i'm so glad this show had a second season

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It's been years and I still miss Forever so much. There was so much story to still be told and we only scratched the surface of Henry's 200 years of life. It still baffles me how the show had pretty decent ratings for it's time slot and it still got canceled, it had even better rating than some of the shows that ABC decided to keep. So why did you cancel it ABC??? (For karma's sake I'm glad Wicked bombed for them) I'm so sure that Forever would be one of their bigger shows by now if they'd kept it. Imagine if we had a second season, it would be going onto it's 3rd by now. I loved this show from the very first episode and I still miss it terribly. And how could it end on a cliffhanger like that??? It deserved so much more than 1 season. Please renew this amazing series someone.