i'm so happy ; ;

besides the just, CUTENESS of Yuuri and Victor out shopping, and Yuri and Otabek hanging out/sharing headphones

I ALSO CANNOT GET OVER HOW FONDLY VICTOR IS LOOKING AT YURI AND OTABEK? He just looks so glad to see Yuri out with someone/connecting with someone and it just warms my heart.


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

I’m awake at 3 am sketching and crying because I finally found a computer drawing program that I am comfortable with. I’m just so happy :’)

taeyong deserves the applause, and taeyong deserves the career in which he stands humbly. taeyong deserves to taste and see of the sweetest of loves. where his heart becomes free and his shame is undone. taeyong deserves his redemption, and apologies from all who hurt him. he deserves it, so grant it.