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(foodnetwork anon) i'm watching the great british baking show now and damn i want to bake ALL the things

that is honestly one of my fav shows it’s so relaxing and good, american cooking/baking shows are so unnecessarily dramatic and intense and full of cymbal crashes

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Greetings from a nervous first time baker who has been toying with the idea of making her first loaf of bread from scratch for a while now but is overwhelmed by the number of recipes available. Any recommendations for a good first bread? I'm pretty good at other forms of cooking but I've yet to attempt bread so I'm not scared of a complicated recipe, I just have no idea if what I'm reading will result in anything tasty.

Bread is actually way more forgiving than almost any other kind of baked good. I don’t even measure ingredients anymore, I just eyeball everything. You can’t usually do that in baking. 

A good starter recipe is the famous New York Times no-knead bread, which is how a lot of people learn. It’s very straightforward and fairly reliable, and it’s a good introduction to working with dough (you don’t really need to bake it in a cast iron dutch oven – it’ll bake just fine in a loaf pan, it just gets crispier in the dutch oven). When you’re ready to try kneading, if you’re not allergic to dairy or eggs I actually recommend my yogurt-egg bread – it’s a very high-protein bread which means that it’s super durable and it can survive a lot of screwing-up. 

There is no single hard and fast rule for bread – even stuff like keeping the yeast warm by using warm water and room-temperature ingredients only applies most of the time, not all of the time. While you want to bloom your yeast in warm water, you will get a more flavorful bread if it rises very slowly, and the colder the environment, the slower the dough will rise. When I want a fast rise I put my bread near my gas fireplace; when I want a slow rise I put it near the window. 

Once you feel comfortable branching out, you can do stuff like adding herbs to the oil that you use to oil the bowl when the bread does its first rise (rosemary is good but a little goes a long way). Or try making a simple foccacia or challah and then adjust the flavors to your taste. Or try kneading stuff into the dough –dried berries or chopped dried fruits are nice, and so are cheddar and chives.

Most breads are relatively cheap to make. There’s not a lot of expensive ingredients. Just get yourself some good bread flour (King Arthur brand is a favorite here in the US) and a jar of yeast, and remember that yeast is a living creature, and life is unpredictable. Don’t feel down if you fail now and again – I still have a dud loaf once in a while. Good luck and happy baking! 

HetaTube: Making Satanic Food
  • Turkey: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my glorious cooking channel that I share with both France and China! Since all of you guys know how great and amazing I am at cooking my dishes, a lot of you ask for me to make something unique and challenging today, and so I've decided to make Pop Tarts... this is going to be fucking horrible.
  • Turkey: Okay, so I looked up the ingredients and stuff I need to get, and I don't have most of it, thus why I've decided to be a great friend and steal shit from Francy! Now I'm ready to bake diabetes!
  • Turkey: I have no idea what I'm doing and cooking for once in my life- gah! Goddamit, some of the flour went on the counter! And... wait... is it supposed to look like this?? ... fuck.
  • Turkey: man, this is a lot of stuff. Good thing I'm using France's shit or I'll lose money for making fucking rectangles.
  • Turkey: I tried to make good-looking rectangles but they look like some unknown geometry shape. I'm trying to make them look like rectangles now and seal them... not doing great though... shit- Fuck I broke it!
  • Turkey: Okay, now they're in the oven and I'm waiting for them to bake. It's taking so long... I can't believe I skipped lunch and bugging Greece for this disaster.
  • Turkey: and finally they're done! They actually look pretty decent, if I say so myself! And now, to taste them! *takes a bite* ... it's so sugary... and hard... what the fuck am I eating????
  • Turkey: heya guys, so due to my stupid Asian-ass, I don't want to waste even the most shit-tasting/looking food, so I'm leaving it in the meeting room for some poor soul to try and not die from it- hey, America's eating it...
At the age of 20.
  • [{ Everyone is living with their lover and the husbands are talking while having a drinks... then their conversation went to their wives.}]
  • Kagami: Lately, I've seen Kuroko studying how to cook and bake.
  • Aomine: Ouu? How nice, Kagami.
  • Kagami: There's sarcasm along those lines.
  • Akashi: But my Kouki hasn't even moved an inch ever since he burned down the house.
  • Aomine & Kagami: Oi! This is the first time I heard such a thing!
  • Midorima: It happened a few months back after they finally settled in a single apartment. Apparently, that chihuahua burned down the house when he tried to cooked for Akashi.
  • Akashi: Ever since that day happened, he never step in to the kitchen.
  • Aomine: Who's the husband again?
  • Kagami: Isn't this great? We're talking about our wives.
  • Midorima: Uh...
  • Aomine: Midorima hasn't even talked about his wife, same goes to you both.
  • Murasakibara: Eh? But I tried to speak. I can't join in.
  • Hyuuga: At least stop munching your snacks for once.
  • Kagami: Oh yeah, capta- I mean, Hyuuga-senpai, you are married to coach, right?
  • Hyuuga: What did I told you about calling us captain and coach? BaKagami, we're already 20 plus and we're done with basketball. Call me Hyuuga and yeah, I'm married with her.
  • Aomine: Is she the girl in the bench back in Seirin?
  • Hyuuga: Yeah, the evil witch you guys been seeing along with us.
  • Murasakibara: Evil witch?
  • Akashi: She has a scary aura than me, Atsushi.
  • Murasakibara: Scary...
  • Kagami: How's things going though? Who's in charge of cooking both lunch and dinner?
  • Hyuuga: Me. I stopped her even before she can step inside of the kitchen.
  • Aomine: Oh, a bad cooker like Satsuki, huh?
  • Hyuuga: I bet she's even worst than Momoi-san. She can make a curry though the taste is unbelievable.
  • Akashi: Unbelievably good?
  • Kagami: No, the worst than good, Akashi. It's like you are going to die once you eaten one of her dish.
  • Aomine: You've tasted it before?
  • Kagami: She used to cook for us in our training camps and she even bought us bento.
  • Hyuuga: The face that Kuroko made when he ate one of her bento.
  • Aomine: She's no good. But Kise is the worst, though. He burned the egg all the time so we don't have a choice but to eat outside or order.
  • Kagami: Saying stuff like that... Kuroko is not the worst yet he can be the worst. You see, that guy only knows how to boil eggs.
  • Akashi: I'm not going to complain about how my Kouki does in the kitchen since you guys knew it already.
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin is no bad. He can't cook but he can't even bake as well.
  • Midorima: You two will be fat in no time. Takao is nowhere good. He can't even boil water for our miso ramen.
  • Hyuuga: Though, I feel bad for Aomine.
  • Aomine: Right, the both of us aren't that good when it comes to cooking.
  • Kagami: I decided to cook for the both of us but you can't possibly resist how Kuroko look when he wants to cook.
  • Akashi: Same goes to me.
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin never complains about the food I baked.
  • Midorima: He likes to spoil you too much and love you way too much.
  • Everyone: .... This is the world we chose anyway.
  • ----
  • In another cafe...
  • Kise: You see, Aominecchi decided the both of us to eat outside instead of cooking for each other. Since I have work every single day, he never broke his promise to eat together.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun banned me for stepping in the kitchen, though.
  • Furihata: I actually want to learn how to cook properly. Not burning the house down.
  • Takao: Hahaha! I feel so normal with you guys!
  • Himuro: Is this some kind of meeting for our husbands?
  • Everyone: Yes...
  • Himuro: I see. Well, since you guys are complaining about that. More likely, Kise is not complaining, shall we all enter a cooking school?
  • Kuroko: I'm up for that.
  • Furihata: Sei-kun wouldn't be happy about that.
  • Himuro: Why is that?
  • Furihata: He doesn't want to lessen our time together, though.
  • Himuro: You are far too spoiled. Atsushi would surely like this idea, anyway.
  • Everyone: Same goes to you, though.

The ONE positive thing about my husband not having a job right now is that I am planning the menu for Mabon dinner and he is going to prepare it with me during the day on thursday which should be fun! 🍂🍂🍂 And even though he is a bit disinterested in all the witchcraft stuff I’m learning, the man is a chef, so he always looks forward to cooking special meals. He and I are going to bake and prep all day, while burning yummy fall candles and letting cool breezes through open windows and sipping our pumpkin spice lattes 🍂☕️🍂

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usually i only see france/french people in manga is when it's either shoujo or cooking/baking. "my mother was french and my father was japanese so i'm half and i was raised in france with my mother" type of deal or sometimes it's french father but usually it's a lady.

well i mean,,,, we are pretty darn good at cookin n bakin, i wont deny it,,,, but tbh if you ask me what the most iconic things about france are, ill tell u : 1. disagreeing with the government 2. being on strike 3. protesting in the streets for any reason, just because you can

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i just found your blog and i really really love it so i'm gonna share my favorite recipe\. get a small bowl or a ramekin, put in 1 cup of spinach, crack an egg over it, season however you want, microwave or bake until the egg is cooked. healthy easy and only around 100 calories (less w/o the egg yolk) and its really easy to modify it to whatever youre craving. i made mine today with tomato paste (17cal) and oregano. good base for breakfast or lunch and super filling!!

^ That’s a really unique idea! It sounds like those ‘breakfast egg-in-bowl’ things but healthier and just as delicious :) thank you so much for sharing, I’ll definitely try this!

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Everyone stop what you're doing and read Dragon Delights by xxxkia this is hands down the most interesting plot I've ever read for dramione and I don't say this lightly. The fic is as suspenseful as any Shona Rhimes show. The only thing I'm sorry about is that it's 11 chapters but maybe with an influx of new readers they will update. It's very much worth the read and I'm starving for more. It's amazing how much can happen in a few chapters.


Dragon Delights By: xxxkia - M, WIPDragon Delights is Diagon Alley’s newest bakery. Owner: Draco Malfoy. That’s why Harry and Ron ask him to expand into the Muggle World to spy on Granger. The Golden Girl disappeared after the war, and now it’s Draco’s task to work around a dark curse to get her to talk to him. But he was never good with Granger, so instead of talking, he decides to use his baking skills instead.

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Nice blog! I hope you're still doing the Rocket x reader. Alright....I'm 5'3, Colombian, annoyingly long black curly hair, brown skin color, like to think I'm intelligent, social, enjoy cartoons, cooking and baking. Drinking tea has become an obsession. Imma be honest, I am good at breaking the ice when meeting new people. I can have a temper, ask too many questions, am pretty clumsy, sarsactic punk and possibly the record holder for making the most TERRIBLE puns. I love bats.

Thank you! Think I’m back in the bullet-point groove, so, here is your shipping! Thanks for participating and hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by lwitch

Befriending you:

  • It’s rare to run into another Terran, considering how vast and deep space can get, but, you bumped into Peter Quill in your quest for tea and his quest for Terran music. You got wrapped up in the Guardians of the Galaxy because of some object Quill was carrying that he was supposed to be delivering and, while you were getting to know him, got you all into trouble with authorities from more than one planet.
  • Your ability to strike up a lively conversation with pretty much anyone paired up with your slightly odd tendencies meant that you fit in the guardians seamlessly. It felt remarkably natural for you to be there and it was difficult for the others to imagine daily life without you.
  • However, at first, it felt like you didn’t impress Rocket much, since you were inquisitive and clumsy, which he thought was a terrible combination.
  • In reality, he rarely minds when you ask questions. He appreciates the company and enjoys showing off his skill.
  • He still worries about how clumsy you are and doesn’t let you handle delicate objects.
  • Except Groot, who he asks to look after you just to irritate you.
  • Every time you make a bad pun in Rocket’s earshot - every time - without fail, he punches you in the thigh. Not hard, just enough to reprimand you. He’ll climb under and over people to do it. He’ll chase you if you run. It doesn’t stop you. If anything, it encourages you.

Falling for you:

  • Rocket noticed his feelings for you, first, by missing you while you weren’t around.
  • If you and him are separated for a while, he’ll try and make a pun. It could be better or more clever than one of yours, but he’ll still just shake his head and grumble “It’s better when Y/N does it.”
  • He denies missing your jokes when you’re present.
  • He gets quiet and grumpy when he sees you getting along with someone new - which is often, since the rest of the guardians usually give a bad first impression, so, they need you to do a lot of democratic work.
  • No matter what you cook, he’ll eat it. He’ll be silent if he doesn’t like it. He’ll mutter “S’good,” in all other scenarios.
  • He likes when there’s only enough food ingredients for you to bake or cook for him, especially if Peter or Drax asks for some and you have to tell them “It’s just for Rocket.”
  • He keeps an eye open for anything that might be one of those “bats” that you love so much, but he has an easier time finding the space equivalent of tea. He’ll surprise you by buying you tea, hoping to be the first and only person to provide you with a warm feeling of familiarity that you seem to be searching for.
  • He’ll accept an offer to try newly purchased tea with you, but only if the others aren’t around. After a while, he becomes opinionated about it, delighting you with his interest in one of your favourite things.

His confession was clumsy and awkward.

After a spectacularly bad pun that was, honestly, probably your magnum opus, he blurted “It’s a good thing I love you-” he was going to add “or else I’d’ve shot you a long time ago,” but, realising his blunder, just sat there, not making eye contact, ears drawn back, hoping you didn’t hear it or thought nothing of it. You might have thought nothing of it, in fact, since the guardians considered each other family, but, his nervous reaction - and especially his abandoned threat - made you think twice.

You just laughed and said, “It’s a good thing I love you, too.”

The sweetness in his sigh of relief, followed by his shy smile lifted your spirits even higher and prompted you to his side to kiss his cheek. His smile widened. When he failed to contain it, he resorted to physically hiding it with his hand.

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Hi! Would it be okay if I asked for headcannons about an s/o whose really good at cooking and baking whit Hanzo, Junkrat and Mccree (+ Roadhog if you can, but that might be too many already) thank you, your blog is amazing!!

Hi lovely! And of course it is okay =) (though I didn’t answer Roadhog, my character limit is three characters per ask) I very much hope I could do those guys and your request justice and that you’re going to like it! And thank you so much for your kind words, they make me really happy!


- He really enjoys what his partner creates and when he knows that they’re cooking something, he makes sure to come hungry. In the same sense, he always sincerely thanks his partner for the food and tells them that he enjoyed it.

- While Hanzo can prepare easy and simple meals without problems, he never had the time to really get into more difficult or elaborate dishes. So if his partner offers to cook together when he doesn’t have to leave for a mission, he agrees, both because he wants to spend time with them and also because he finds it be interesting and useful knowledge.

- Most of all, Hanzo enjoys seeing his partner happy or at ease. Whether they’re baking or cooking, concentrated or smiling, with music playing or with silence around them, he just loves that they can do something they enjoy so much.


- Junkrat is somewhat good at throwing all kinds of stuff together and whipping up something that passes for food. Most of his dishes are either on the stronger side of seasoning or lean more towards bland. Therefore, he finds it really cool and interesting that his partner can create so much.

- If his love is okay with it, Junkrat likes to ask for dishes or baked goods. He enjoys trying out a lot of different stuff, especially if it’s food he never had before. Some of his favorites are spicy meals or sweet or salty ones.

- Cooking or baking together with him can go two ways most of the time. He either enjoys stealing bites here and there and to laugh and distract his partner or he works together with them in giddy concentration. In all cases, he barely can wait for the food to be done so it can be eaten. Junkrat also tells his partner how good they are at cooking and how tasty it is.


- He’s very open towards all kinds of dishes. Whether or not it’s something he already ate or never heard of before, he’s always willing to give it a try. He still makes sure his partner knows it if he’s allergic to certain foods or if there are spices he doesn’t enjoy very much.

- McCree offers to help his partner in the kitchen. If they want to do it themselves, he asks if he can sit by the table and keep them company, grabbing a mug of coffee and talking about his day. If he can help them, he makes sure to roll up his sleeve and wash his hands before following their instructions and paying close attention to what they want him to do.

- He loves the food they make and McCree thanks them for all the hard work and attention they put into it, no matter if they let him request a dish or had one prepared for when he came home. He’s always full of praise and affection whenever his partner cooks something for him.

I HAVE BAKED THE MOST INCREDIBLE PORK ROAST TO EVER BE HAD IN THIS HOUSE I’M LIKE ON THE VERGE OF TEARS IT’S SO GOOD like i legit want to cry, i am on the verge of tears over this pork roast. it’s so moist and tender got that good juice and cuts real smooth. it’s like biting into a lil slice of heaven. like if heaven was a perfectly cooked dead animal.

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um, i'm not sure this has been submitted as a headcannon yet but i have one that scout is a surprisingly good cook. it could be because has so many older brothers and a probably busy mom, so he'd have to cook for himself. just a thought.

he surprised the rest of the team when its his turn to cook

him and engie swap recipes. he teaches engie new england dishes and engie teaches him some goold old fashioned southern food

spy hears about this and shows them some european cuisine

they have a bake sale at teufort together

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Hello! I've been a vegan for about a month now and I wanted to start cooking and baking! But I don't have / can't afford a food processor or a blender or any of those fancy food machines. I'm also sort of clueless as to what vegan products I can buy as in like for baking? Like flour, salt, sugar? Could you do like a round up on recipes that don't require fancy machinery and a round up on vegan basics? I would appreciate it so much! Thank you and have a good day!

Hey! So a couple links I suggest you check out: my vegan resource masterpost (there are lots of links and info that are helpful for new vegans including vegan starter kits, vegan alternatives, vegan on a budget, grocery shopping and much more) and my vegan pantry (I made a list of ingredients in my kitchen and included recipes for each item). Regarding your baking products question, flour and salt should be fine, but sugar you need to be careful of. I buy sugar that specifies that it’s vegan (if you want to, read up here on why some sugars are not vegan). If you’re able to, I suggest downloading Is It Vegan? to help with your grocery shopping (you literally scan an item and it will tell you if it’s vegan or not). Whenever I bake, I don’t use any blenders/food processors (mainly just a bowl, wooden spoon, pan and oven). You can make cookies, cake, cupcakes, donuts, brownies and more. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by vegan basics but I’ll give it a shot. Try out vegan milks, tempehtofu, nutritional yeast and spices. You’ll use vegan milks in baking and you can always add it to granola, oatmeal or just to dunk some homemade cookies in. Tempeh is my favorite meat alternative; cut it up and throw it in a stir fry (it’s even good right out of the package). Tofu is great for tofu scrambles; I think learning how to work with tofu comes with time and practice. I think nutritional yeast is important because it honestly makes any dish more delicious and gives it a cheesy taste: enchiladas, mac and cheese, burgers, literally throw it on anything and I’m sure it would be delicious (do not throw it on cats, though); heads up: it is a bit on the pricy side. Spices! Spices are the most important to me. You can stock up on them and use them in everything you cook and they make any meal a billion times better. Experiment with them and you’ll find which are your favorites for different dishes. There’s a list of spices that I often use in my vegan pantry link up above (as well as a lot of recipes that I think you might find helpful). Check out these easy vegan recipes. I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but I hope it is (I’m really tired/I tried to put it together the best that I could). Here’s to being vegan for life (high five).

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TELL US MORE OF HOW TO EAT VEGETABLES! YOU MAKE IT SOUND EASY! (but seriously I am going on a candida-killing diet starting next week - cut down on carbs & eliminate yeast and most sugars. After already being off milk and oats. Sigh. So I'm gonna have to up my vegetable intake just to stay full and happy! Would love to hear what else you know how to cook because I only know basic vegetable cooking tactics)

No sweat, I love vegetables! and I eat them lots of different ways:

STEAMED. Steaming is your friend there are so many vegetables that taste good steamed, and it’s the healthiest way to eat veggies by far. If you don’t have a fancy steamer (I don’t) you can steam asparagus in a baking pan with a thin layer of water on the bottom. Add asparagus (some salt and butter, to taste) and then cover the pan with aluminum foil. Poke a couple holes, and stick it in the oven at 350-375 until the asparagus is a uniform green color. Steamed asparagus!

Steamed broccoli you can do in a pot on the stove, same idea. Thin layer of water at the bottom, add broccoli, cover the pot and wait until your head of broccoli is a nice bright green. Tastes amazing.

RAW. I am a big fan of raw veggies! I almost always have some celery, cucumbers, and carrots in the fridge. Green beans too, if you can get them fresh. Pair with favorite salad dressing, eat in large quantities.

Lettuce wraps are also really good, especially if you need an easy bread substitute.

SAUTEED. Sauteed is just a fancy word that means “cooked in a pan on the stove with oil” but pretty much every vegetable tastes good sauteed, if you know how to cook it. Sauteed spinach taste best over a low flame, a little bit of olive oil, and garlic. You have to keep draining it, but the result is delicious.

(I also am a big fan of spinach pie, which you can make just as easily without crust, instead substituting muenster cheese. My grandmother has been doing it for decades.)

Sauteed onions are great on sandwiches or with meat—I like to saute my meat first (usually sausage or chicken), and then saute the onions in the juices left behind by the meat.

Mushrooms, sliced thin, cooked in a little bit of butter? Divine.

Sauteed peppers, onions, and tomatoes, and you’ve got the makings of a fajita; I’ve also found that those frozen stir fry packs are pretty reliable in delivering on broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, etc. (There’s plenty of recipes online if you’re not into pre-packaged.)

ROASTED. Roasted garlic is among my favorite things on this earth. Buy fresh clove of garlic, cut in half. Rub the exposed cloves with a little bit of olive oil or butter, and then wrap the whole thing in tinfoil. Stick ‘em in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Warm garlic can be eaten raw, or you can toss it with salads or pasta!

Artichoke hearts are also really good, which taste best if you roast them in a balsamic vinaigrette, but you can also follow the same recipe as for garlic. (They taste best slathered in cheese, but that defeats the purpose somewhat.)

I hope that helps! I generally don’t work from specific recipes, but know that you have plenty of options, for every type of vegetable you like!

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oh yessssss valentine prompts *rub hands* yesss excelent. HOW ABOUT Dean goes to a cooking class bc he wants to bake/make chocolates or something for his crush but the teacher is Cas and they become friends [CABUM] destiel explosion and in the last day they're "oh no he's not giving those things he made to me i'm so sad" and dean "oh no he doesn't like me what do I do yada yada man-angst" BUT in the end Dean makes a surprise and gives Cas a very ugly cupcake but it tastes good when they kiss

The drawback of these Valentine’s workshops was that everyone who attended had a significant other who they made the sweet treats for. That was a problem especially when they were exactly Castiel’s type. Like Dean. Dean was easygoing, funny and ridiculously gorgeous. He was even quite skilled in the kitchen, which was really really bad because Castiel had to shake his head every five minutes to stop himself from imagining licking chocolate off Dean’s fingers.

When Dean heard about the workshop in Cupid’s Cupcakes - his favorite bakery and sweet shop, he knew it was the exact thing he needed. He actually didn’t have a Valentine, but the girls’ soccer team he’s coaching had a match on Sunday and he was sure they would love some Valentine’s sweets. Well, if Dean was being totally honest with himself, he would have to admit that it was just an excuse to finally try something like this. He always wanted to learn to bake, but never had the opportunity. On top of that Castiel, the owner of the bakery who was also a teacher at the workshop was damn hot.

Actually he looked hot, but he was cold as ice. No, that wasn’t true. He was lovely, willing to help with even the smallest problem, offering encouragement and shooting bright smiles. At everyone but Dean. When it came to Dean he pretended he was blind. When Dean addressed him directly, usually to ask for help, it was clear Cas tried to get over with the interaction as quickly as possible. At one moment, when Cas was handing Dean a whisk, their fingers brushed and Castiel literally jumped back. It was really weird and made Dean feel terrible. Castiel wasn’t why he came though, so he focused on the cake pops he was making.

They actually turned out pretty well. He had made several different kinds and they were all decorated with sugar hearts and edible glitter. He might even save some for Sam.

He was carrying the tray with his creation to an empty counter to leave it to dry. Castiel passed him and Dean driven by his instinct to check out every ass ever turned after him. It was just a second of inattention, but he tripped and bumped into one of the ladies making cake pops for her hubby. The tray was knocked out of his arms, the pops flied into the air. Dean himself stumbled and fell on his ass.

“Son of a bitch,” he breathed out looking around at his work scattered on the ground. He realized the room was dead-silent and looked up. There was a semicircle of ladies looking at him with shock and worry and Castiel - blue eyes wide and concerned.

The baker offered Dean a hand and helped him get on his feet.

“Dean, I’m so sorry!” the lady who was part of the incident said, grabbing Dean’s shoulder.

“It wasn’t your fault, Gladys. I should have looked under my feet,” Dean said.

He could pretend he was okay, but he was actually pretty upset. He had spent almost two hours making the treats and now they were ruined.

“Dean.” Castiel’s deep voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “I’m sorry. If you have time, you can stay after the workshop. I’m have some cupcakes to make, so I can help you do some. As a consolation.”

Dean had to try really hard to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground.

“I… ugh. Yeah. Okay, that’s really nice of you. Thank you.”

Castiel’s full pink lips that Dean definitely hadn’t been staring at quirked up into a small smile.

“I can’t let you go home without a gift for your Valentine, can I?” There was something sad about the way he said it.

Why had he done that? He must had lost his mind. It had been hard enough to have Dean in the room full of other people and Castiel offered to be alone with him for at least another hour.

Of course his crush on Dean had only grown harder. Dean tried to break the awkward silence that fell on them every time Castiel wasn’t giving baking instruction with small chat which led to Castiel learning that Dean was a teacher and a classic cars’ lover.

By the time the first batch of cupcakes was cooling and they were preparing the cream, they were already joking and laughing as if they had known each other for years.

Castiel was totally screwed.

Well, so when he was alone with Dean, Castiel’s icy facade seemed to melt. And Dean liked it. He liked it maybe a little too much. He felt so comfortable around him, it was hard to believe they had met today. He also felt a weird pull towards the man, it was hard not to stare at his skilled hands as he was whisking eggs, or watching him biting his lower lip as he focused on decorating the cupcakes.

When they were done, Dean having his batch of cupcakes for his team and Cas having all the cupcakes he was about to deliver to a retire house (the man was an actual angel), Dean felt sudden sadness. He didn’t want to leave just like that, to be just a customer and a baker again. He believed they had become friends with Castiel, but that still wasn’t enough. He decided to try his luck; it was almost Valentine’s day after all.

The room was silent, Cas was cleaning the counters and Dean had just placed his cupcakes into a paper box. All but one.

Castiel turned when he heard Dean clearing his throat behind him. His eyes widened when they falled to the cupcake Dean was holding. The cream was all askew and there was too many little red hearts on it. Castiel recognized it as the first cupcake Dean had made.

“It’s for you,” Dean said softly with his green eyes sparkling. Castiel’s heart picked up its pace.

He carefully took the cupcake from Dean’s hand.

“It looks terrible,” he said, but there was fondness in his tone.

Dean chuckled. “Yeah, I know. But I bet it tastes great, I had a recipe from a real master.”

Trying not to blush, Castiel took a bite of the cupcake, moaning appreciatively as he tasted the cream. The recipe was one of his best.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “Take a bite,” he ordered and almost smashed the cupcake on Dean’s face. The man chuckled again and opened his mouth.

“Hm, wow,” he muttered as he chewed. “It’s even better than I expected,” he said but Castiel hardly paid any attention. His eyes were fixed on Dean’s lips and the fleck of pink cream on them.

“Y- you have a little,” he stuttered and barely stopped himself from wiping it off Dean’s lips with his thumb.

“Oh,” Dean breathed out and licked his lips. That was the exact moment when Castiel lost control. He leaned in and pressed his lips to Dean’s. Right when he was about to panic and pull away, Dean kissed back, opening his mouth and letting Cas taste the sweetness on his tongue.

“Wait!” Castiel yelped, pushing Dean away.

“We- I can’t do this! There’s someone you were baking the cupcakes for and I… I can’t.”

Dean blinked at him, his lips apart. Then he bursted into laugher.

“What?” Castiel barked, crossing his arms on his chest.

“You thought… oh my god, I’m sorry, Cas. I should have told you.” Dean took a deep breath to steady himself before he looked Castiel in the eyes.

“They’re for girls from a soccer team I couch. I don’t… I don’t have a Valentine.”

Castiel gaped at him, making Dean chuckle softly again.

“You have,” he said eventually. Dean frowned.

“I mean, if you want a Valentine, you can have me.”

A wide grin spread on Dean’s lips.

“Of course I do,” he said grabbing Castiel’s hips and pulling him closer.

The second kiss was even sweeter.