--?
  • Sasuke: Be quiet.
  • Naruto: *blushes* I feel like I'm interrupting something. *grins at Sasuke* So... you're planning on eloping with Sakura?
  • Sasuke: ... No.
  • Naruto: Then why are you blushing?
  • Sasuke: I'm... not. I'm sick.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-k--
  • Sasuke: *growls* Fuck off, dobe.
  • Naruto: Why? What'd I do wrong'ttbayo?
  • Sasuke: We were talking about my lack of screen time. More important than your apparent happiness about--
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun... am I still the stronger one compared to Hinata-chan?
  • Sasuke: ?
  • Sakura: She's gotten real strong in the movie, it seems.
  • Sasuke: Sakura--
  • Naruto: ... I think you're both strong. Like, in different ways.
  • Sakura: *smiles at Naruto* Thanks.
  • Sasuke: *glares at Naruto* Tch.
  • Naruto: Well... I hope you two get your own movie... I mean you guys deserve it. Like... Sasuke... you need to tell the girl how you feel, poking her in the forehead--she doesn't know what that means.
  • Sasuke: S--Shut up, dobe.
  • Naruto: ...
  • Sakura: Though... I'm happy you're in love with someone, Naruto. Like... that's amazing.
  • Naruto: It's... nice... It's a nice feeling, dattebayo.
  • Sakura: *smiles gently* I know.
  • Sasuke: ... Tch.
  • Sakura: *glances at Sasuke* Though... I'm annoyed your wingman can't see it.
  • Naruto: Though, I'm loving the idea that Sasuke won't try--keyword is try'ttbayo--steal the spotlight from me, it's kinda annoying that we can't work together as team 7.
  • Sasuke: Someone has to stick behind and stop the moon from falling down.
  • Naruto: Betcha you'd be the one going if it was Sakura in Hinata's place.
  • Sasuke: ... I wouldn't let Sakura get to that point.
  • Sakura: ?
  • Sasuke: Tch... yeah, alright, I'm not happy about the movie. Whatever. I wish I had some moments with future waifu.
  • Sakura: F--Future--
  • Naruto: Didn't you know, Sakura-chan?
  • Sakura: ... You two...
  • Sasuke: Heh.

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Do you have any resources for time travelling? I'm having a hard time writing about it and I haven't got any clue as I never read any books about ti travelling. The movie "Lakehouse" didn't help much at all. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks and happy holidays.

I think Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series did a good job with time traveling, if you want to read that. Then there’s HG Wells’ classic book The Time Machine, which is weird but also kind of cool.

So first you need a method:

  1. Machine. The Time Machine and the TARDIS, for example, are manufactured things that will take you to another point in time. (Although it seems the TARDIS is a sentient entity, it appears as a blue phone box.) 
  2. Magic. Think summoning circles or rituals. Many of these magic spells need an element of the point in time you want to travel to, like an old disco ball if you wanted to travel to the 1970s. Gabaldon used magic circles: stone circles infused with a never-fully-explained magic. If you wander near them, poof you’re in 1740s Scotland.

Obviously, machines tend to be used in sci-fi and magic in fantasy.

If you’re going back in time, you also need to decide what affect (if any) going there will have.

  1. Destiny Trap. Nothing happens. Going back in time enables the events of the future to take place. Movies like Terminator are like this. Doctor Who also tends to follow this rule.
  2. Can’t change it. Related to the destiny trap. However, even if the characters change something, the outcome will be the same. For example, they save Abraham Lincoln from assassination, but Lincoln dies ten days later from a burst appendix.
  3. Very little changes. The characters being in the past has altered something, but when they return to their own time, very little has changed. For example, in one Supernatural episode an angel unsank the Titanic. In the present, the boys drove a different style car, there were more people on the planet, Celine Dion was really poor, and two people who had died were still alive. It didn’t result in something dramatic like nuclear winter.
  4. Don’t touch anything. Anything you do will affect the future. Ex. a character throws a snail back into the water. The snail is eaten by a gull who otherwise would have starved. The gull flies into the turbine of an airplane and everyone dies in the resulting crash. In England, a man in informed his fiance has died in a plane crash. He remarries and their daughter is the next evil dictator. All because someone saved a snail.

You’ll also need to justify or correct a few things:

  • Language barriers. Not a big deal if you’re going to Shakespeare’s time, but what if you wanted to visit Chaucer or Sun Tzu? Language will also change over time, so going too far into the future will also require a translator. 
  • Culture. The time traveling characters may know the culture of, say, 1100s Ghana, but they may be accidentally sacrificed in the Aztec Empire. The modern era seems to be moving over acceptance of the weird - which might let them slide in the future - but past cultures treated strangers with suspicion.
  • Atmosphere. Hint: your characters will not be OK breathing for long alongside pachycephalosauruses. If they go to an alien planet - unless it’s been terraformed - I want to know why they aren’t doubled over gasping for breath. You can make them wear oxygen masks or justify it via magic or science.
  • Effects. Is it a Narnia or a Gabaldon? In a Narnia Situation, you enter a different place as a child and grow into an adult there, but when you return to your time, you are the child you were when you left, except you have the mental memory of your adult years. In a Gabaldon situation, you enter a different time as a child and grow into adulthood there, and when you return to your time, you’re still an adult.

I feel so needy recently like I just want a girl I can cuddle and fall asleep with and who will kiss my forehead when I fall asleep on her whilst watching a movie on the sofa and I can leave notes in her pocket when I know I won’t see her for a while and a girl who will do anything to make me happy and actually genuinely wants to be with me and someone who I can just treat really well

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Referring to the girl called Stally. We went on our date last night! It was amazing we went to the movies and then back to her place. We both get along really well and she asked me to be her gf! I am so happy. She hasn't come out to her whole family yet and she's asked me to be there with her when she does and I'm really proud of her for doing it. Ah I'm so excited! This is amazing, and you replied to the first part of our story! -an even happier girl xx


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Why do blacks think all while people look down on them? I personally don't look at them any differently. I don't treat them any differently. I don't randomly touch their hair (who even does that?). It upsets me to think that because I'm white this is how I'm viewed. Not all whites are racist and rude. I wish we could all just see the good and the beautiful in each other instead of assuming the worst of everyone. Like let's all just be a big happy family and band together in love.

So you’re not one of those particular white people. Well, great! Movies like “Dear White People” aren’t geared towards you. But, the fact of the matter is, there are MANY white people who do in fact do this. You have to realize, as I came to realize, our personal experience is not everyone’s personal experience. If there’s one thing we have learned from recent events (Ferguson, the Trayvon Martin shooting, many of Trump’s supporters), racism is still very much a thing in our society. As white people, many times, we don’t see it. And sometimes, media like “Dear White People” provides a good dose of that reality, which many people definitely need to see. At the end of the movie, they show actual recent photos from parties at national colleges where students were dressed in blackface as a costume. One of those colleges was the University of Florida… my hometown. That was certainly an eye-opener. That movie doesn’t exaggerate on issues in the slightest. If this sort of media hurts feelings, that’s nothing compared to years of systematic oppression that black people have had to endure, and are still enduring. If you long for being a big happy family, as I do as well, then speak up. Stand with them. Don’t remain silent and hope it will all eventually work itself out. Educate yourself on the issues happening, as I’m still trying to do. And lastly, if you’re offended by black people making a blanket statement about all white people, it’s best not to phrase your question “Why do blacks…” because that’s kind of a blanket (and pretty derogatory) statement too, right? 

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I'm so happy that Bucky is in Wakanda because so many of the stories that are set in Africa show it as a backwards and violent place. And even though Wakanda is a fictional place, it's portraying Africa as a safe haven for someone who has been used by people white supremacists and it shows them having really advanced and important technology. We need more of this. I just hope they do well with the Black Panther movie.


People who don’t have firsthand experiences about shit write movies all the time. People who have never been in war have wrote war movies, people who aren’t even of color write about racism in their movies, it goes on. And do you know what those people, most of the time, do? They consult with people who have firsthand experience. They do their homework. So stop bitching that About Jay is written by cis people and enjoy the fact that we have a movie ABOUT A TRANS BOY. Can you think of any trans men being represented in media? Because I cant. All you hear about is the trans ladies taking over the world. The men? Nope. Trans rep is like the opposite of cis characters.


A really smart circus-bear

Polite, gifted, funny and totally lovely. There’s really nothing wrong with the Brit Tom Hiddleston.

Let’s forget for 49 lines that he is now dating the popstar Taylor Swift and is constantly named as a possible future Bond. That was mostly the focus with Tom Hiddleston in the last weeks and months. Unfortunate side-effect: A whole lot of people only know the lean Brit now mainly for being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and the possibe future James Bond.

He himself shrugs it off. Which is mainly down to him not perceiving the public as an acute threat. Hiddleston puts his heart and his soul into his job; including the promotion of his movies – and so he also kicks into the highest gear there. At the promotion tour for the Marvel-movie Thor he thrilled the audience at the fan convention Comic-Con in San Diego with a show in full-costume as the villain Loki, in South Korea he enchanted his fans with a spontaneous little dance on stage. “I just can’t say no. I’m basically acircus bear.“ A very polite, smart circus-bear, educated in Eton, Cambridge, and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Shakespeare-proved. And a hard-working, gifted character actor, behind his charming exterior often lurks the unfathomable as in the dark science-fiction movie “High-Rise” or the spy-series “The Night Manager”.

How good he really is he reveals in the current DVD-premiere “I Saw the Light”, a pretty messy biography about Hank Williams. A prime example of a Brit as a country-music legend from the American South? Hiddleston brilliantly saves, what can be saved – the critics, who smashed the movie, are unanimous about that. And James Bond? Well, we have another five lines. Would he want to? “I never make plans because every time I’ve tried to make plans life is full of surprises”. According to rumours he is anyway out of the race. We suppose that he stays happy regardless.

From Stern 34/2016

The Box Office & You

(Please forgive my lack of links, I’m phoneblogging) I feel like most of tumblr is either missing the point of the box office or refusing its influence, which is beneficial to no one, especially not the studios creating the films.


My friend, the box office is any budding company’s worst nightmare. When you hear that a movie “hasn’t done well at the box office”, you know they’re not talking about the literal small cabin in which employees sit and give you your tickets in exchange for money through the small hole in a window. They are talking about how much money the movie has made in the first week, and then it’s second-weekend drop. The second weekend drop is CRITICAL to judging whether or not some studios will continue growing or declare bankruptcy. Especially in terms of animation studios. If the drop in revenues is too big in the second weekend, the movie has more chances of being considered a flop. It is extremely rare that a movie will make MORE in revenues in the 2nd weekend, but it has happened in the past.

The box office is also the reason why we’ve seen an explosion of superhero movies in the past years: They’ve been doing well at the box office. Doing “well” ensures a certain continuity of at least the genre (superheroes) if not flat out sequels (Transformers). You may call it milking the cow dry, if you wish.


Well, if you deliberately do not care, please don’t complain about what’s showing in the theatres and please do not be critical of the media shown in it. You don’t get to whine about who’s won the elections if you haven’t voted. If you cannot go, that is a vastly different topic.

However you SHOULD care, because whether or not it’s a shitty way to rate a movie’s worth, it’s still the way it works. Money makes the world go round may you be okay with it or not. You not agreeing to see a movie in the first 2 weeks because you disagree with the box office mechanism is only going to hurt the company who produced the movie you want to support. You want more POC media? Buy the media about it, don’t just watch it online for free. More queer-supportive media? Buy the media about it, don’t just watch it online for free! Sorry, had to get this out of my system.


TL;DR: Go see the movie in the first-2-weekends period. Twice or thrice if you can afford it.

Longer version: No seriously, going to see it is the only way to support the movie. Fanart and fanfiction sadly does very little if nothing to promote a movie if you haven’t gone to see it already. That being said, there are chances you cannot afford to go the the movies; it is luxury, after all. However, in this particular case of The Book Of Life, I’ve seen sneak peaks, teasers, promotional art leaked hanging around tumblr for about a year and it’s not because I’m tumblr savvy or part of An Elite Animation Group. It is most likely possible for you to save ~$10 within a year of the movie being released, but I understand things happen and not everyone can afford the movies.


The movie isn’t out in your country because marketing didn’t consider your country a priority, whether be it based on past similar movie releases not doing too well or other reasons. The only thing I can think of that you could do is try to show them wrong–tell your family, your friends, your co-workers about the movie and gather as many people as you can to go see it when it DOES come out in your country!

All of this long ass text to say that it doesn’t matter that you do not agree with the box office method of judging a movie’s worth; it still is how it works and has been for… well, ever. It doesn’t mean it will never change, but in the meantime, Laika Studios (Coraline, Paranorman, Boxtrolls) is struggling to keep up and running while releasing fantastic stop-motion original content feature films that try to break the mold Hollywood has set.

So. Go see The Book of Life (made by REEL FX. Apparently I need to specifiy this). Let there be more POC centric movies that don’t rely on a cis, straight white protagonist.


That’s incredible, we’ll have like a mini movie!!

“I can’t think of a question we don’t answer” - Marlene.

“Now we kind of have to answer your questions because it’s ending” - Lucy.

This has made my day. This is fantastic news.
I really do believe them about the answers stuff (maybe I’m being naive but I don’t think so!)

Premiering in April though… wtf!! That’s an 8 month break this finale to the premiere! How will we survive!!!? Oh well, that’s actually a really good thing in the long run. Rather than premiering in January and ending in March, we premiere in April and end in June. That’s an extra 3 months of PLL in our lives! It means we get to extend our time here on Tumblr, and extend the time we have to still have new PLL to look forward to.

I don’t know about you, but actually hearing the words “these are the last 10 episodes” REALLY hit home for me. I always knew it was the final season; I knew there would never be a season 8. But I never really took it seriously until now. Oh my god 11 episodes to go. Far out. I’m not ready!!!