i'm so gonna miss him


*Ragnarök calls* New squad who dis

My instructor told me a really cool thing the other day and I think I’m gonna remember it for a long time. I’ve been riding this bratty little horse, Maracaibo, and he’s like 14.3hh, so like a little dude. My instructor said “Emmy, once you can learn to ride a small horse, all the big horses will be easy. With a small horse you need to control their balance. A small horse always feels faster. So once you get on a big horse, no matter what they do, they will feel easy.”

Cute & Sleepy Daddy
  • Baby: *getting ready to leave early in the morning*
  • Daddy: *sleeping*
  • Baby: Aww he's so cute. *whispers* Muah. I'm gonna miss him 💕
  • Daddy: Princess?
  • Baby, startled: Oh! Yes daddy?
  • Daddy: I love you.
  • Baby: *all smiley and little now* I love you too daddy. Why are you awake so early? Was I making too much noise? Did you set any alarm or something?
  • Daddy: No, I woke up naturally. I guess I just really wanted to see your cute face before you go.
  • Baby: Aww, well go back to sleep daddy. I'll be back, I promise. I love you.
  • Daddy: I love you too princess. Be good.

I swear I’m gonna miss this kid so much

Maul opened his eyes. He wasn’t on Tatooine. “What? Where am I? Where is-?” He looked around and found himself standing on the steps of some kind of temple. The sun shone down on him, filtered through layers of clouds. As Maul watched, the doors of the temple opened. Three figures emerged, smiling at him. He recognised two of them. Mother Talzin and Savage Opress. The third figure, a young Zabrak, he didn’t know. He didn’t care. He was happy just to see his family again. Laughing like a child, Maul ran towards them. Savage Opress embraced him. “Welcome home, my brother.” he said. The four of them went back inside the temple. Maul felt so peaceful. There was nowhere else he would rather be.


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better