i'm so good at drawing cute pictures

I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9193691/chapters/20860172

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!

In a bit of an art rut atm, but I was able to will myself to sketch my best girl, Rei. She’s doing a good job being a hero. Probably will make this a real picture later.


Overwatch Outfit-Swap: D.Va and Mei

[Submission by various anons and @brushwolf625 ]

I love these two in the same picture. I don’t think I’ve seen much art of  them hanging out, and now I realise I want it. D.Va looks good in everything, and Mei is never not adorable - I didn’t like her character much until drawing her, but that’s so often the way it goes. Anyway, they’re cute and I’m glad I got to swap them. 

Thank you for the submission! 

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Hello lovely, I apologize that I haven't sent anymore klangst from country songs. It's about to be finals week at college so I'm crazy busy and my grandma just died... I was wondering if I could maybe get some cuddling klance or maybe a cuddle pile with the paladins?.. something loving and cute?

Hey beautiful 

1) Don’t apologize! I have two siblings in college so I understand how finals week can be. Good luck on them!!!!! 

2) I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m sure she was amazing person. If you ever need to talk to someone just hmu or DM me because I understand what that is like and I’m willing to listen to whatever you want to say <3

3) Fluff time! 

“Keith come one you gotta hurry!” Lance pulled his boyfriend by the arm as he walked up a hill, looking over a lake. 

Allura was attempting to create an alliance with this planet and everything was going well. The inhabitants even let the paladins live on the planet. 

Nobody minded, the planet was nice. Warm weather, clear waters, amazing foods. The paladins were even told about the meteorites that pass over their planet every 2 cycles. The paladins were in luck. The meteorites were going to appear tonight and Lance wanted the best view. 

He had spent the entire day searching for the perfect spot to watch the sky tonight. After looking for hours he finally found it. 

It was a small area on a hill with a tree on it. It was overlooking the lake and it was very beautiful. 

After making sure he was allowed up there Lance wasted no time setting pillows and blankets and bringing food up there for him and Keith. 

Keith stumbled behind Lance, attempting to stay with him, but curse Lance’s long legs. “I’m going as fast as I can.” 

“Not fast enough.” Lance stopped in his tracks and picked up Keith, bridal style against his will. 

“Lance, I swear to whatever God is listen put me down now!” 

“Nope, we are almost out of time!” Lance started up the hill again, Keith eventually accepting being carried and snuggled into Lance’s chest. 

After a few minutes of walking Lance put Keith down and Keith took in what he saw. 

The planets moons, which were yellow and purple, were reflecting off the water below them. The wind was slightly blowing making the leaves on the tree shake. 

Keith sat down next to Lance on the pillows and blankets and started to eat with him. They engaged in playful conversation with each other until Lance screamed out as the first meteorite. 

“KEITH! LOOK!” Lance jumped up and stared at the sky. 

Keith wanted to look at the sky but he was too distracted by the boy in front of him. The boy who became so passionate about space and cultures. The boy that trained with him when he couldn’t sleep at night. The boy who claims that he didn’t remember their bonding moment. The boy that would sing in Spanish when he cleaned Blue. The boy that would cook with Hunk and prank Pidge. The boy who admire Shiro like he was everything he wanted to be. The boy who insisted having a “girls night” with Allura once a week. The boy who bonded with Coran over random things. The boy who confessed his feelings before him. Keith smiled and reached up and pulled Lance down so he was laying on his chest. 

Keith wrapped his arms around Lance and pulled him closer kissing his forehead. 

Lance snuggled closer to him and intertwined their legs together and stared at the sky. The meteorites were picking up and the sky became decorated in them as they appeared for one moment and were gone the next. 

Lance and Keith held each other in silence as they watched the sky in complete awe. Lance tore his eyes away from the sky and looked at the boy he was laying on. 

“I love you.” 

Keith looked down at Lance and smiled. “I love you too.” 

Lance brought his face closer for a kiss and then turned his head back and kept watching the sky not having a care in the world accept that he wanted to wake up with keith right beside him. 


I haven’t written fluff in forever. 

I hope this makes you feel better <33333333 ily 


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hey frog!!! I was the chubby Jolyne anon that got confidence from ur cute jojos awhile back, I’m so glad I came across your art without I wouldn’t have met such cool jojo peeps at the con and had such great fun! (I was really surprised at how many people asked to take my picture!)So thanks frog Keep on being great!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✨

OH MY GOD! YOU LOOK SO GREAT THAT COSTUME IS SUPER WELL MADE!! i’m so glad you had a good time!!!! you look amazing tysm for sharing these

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(I know I already requested Deere but I'm trash I need more bleaseee)


•jake’s actually a really good artist and his art is super cute and one day him and jerm are cuddling and jeremy falls asleep so jake just takes pictures and draws him. he gives it to him at school slipped into his locker. jeremy freaks out and hugs jake and smiles super big.

•both can still hear their squip’s but jeremy’s is more prevalent since he had his longee, but jake keeps mtn dew red in his car and jeremy def keeps some at his house in case anything happens.

•jake moves in with jeremy after hopping from hotel to hotel. jeremy’s bed is really small, so they sleep on a pull out couch in the basement together.

•jake’s hair is like really soft without any product in it and jeremy loves just combing his fingers through it, and it calms jake down if somethings wrong.

•they steal each others clothes all the time omg

Pictured: A Good Boy™ ( who definetly isn’t winking at a pirate, what are you talking about?)

Seriosly though, @unlucky-marine is my new favourite askblog! Davy Jack is a very cute bean whom I love and will protect (even though he probably doesn’t need it) Keep up the good work, you’re doing great and really enjoy seeing your post on my dash!


She might look human but she lays eggs. Because why not.

This is my Anthro Mobster AU. The Pizzeria is just a front. They will conquer the world with their precise kills, and their army of chillens due to my inability to give my ships any less than four babies.

((Okay in the actual AU there’s only two for Freddy & his Bons, and Chica & Foxy have three. Psst, the pictures have captions.))


Had a bad day today so I took some pictures in a pine tree.

bad quality photo of my late night drawing of the queen of bees, faebee 🐝 i think i’m going to redo this tomorrow i just really felt like drawing tonight and mira is the cutest ever 🍓🌟