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I think part of what made this episode so great was that, in a sense, it was returning to its roots when Supergirl was all about family. You had Sam and Ruby with the mother/daughter dynamic, Kara and Alex with the sibling dynamic, Kara and Lena showing family isn’t who you were raised by/with it’s who you choose; all in all it was just a lovely and refreshing episode

I was literally feeling shame when I saw these two interact I instantly was like I SHIP IT I SHIP IT I SHIP IT but then I felt bad bc maybe I AM a little to obsessed with gay ship but then 


it’s canon

that’s one of the million reason I fucking love star trek so much 

thank you jesus, holy mother of bikes and gene

D&D Session 0 + 1

I’m DMing for the first time and swiggity-swooty, here comes the looty:


Deep Gnome Wizard, Belwar the Researcher
Drow Eldritch Knight, Kaz the Mercenary
Wood/Drow Druid, Darkday the Sage
High Elf Swashbuckler, Ravanda the Noble

The first thing you see is an airship passing over your heads into the valley below, and then it explodes.”

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I absolutely adore my latest commission (and belated birthday gift to myself) drawn by the amazingly talented @starrycove/ @shalalalalura! I asked for Shallura in formal wear as I was inspired by their Protect AU and wanted to see my beautiful babes as the ridiculously good-looking power couple that they are. The finished result is just incredible! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much!!!

Hansol - ToppDogg ( UPDATE )

Hello K-Pop fam, I’ve come to bring you another announcement.

Hansol had another Instagram live today and he looked so much better. His hair was all fluffy and cute and he smiled a few times. He apologized to the fans for making us worry and that’s he’s doing better.

He also said in E n g l i s h
“Please do not take screenshots and post them.” So if any of you have done that, PLEASE delete them. He was so kind to talk to the fans today, so please respect his wishes.

He told us that he’ll explain everything in a few years, so let us all hope and pray that he heals and things will go better for the group.

Thank you to all the fandoms that helped and supported ToppDogg and their fandom, ToppKlass, during this time. Please continue to show support if you can. Much love to all of you.

K-Family is the best <3