i'm so happy i have my period back

Today is my Birthday- I spent it Vomiting during a Final Exam
  • No. I wasn't nervous. I have severe menstrual cramps and my birthday gift from nature was the onset of my period.
  • Men and women, open your ears. Periods are gross. I'm not going to sit here and make pretend they are beautiful; they are an abomination excreted from the genital area.
  • But the pain I experience from them has taught me one thing: I can be a badass.
  • You see the entire 100 question test I felt like Wolverine was turning his bladed fists in my stomach, repeatedly. By question 50 I was having cold chills. Question 75 brought on room spinning dizzy spells. Question 99 led to me starting to gag.
  • Question 99 was bubbled in and I dropped my pencil and ran out of the room to the nearest bathroom and did the aforementioned act of oral expulsion.
  • I finished that. Took my shirt off and stood in front of a window for a bout 5 minutes trying to cool down from a fever like sweat.
  • I then put my dressings back on, winked in the mirror, and went back into class bubbled in question 100 and turned in the test.
  • Periods are gross. This story on many levels is gross. I get that menstruation is important to my physiological nature, but I'm still always going to hate having it. I get you didn't need to hear the occurrences of my birthday, May 12th, 2016.
  • But my period has shown me today, that through the most literal gut wrenching pain, I can still get shit done.
  • And so can you. Even if you don't bleed once a month.