i'm so glad to wear it forever


youngmin was spotted earlier today by a fan who was going to see bnm boys’ ads! he’s wearing a mask so it’s hard to tell but it’s definitely him bc he’s wearing his silver necklace, bracelet, and polkda dot socks. (cr: @ribbonbbd)

alightlitinthedark  asked:

I wore glitter makeup today and had an amazing day for the first time in forever and when I had lunch with my boss she was also wearing glitter makeup and we bonded over that and I'm just so happy that today of all days was good pretty sure Space Mom was looking out for me all day.

*offers sparkly hugs* I am so glad you had a good day, I hope you have many many more ✨💖✨💖

Never has Disney produced such a realistic character, female, male, villain or princess, ever before. This is a woman who we watched grow up completely suppressing her natural gifts and true self. How many of us have had to hide things? Our love of dance from our overly macho dad? Or homosexuality from right-winged parents? A love of the arts because our families want us to have “real jobs”? Our ADHD, dyslexia, or other “disabilities” because it didn’t fit into traditional learning environments? How about the part where she felt completely an under anxiety her entire life to the point where her interactions with other humans were affected determinately? How many times have we all been under so much constant stress that we feel like this nice snow storm is battering around inside you? And let’s not forget her chronic depression, a side affect of her crippling anxiety and years of self denial. Elsa is literally every single teenager who ever existed and she is so incredibly real because she reacts selfishly, she reacts rashly, she reacts illogically, because that’s what real human people do. They go through hell and they fuck up. But they’re truly good people at heart who want love and freedom just like everyone else, the road is just harder to get there. But it makes the end all worth while.

And the most important part in all of this? The world is going nuts for Elsa. Every day I see little girls running around the Magic Kingdom dressed as her, carrying her dolls, wearing her shirts, standing in line 5 hours just to meet her. They’re going to grow up worshiping her and looking up to her and singing Let it Go at the top of their lungs. And they’re going to make the world a better place because she exists. This is a character who is going to live forever because Disney let her be real and flawed and incredibly human. Elsa is the greatest creative achievement in Disney history, hands fucking down.

—  Tumblr user, frozeninarendelle