i'm so glad this show is there for me to make me smile

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I really hate how the sg writers are handling the show this season and I'm starting to lose interest in this series bc of this reason. But reading your fanfics makes me feel so much better about supergirl in the universe you created. so thank you for doing what you love 🙂 it really does cheer me up & Lexington brings a smile to my face.

You know Supergirl season 1 was hands down one of my favorite shows, and there are a few episodes this season that have really lived up to that, but sadly this weeks’ (especially the Flash continuation) was not one of them.

Fanfiction is the only escape from this season’s shitty writing, and I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my contributions as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!!

And Lexington, oh my heart, writing her has made up for a lot of the season 2 BS I’ve had to endure!

That and the The Hug™

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i hate smiling in photos but i’m making an exception here because i’m just so happy about today! everywhere i’m seeing trans people loving themselves and calling themselves cute, which is so amazing!! you’re all so gorgeous and i’m glad a day like today exists. even if you choose not to share photos of yourself today, you’re still so cool and i love you!

my gender is Weird and i don’t quite know what it is and for a while i struggled with that, but on days like today i’m completely 100% fine with it. i use they/he pronouns, but who cares what my gender is, who cares what people see me as. i’m going to be awesome no matter what, and so are all of you.

i’m so glad that even though cis people will put us down and tell us we can’t Really be Trans unless we fit in the gender binary and hate our bodies (ugh, gross), we are able to rise above it and show them we can be wonderful even if they don’t think so.

if you’re trans in any way at all, i love you and i’m glad you exist, you’re the best and i’m so excited for the future when things will be even better for all of us. keep on keeping on, it’ll be worth it.