i'm so happy she still loves him

imagine zevran and the warden sneaking into hallamshiral and pretending to fit in with the orlesian nobles

imagine them whispering dirty things to each other to see who can get the other most flustered

imagine leliana hearing zevran and the warden laughing from across the ballroom

leliana leaving her post and dragging them out of the ballroom to ask what the hell they’re doing at the winter palace in orlais the warden opens their mouth to answer but instead zevran starts speaking in an orlesian accent and pretends to have no idea what she’s talking about.

“we are mere orlesian nobles!! we have come on, how do you say, diplomatic affairs.” and him and the warden just laugh until there are tears streaming down their faces. and leliana is just like… how are you even still alive. who let you two in here. what.

and then basically spends the rest of the night babysitting them and making sure they don’t get into too much trouble

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I don't mean this as an attack on Colin because I love him but I found his bday tweet to Jen so rude and cold? I'm sure he talked to her personally but I'm also sure Jen also personally wishes him a happy bday but on top of that she still always goes online and says the sweetest things about him. As a CSer who loves their friendship (and nothing more), it's a bit disheartening to see him tweet such an impersonal and bland thing when she always goes out of her way for him. It sucks.

You’re trolling me, right?

Because if this is real then you seriously need to take a step back.

Look, Colin JUST SAID in an interview how uncomfortable it makes him that there are so many fans who blur the lines between fiction and reality. 

If you take a look at Colin’s tweets this is just how he posts.

If you like their friendship so much then realize that Jen and Colin are different people who use social media in different ways.

I’m sorry but this is soooo not a big deal.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Michael was so excited to hear that Jeremy's SQUIP was working in "Upgrade" and although he was clearly scared it would change Jeremy and make him not want to be Michael's friend anymore, he was still so happy for him. Yet Jeremy takes the upgrade and blocks Michael out despite promising Michael that he'd still be his friend in "Two-Player Game". Michael didn't do anything wrong. He just wanted his friend to be happy and for them to get stoned in his basement together he just loves Jeremy so much he didn't deserve-

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Honestly for the longest time I hated miyokichi (and I still have my reservations about her since even though she didn't mean to stab sukeroku, she was still emotionally abusive and manipulative) but I'm kinda glad and happy for them all that she's changed and seems to have reflected on her actions and the biggest part of that for me was seeing her let sukeroku do rakugo, which in life she berated and forbade him for and from doing so I'm glad they're all doing okay now

You know at first I felt the same way but I love Miyokichi, she’s a really fascinating character and her whole story arc breaks my heart.

Miyokichi is a deeply misunderstood character, I find. At her core she’s a good person but she’s someone who’s been through a lot and life really changed her. She also definitely has a lot of unchecked mental health problems, which did not help the situation at all (but really couldn’t be avoided considering the time period and the social climate in Japan with MI to begin with)

But yeah I won’t argue she was abusive and manipulative. (’cool story, still murder’ type of deal u feel)

When we first meet her in the series, and when she first starts dating Kiku, she’s actually quite happy (or at least appears to be on the outside). I find Kiku was a catalyst to her downfall as well, which was no one’s fault in the end (there were too many things at play to be able to point fingers). She became obsessed with him, but couldn’t get what she thought she wanted from him (open love and affection, his attention) they were never made to last, and Kiku’s lack of interest in taking their relationship seriously and him becoming absorbed with his rakugo training eventually made Miyokichi….like, jealous of rakugo itself. 

She desperately clung to the one thing she was invested in, Kiku fascinated her but also frustrated her immensely. When he finally dumps her she clings to the next thing that shows her affection, Sukeroku. And him being freshly banned from rakugo was PERFECT for her, she could have love and didn’t need to see that horrible thing that took Kiku away from her. (Sukeroku in general is a character filled with too much love, he fell to being manipulated by her because he just had so much love to give but even then that wasn’t enough for her. She was still hung up on Kiku).

In the end she pushed a lot of her repressed frustrations onto Sukeroku (and inevitably Konatsu too), having a child with him for revenge, forcing him to stop rakugo, abusing him (apparently yelling/berating him a lot with A KNIFE yikes girl?)

It shows later that Kiku does feel responsible for what happened to her (like MENTALLY what happened to her not just her death, [i.e her ghost haunting him, wanting to apologize etc.]) Where she did originally blame Kiku, she admits that no one was truly to blame. She had forgiven him and also herself for putting him in an unfair position (wanting him to be her sole emotional support, something he couldn’t give her)

But yeah death really…freed her? I guess that how you could put it, she’s no longer weighed down by the societal pressures of being a woman and she had time to reflect on everything that happened, she can’t be mad at Kiku anymore. She misses her daughter, she wished she treated her better and she gets along with Sukeroku finally (they still fight but not nearly in a terrifying/abusive way as before. Definitely more of a normal “I live with this person” sort of way)

Basically I love Miyokichi, she’s a deeply flawed character who deserved better in life but was given the freedom she needed in death.

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I'm crying about your BNHA OC because mine can darken everything around her and is constantly enclosed in (relatively mild because she still needs to see but yknow) darkness because she hates bright light, they'd get along so well ... he's so cute too aaa I love his hAIR

OOOH that’s cool!!! if she likes darkness then Rai’s quirk would actually be good for her then?? bc if yes then he’d be so happy to know that omg, it’d be a nice change for him :’D aND TYSM i luv drawin his hair!!

DC drama
  • Bruce: So you're REALLY okay with Clark being back with Lois?
  • Diana: Damn STRAIGHT I am. It wasn't until he half-died that I realized how...INCREDIBLY boring a couple we were.
  • Bruce: Oh thank god you said it, you two were super boring.
  • Diana: Fight crime, make out, fight crime, make out, would it KILL us to go on a normal date and develop as people?
  • Bruce: I have the opposite problem, me and my girl Selina got it TOO complicated. "Oh I'd love to date you steadily, but I'm taking the rap for 300 plus killings my step-sister did!"
  • Diana: Yeah that's a shame, she's so nice.
  • Harley Quinn: Oh you think YOU have love proble-
  • Bruce: Diana!
  • Diana: Sorry, sorry...I just want happiness for her.
  • Harley: Aw, your aces Wondey!
  • Bruce: And hopefully the universe won't kill off Steve again.
  • Diana: Seriously, its not like I NEED a man, but does Steve NEED to die?
  • Bruce: Reverse-fridging IS still fridging.
  • Harley: Mr.J once shoved me in a fridge...I should call him.
  • Diana: AND-its time to get you back to Bell Reve.

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Hi question you know after Sara hugs Michael and then says I can't, what do you think she meant by that??? I've watched the seen over and over again and still can't figure out what she can't ? What do you think? Oh and I love your blog, so happy that I'm not alone in my obsession with prison break. I don't even want to think about what I'll do after this finishes....

you know, i’ve thought about that a lot. because i wondered too, you could interpret it any number of ways. it actually reminded me a lot of the key, when after he kissed her and then asked her to wait for him, she responded the same way. and in that scene, i always interpreted that to be her saying she can’t be with him while he’s a prisoner… they can’t have a relationship while he’s still in prison. because she says “until then… i can’t.” so, until he’s free, they can’t do anything. 

but i think this was different. here, i think she was saying “i can’t” because she can’t say goodbye to him again, can’t leave him again. she’s already done it once, and it’s killing her to have to do it again, even though she has to.

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I'm so happy that there's more people that love Satori 😭😭😭 I got my best friend into Haikyuu and the first thing she said when she saw him was "He's goofy, I love him". He really needs more appreciation, actually Shiratorizawa in general needs more appreciation!!

YES!!! TENDOU!! He’s such a silly child WHO’S ALSO SCARY AND AMAZING

And I agree with you about Shiratorizawa! They aren’t my favourite team but I still love these children, they are G O O D

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I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE AKIRAMON IS FINALLY CANON!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's the first big tg ship to become canon.



and i think it is ;-; i’m so shocked.. i thought Akira would ignore him at first or try to put her distance but nope, she gave in, and i’m so happy, they deserve to be happy and they’ve ALWAYS loved each other, FIGHT ME IF YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY.. i’ve always felt this huge connection between them, i’m so happy it became real now 😭

Happy Birthday Iman.

To the wonderful woman who stole our hero’s heart but did it so perfectly. It was clear to see that it made him terribly happy and joyous to be with her & therefore enjoy the future he had found, leapt for and created together.

I do think that as much as Iman could be seen as ‘the mediator’ that meant we saw less of David & maybe even less output and more privacy. But wouldn’t you want him all to yourself if you could have it?

I stand by my opinion of her, she is a good woman, she has her heart in the right place and was a very good influence on him. I mean, Lexi, David was made up with his second chance at parenting, and to have a little girl with her. Iman filled a very deep, dark abyss in his life that had formerly grown and grown after certain elements of his past, that she gave him the confidence to walk away from and learn to enjoy. Proof is in the pudding; analyse 1989 & then 1990 onwards. Smiling? When wasn’t he gleefully smiling.

In other news, to celebrate, finally, an update on my AO3 if anyone here is interested. It’s also due to draft through and post up on my blog separate solely for writing: @d-a-v-i-d-j-o-n-e-s

Love on ya Iman, always.


He’s back!

When she was born they said, “she will have to learn other ways to do things that we do” and so she did. She became stronger than many of us, more adaptable than most, and carried on as normal.

When she started school, they put her in T-K when she was ready for kindergarten because they weren’t ready. They treated her like glass but she was made of steel.
I think she proved her point when she slipped out of her wheelchair and climbed to the top of the jungle gym when no one was looking.

She experienced things most of you will probably never have to experience. She changed. She adapted. She is so much stronger than me.

Her sensei uses her to pick on her fellow students sometimes. “Pick up the speed, will you? She’s already on her 100th push-up!”
She’s nearly given him a black eye and we’re all still enormously proud of that.

She is creative, she is tender-hearted, she is the source of most of the wittiest quotes I know. Her deadpan way of stating the obvious is legend in our house.

She is all grown up now, and therefore I am old.
Happy birthday, Little Sis. I love you so much.

Seven Kisses (one-shot)

Summary:  A kiss on the cheek is for kindness. On the hand means a kiss of respect. On the forehead means a kiss of friendship. A kiss on the palm is for longing. A kiss on the eyelids is for idolizing. A kiss on the arm and neck is for lust. On the lips means a kiss of love. And anything else is a sign of insanity.

Author’s Note: So this story is NOT meant to be read as a preference. It’s meant to be read as one story with a continuous flow. So the story takes place with the heroine (or rather, you) as Scott’s cousin, starting in season 1 shortly after Scott received the bite and vaguely ending beyond season 5b (however it ends). Scott and Stiles’ portions are platonic, Derek and Liam’s are slightly in the air, and Isaac, Theo, and Brett’s portions are different kinds of love.

This is a very old prompt that came from the writing forum I used to come from, but it’s long been shut down. I actually used this prompt before, but I lovee this one so I decided to write it for Teen Wolf.

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@littlestpersimmon this isn’t very good because I’ve been writing it on a note on my phone but I thought maybe you’d enjoy my ideas about kindergarten!Kent and his teacher. The best kindergarten teacher I know was a certified scuba diver… and after graduating high school I decided to become one too, because their passion stuck with me. I’ve had a history of passionate teachers who love what they do, and I wanted that for Kent.

Hockey doesn’t enter the life of Kent Parson seriously until the very first day of kindergarten. Mrs Smith is an older lady (well, old to kindergarteners but probably only a decade into her teaching career) and she’s well known and well lived in the community. And she’s absolutely mad for hockey.

His first day is okay. He’s kind of afraid at first, but he’s Kent Parson and by snack time he’s got a gaggle of friends and they’re eagerly listening to Mrs Smith read a hockey book. When he’s picked up by his mom that evening after the after-school program he excitedly tells her all about his day.

His mother recalls in an interview after he’s drafted by the Aces that it was the first time he’d ever mentioned playing hockey. And that’s when life changed.

Mommy enrolled him in a learn to play hockey program a few weeks later, after getting a flyer in his backpack from a kind Mrs Smith, who saw Kent’s excitement and knew of a program that was affordable and single parent friendly.

Kent learned a lot that year. He learned every NHL team from the pennants on the walls (and how to read them!) all the jerseys of his favorite players (and numbers!) how to work together (like on a hockey team!) and how to work alone (like a penalty shot!!). He learned to skate forwards and backwards, how to hockey stop and even got to play goalie!

Dear Mrs Smith sees that excitement Kent has for the game on the weekends when she goes to all the games her husband coaches: mites and squirts and peewees and bantams. Of course at Kent’s level the little ones are following the puck in a group and still wobbling around on shaky legs, but she’s here for the joy, not the sick plays. They watch enough professional NHL hockey at home, weekend days are for the kids and their unbridled joy for things they love.

Her favorite memory of little Kent Parson was his last day of kindergarten when he hugged her and told her that she could wear his jersey someday, promise! She had smiled and hugged him back and sent him on his way to first grade, thankful once again for the job she got to do every year.

She keeps tabs on as many of her kids as she can. Bobby married three years ago and has a little girl, Shelly swims for a college down south, Austin moved to New York to act, Janie’s oldest daughter is in her new class.

But she can’t help but tear up when a picture of little Kent Parson lifting the Stanley Cup over his head is the front page of the local news. She and her husband attend the parade the city holds, and John has the picture of Kent hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head framed for her classroom.

And her favorite memory of the no longer so little Kent Parson is when he awkwardly knocks on her classroom door a few days before he heads back to Vegas, a backwards cap on his head and a jersey under his arm.

She didn’t think he’d remembered her, which was fine. Her job was to give her small ones a solid foundation for their education, a passion for learning, a good first year to grow and learn.

But when he holds out the jersey for her with that same silly smile she’d seen years ago on a much smaller Kent Parson she can’t help but grin and ignore the jersey while she wrapped him up in a hug.

After letting him go, she takes the offered jersey and flips it over to see his name on the back.

“I told you that you could wear my jersey someday, Mrs Smith.” He says softly, his eyes flitting around the pennants that still grace the walls, eyes lighting up when he sees the Aces one in the collection. “I had to keep my promise.”

And for that, she has to wrap sweet little Kent Parson up in another hug, jersey once again forgotten on her desk.

Technically, he wasn’t doing anything. After the news had broke he’d gone out for celebratory drinks, then returned home, and turned on the tv. He was still watching reruns of a show he didn’t really remember when Leipzig came round. She didn’t say much, just cuddled up with him on the sofa. 

Bonn wasn’t doing anything. Anything obvious, anyway. But Leipzig had known him long enough to know that he wasn’t watching the television despite where his gaze was fixed. His phone was beside him on the seat, and his hand next to that, ready, waiting. That was where all his attention lay.

“Don’t,” Leipzig said. “Don’t do this to yourself.”

“I’m not. I know– I’m not an idiot,” Bonn said, pulling away slightly. She sighed, and they watched the rest of the show in silence. When she left, she kissed his cheek and gave him a concerned look. He smiled and waved her away, promising to go straight to bed. It was late after all. 

But instead he went back to the sofa. It was dark now and he didn’t bother to turn on the lights, instead muting the television. Late night tv’s colours flickered over his face as he sat in the dark, hand waiting by the phone, knowing Berlin wouldn’t call.

Okay but some deaf!Mikasa au things (on mobile so pardon the format)

- Mike and Levi taking her to an aquarium on her birthday
- Mikasa being so excited because she’s never been but she ADORES seahorses and turtles and thinks sharks are the bomb
- Levi getting her dressed in a puffy pink parka and mittens and a white scarf and hat because it’s so cold and she doesn’t like being cold
- Mikasa asking for Mike’s hat by pointing and roughly saying “papa” because she can’t sign with her mittens
- The hat being WAY too big for her lil’ head but she loves it
- Mike and Levi holding her hand on the way in/around and letting her hold their tickets before they go in
- Mikasa running up to the turtle exhibit and smooshing her face against the glass as she stares, entranced
- She stands there for at least five minutes just watching
- Mike picking her up so she can see an exhibit because it’s a little crowded in front of it
- Going to the sharks and Mikasa just being so freaking happy and clapping her hands as she watches them swim around
- Mikasa being scared by the rays in the touch pool, but Levi hugs her and tells her they’re harmless and to prove it he puts his hand in the water and she follows in suit
- Mike signing to her that he likes the jellyfish because they remind him of Levi - beautiful and dangerous, and Mikasa agrees while Levi flicks Mike and smiles
- Levi and Mike watching as Mikasa runs from tank to tank, trying to take everything in and staring with wide-eyed wonder
- Taking Mikasa to the gift shop, where she’s confused when they ask her if she wants anything because she’s not used to gifts
- Buying her a stuffed jellyfish, turtle, and shark, and some candy
- Going out to eat after, Mikasa signing insanely fast because she’s so happy
- Levi wiping her mouth off because she’s rushing to eat so she can sign more
- Mikasa being freaking happy
- Mike and Levi tucking her in bed that night with her new stuffed animals and she sleepily signs that she loves them - the first time she’s done so
- Levi having to leave because it made him cry because she’s so precious and he’s so happy
- All of them being happy and content

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in case you haven't done it yet... I dare you: one of my fave scenes is Killian's sacrifice. Their faces, but especially his, from the moment Nimué starts to choke Emma, tell a story worth a thousand words, and I simply love it.

@leatherjacketsandrum @laschatzi you’re cruel cruel ladies…. I love it! :D

*Takes deep breath* This is probably gonna be another lengthy one.. I’m sorry!

WARNING: It’s really long and angsty (obviously lol)

i want to start with this shot.

Nimue’s just began choking Emma. 

Killian is still replaying that memory of his father’s murder in his head.

He’s zoned out, trying to keep his mind on the pain that’s coursing through him. He’s letting the darkness completely take him because Killian Jones has nothing left.

And he looks up at her - and you can see he’s trying to hold on to that pain and anger, trying to tell himself that this is justified.

This is what happens when someone you love hurts you in the most unimaginable way.

He’s probably thinking this is just like the situation with his father - someone he loves has used him once again for their selfish gain. Left him as a slave for someone else’s use.

He’s forcing himself not to care, because he’s done. He’s hurt and betrayed and he’s got nothing else left other than the thing that’s kept him company for centuries. Revenge.

But he can’t do it.

He can’t bear to see Emma in pain.

This isn’t the same as Brennan. This is nowhere near the same.

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The thing about JJ’s fiance that I love so much is that she could have easily been portrayed as the stereotypical “only with him because he’s famous” shallow-ass girlfriend you see in a lot of shows, but instead it turns out that she loves and supports him whether he fails or not and just wants happiness for him and like?? My heart cannot handle this show, I am still so blown away by all the healthy relationships and idherjiwbddfiwidjej

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hiya. could you possibly do one where MC reveals she's pregnant? (MC x RFA) but idk what to do about Jaehee... P L E A S E ? and btw I'm in love w/ your fan fictions ;)

SN: we will be using They/Them for MC because even if they are pregnant they could still be agender/genderfuild/queer :)


  • This man is so fucking happy about this child
  • He has always wanted a happy family
  • MC and him had been putting it off for a couple of years
  • What with all of the traveling for movies and shows
  • When MC comes running out of the bathroom
  • They are screaming, bouncing up and down
  • “Babe! Babe! Look look look!!” there are tears in their eyes
  • MC hands a small pregnacy test to Zen
  • Zen takes it and looks at it for a minute
  • A + sign
  • That means…
  • Zen jumps up from where he is sitting and picks MC up
  • He would twirl them around in his arms and start to cry
  • After he puts them down he just starts screaming
  • He is FINALLY going to be a dad, and he is going to be an amazing father
  • And MC is going to be an amazing parent


  • Jumin comes from a big family, so he in turn has always wanted a big family of his own
  • But because of his issues with love he just figured he would never have one
  • When he gets home and he sees MC holding a little box he is a little surprised
  • “MC what is that?”
  • “It’s a gift for you! Open it.”
  • “You didn’t have to get me anything, princess. What is the event?” MC just giggles a little
  • Jumin takes the box for MC and opens it
  • It’s a pair of little pink and blue socks
  • There is only 2 of them
  • “MC if you wanted to get socks for Elizabeth you should have got a 2nd pair. She has 4 paws.”
  • MC is dumbfounded
  • How is this man so smart and yet so stupid????
  • “They aren’t for Elizabeth you silly man. They’re for human feet.”
  • Then it clicks in Jumin’s head
  • “Wait do you mean…?”
  • “We’re going to be parents Jumin!”
  • Jumin can’t believe it, after all of this time, all of this wanting, he is going to finally start a family
  • He puts the box down on one of the tables
  • He just wraps his arms around MC and buries his face in their hair
  • He is just so happy, he doesn’t cry, but he is smiling like an idiot every time that he looks at those little socks
  • (He does try them on Elizabeth, he decided that they aren’t her color.)

(I know you didn’t ask for him but I just want a V route so badly I’m adding him in. *SPOILER*This is an AU where this MC tackles V out of the way of the bullet *end Spoiler* and they end up falling in love):

  • One day V is just sitting on the couch reading (the book is in braille) when MC comes up to him and take the book from him
  • “I need you to look at something for me.”
  • V just turns his head up his partner and frowns
  • “You know what I mean, love. Put your hands out for me.”
  • V does and he feels a small thing of paper being placed into his hands
  • “MC I can’t see-”
  • “V it’s in braille.”
  • V laughs a little and moves his hands over the small bumps on the page.
  • “What does it say?” MC asks, V can hear the excitement in their voice
  • “It says ‘Save the date, July 15th 2017. What is happening on the 15th of July? Is that the day you are planning on finally leaving me for someone else?”
  • “Why would I do that?”
  • V laughs and smiles “But really what is happening on that day.”
  • MC grabs V’s hand and places it on their stomach “V, that’s when our baby is going to be born.”
  • V feels his breath catch in his chest
  • He stands up with his hand still on MC belly
  • “Wait, we are going to have- you and me?? We’re having a baby??”
  • MC wraps V in a big hug “Yes V oh my god!”
  • V is just over come with happiness after everything with RIka, after all of that he finally gets to be happy with the person that he love
  • He finally gets his happy ending

Admin Rina ;3c


  • His eyes widened, so large that MC was actually scared for a second
  • He just whispered, “I’m gonna be a dad…?”
  • As soon as MC nodded, smiling, he just sprinted to them and wrapped his arms around them, burying his face in their neck
  • Cried
  • A lot
  • He was happy, okay?
  • Kept blabbering about how happy he was and how excited he was
  • “M-MC, I’m just-I’m so happy! We’re gonna b-be parents!! Together!!”
  • Once he stopped crying, he just kissed MC’s face all over
  • He had the literal biggest smile, it’s so wide and bright
  • Asked if they could go baby clothes shopping as soon as he found out
  • Talks about it constantly
  • “Hey, guys, I’m gonna be a dad!”
  • They know, Yoosung this is the fifth time you’ve mentioned it in the past TWENTY MINUTES

Seven (spoilery for Seven’s route):

  • MC would be a little worried about telling him at first because of his mom being terrible
  • But they shouldn’t have been worried
  • They decide to just run into the room and throw the pee stick at him
  • He caught it, looked at it for a few seconds
  • Then his eyes got huge and he looked at MC
  • “No way…No way!”
  • When MC went “There’s a bun in the oven, baby!”
  • He jumped off the bed and started laughing so happily!!
  • Bounced around MC like a little kid
  • “Oh my god we’re gonna have a kid and it’s going to be so awesome!!!”
  • “This baby is going to have the best PARENTS EVERRR”
  • “Can the baby’s godmother be Elly??”
  • MC was just laughing along with him, watching him bounce around in circles
  • He took both of MC’s hands and kissed them, still beaming
  • “I’m so happy that this is happening…and that I’m with you.”


  • They had been trying artificial insemination for MC for a bit
  • After the first two tries, they weren’t expecting much
  • But once MC started feeling sick, they knew
  • After getting it confirmed by the doctor, they told Jaehee
  • Jaehee’s caramel eyes widened in wonder, blinking a few times
  • “It…it happened?”
  • “Yes!” MC was so excited, their hands already instinctevly curved around their tummy
  • Since Jaehee was already sitting in a chair, she put her hands on top of MC’s and leaned forward to kiss MC’s tummy oh so gently
  • “Oh, thank god…” she murmured, obvious tears in her voice
  • Looked up at MC, happy tears in her eyes, smile so wide that her eyes creased
  • “This baby is going to have the best mother.”
  • Overwhelmed with happiness,
  • Jaehee then whirled away to look up all the shit she could on motherhood because she actually wasn’t very much ready for the baby
  • But then MC sat next to her and they looked up tips and tricks for being new mothers
  • “You’re going to take supplements, right?”
  • “Yes, of course Jaehee”
  • “And of course, read to the baby”
  • “Yes, Jaehee”
  • Jaehee then proceeded to make a huge list of all the shit they needed to do but MC thought it was cute


  • Over time, Saeran had been recovering
  • He was comfortable enough with himself now that he and MC were married and although he had bad days, he felt mostly healed
  • After being married for three years, the two had been thinking about children
  • Saeran wanted children so badly to show them how to be genuine, kind people like MC was (And to show that he was better than his mother)
  • MC came to him one day to tell him they were pregnant and put his hand on their stomach
  • Slowly, a small smile came over his face
  • But MC knew him well enough to know that it was all in his eyes
  • And his eyes were full of joy
  • “Really? We did it?”
  • MC sort of laughed and said, “We did it.”
  • Saeran kissed them, wrapping his arms around them, squeezing them tightly
  • They stood like that together, slowly swaying for a few minutes, both of them excited for the future

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