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Happy birthday @keikos (aka Mother Gothel) !! [04.28]

Since I got A LOT of question/hysterica about this pic; I’m just gonna talk about it like this (instead of answering every ask about it with the same answer). 😊

Ney choose to invite her (like many other girls) to come to Barça to celebrate NYE.

She posted this pic with the caption: ‘Barbie e Ken lindo! 🍾🇪🇸🎉🎊😜🤓 @neymarjr #HappyNewYear #AñoNuevo #Brincadeirinha #Resenha’

Apparently mayhem broke out and people chose to be vile as fuck to her in the comments on her Instagram-page… Thinking that would be a greaaaaaat way start of 2016… (instead of celebrating it or doing something positive to start off the NY) 

People call her Barbie all the time (for oblivious reasons as a nickname or smt) and I think she just chose to play with it in the caption. Also the hashtag she put with it: #Brincadeirinha means joke/just kidding! 

So do I think she is his GF? No. Do I know for sure? No.
Do I think - if he had a girlfriend - he would post a romantic midnight kiss photo: hell yes. Wouldn’t that have been a great way to announce a new relationship? But he didn’t, because I don’t think he’s in one!

Even if he is in a relationship: good for him! What do you guys want? That the guy stays single (and probably) miserable his whole life? That’s sweet! (note the sarcasm).

And btw the comments I have seen under this pic are seriously BEYOND disgusting. BEYOND. Just because she dresses a certain way doesn’t make her a slut/ho/skank or whatever they call her. Girls are all pro feminism and like ‘We can wear whatever the fuck we want it doesn’t make us whores’, but when a girl actually does she is one… smh. I’ve even seen people telling her to die… Like: what tha actual FUCK!!!??? 

Realize: Neymar will have a girlfriend one day and it can’t be all of us.