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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair*
  • Rosamund: *sitting in his lap; frowning at a photo* What am I looking at, Uncle Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* My baby *points* that's the head, see?
  • Rosamund: *fascinated* Wooow...all those squiggly lines are a person?
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* Yes.
  • Rosamund: Your person.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Yup. And your Aunt Molly's.
  • Rosamund: *giggles* It's funny.
  • Sherlock: Hmm?
  • Rosamund: *still laughing* Aunt Molly has a person in her. How did you put it there?
  • Sherlock: *snorts* Oh, no *lifts her and stands* I'm not having that conversation for another twenty five years.
  • Molly: *enters; grinning* Hello.
  • Rosamund: *happily* Aunt Molly! *runs over; hugs her, whispers* hello, little person.
  • Molly: *smiles* You told her, then?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Oh, yes *pats Rosie's head* you're going to be a godcousin, aren't you?
  • Rosamund: *excited* Uh-huh.
  • Molly: *giggles* Is that so?
  • Sherlock: *nudges Rosie* Pyjamas, young lady. I'll be in soon.
  • Rosamund: *sighs* Okay, Uncle Sherlock. Night Aunt, Molly. Night, little person *runs off*
  • Molly: *calls* Night, Rosie *hugs Sherlock* I'm glad she took it well.
  • Sherlock: *kisses the top of her head* Mmm *pauses* John has some questions to answer, though.

me: wow, i’m glad i gave Boku no Hero Academia another try, this really is a cute, fun show!

Aizawa gets beaten half to death while three of his students watch


TalesFromRetail: "Well I just feel like I'm getting the raw end of the deal!"

So glad I found this subreddit! Just like most of you, I could probably mention a few good stories, but this one just happened.

A little background: I work in retail jewelry and we always have companies in the wedding business who want to cross promote with us. So last spring, a photographer drops off flyers for “free bridal session with purchase of ring!” Sweet, sounds like a good deal so we set the flyers out. It doesn’t really end up helping with many sales, so I’d be surprised if we gave out 5 of them.

Fast forward to last week. I get a phone call from a customer…

Her: “We bought rings last July, and you guys gave us a flyer for a free bridal session of photos. Well we called the guy and he no longer does photography, so what are you guys gonna do to make this right?”

Me: “umm we have no control over someone who was supposed to give you free photos. He doesn’t work for us, he was just trying to get his name out there. That’s unfortunate, I apologize.”

Her: “Well we had to pay $250 for a bridal session so I would like you to refund that amount from our purchase price.”

(At this point, I have the sales receipt brought up on the computer based on her phone number.)

Me: “So you would like me to refund $250 on an $800 ring that you purchased almost 10 months ago?”

Her: “Yes, I think it’s only fair.”

Me: “……… (am I being pranked by a coworker right now) Well like I said, it’s unfortunate, and I do apologize, but we have no control over a freelance photographer and whether he will honor his coupon or not. It sounds like your best bet is taking that up with him. There’s absolutely no way I can refund any money on a purchase 10 months ago over that.”

Her: “Okay, well let me speak to the manager!”

Me: (I am the manager, B!) Well I am the manager on duty.

Her: “Well this is bullshit and I feel like I’m just getting the raw end of the deal. I’m going to contact someone above you and we won’t be shopping there anymore.”

Me: “Well we would hope…. click

She obviously wasn’t able to contact anyone "above me.” This “customer is always right” nonsense is baffling to me.

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Headcannon that whenever Nirengeki Shouda is training everyone starts singing eye of the tiger

I love to think that the whole class loves him… Tetsutetsu thinks he’s supercool… Manga loves drawing on his arms during class… Sen loves hugging him just because… everybody loves Shoda and I’m so glad

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Hoi! I'm kinda shy so I'm using anon, But I'm trying to start an ask blog, and we were wondering if you have any tips for starting out >x< Thankyousomuchwejustloveyourblog>W<

Oh, well I’m flattered you’d ask me for tips!

Honestly, I’ve been doing this for almost three years and I’m still figuring things out. But, I’ll give you the advice that my friends gave me when I was first starting out, “Just go for it!”

It sounds simple, but it’s true. You just have to start posting, get something out there for people to see. It helps if you have friends who are willing to drop you a few asks to help get you started too.

It also will probably be slow at first, but don’t get discouraged, there will always be lulls in activity and times where you might not be getting any asks, and that’s okay. Those are the times where you’ll be free to post rp starters or art memes to do (depending on what kind of blog you’re going to be running), and just generally get to post things that apply to the blog but might never get asked about.

Most importantly though, have fun and post what you would like to post. If you’re not having fun, you’ll get burnt out really quickly and be unmotivated to do anything. Don’t feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do. It’s your blog, you post what you want and enjoy, and people who like the same things will find you.

I hope some of this helps! And I’d love to see your blog once it’s up and running so don’t be afraid to send me a link!

The project broke me, but humans are broken from the moment of conception.  Mutations, defects– it’s all so wonderful.  The chance of disaster.  We fail, we learn, we fail. My program was too perfect. […]  That day, Harold, I broke it.  I forced it to delete bits of itself– its code, its blood– and then reboot.  Rebirth. Flailing in the dark.  A loop, ten times a second, and after ten hours, Harold, 360,000 mutations, it would live or die trying, and it lived. It sparked.  It stirred.  For 30 seconds, it smiled and then died.

– Arthur Claypool, “Aletheia.”

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Celebrating David Tennant’s father, the Very Rev Dr Alexander (Sandy) McDonald

David and his dad have appeared together on television (and on DVD special features) many times:

  • Ready, Steady, Cook (2005)
  • David’s Doctor Who video diary for Season 2 
  • David’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are (2006)
  • A cut scene from The Runaway Bride (running past David’s parents & nieces - he playfully gives Julie Gardner grief on the commentary track for cutting the scene that featured his family)
  • When David won the Spirit of Scotland award but couldn’t attend the ceremony (due to Doctor Who filming), he sent a video message and his dad picked up the award in-person (2007)
  • Doctor Who episode The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Doctor Who Confidential for The Unicorn and the Wasp (Nemesis)
  • The National Television Awards (2015)

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I'm really glad to hear that GD & TOP are still good friends. In 2013, they talked so little, it seemed that the wall between them. Thanks for your blog and for your answers! Can I ask ... Are there any funny or cute stories about GD & TOP?

Jiyong and TOP are very cute together, there are a lot of stories of them. When they were trainees, Jiyong used to sleep for very long, but TOP slept for even longer so the other members gave Jiyong the job to wake him up and it was very difficult, he had to shout so loudly that everyone on the street could hear him. There used to be a few wild cats outside the apartment of BIGBANG and they would not go away, once Jiyong came downstairs and looked at the cats and then TOP came and picked them up and began frightening him with them. I wrote about this before but once there were anti-fans outside YG saying bad things about Jiyong and TOP jumped out suddenly so they ran away. Whenever BIGBANG was going to take photos Jiyong would always check the other members’ clothes but he would always ask TOP if his hair looked good. A fan once saw the members outside and she ran to TOP, she had two ice creams and told TOP to choose one. TOP took both of them, later the fan saw him again and asked him to give one back to her. TOP said “I didn’t take it!” but then the fan saw Jiyong eating the other one. Once Jiyong and TOP went to a concert by 프리템포 and Jiyong was sick so he did not clap happily, then a fan saw TOP making strange faces and jumping around to make Jiyong laugh. Once they were in a lift and TOP kept pressing the buttons for each level so they went up really slowly and the rest of the members were annoyed. This is a story from a staff member, once they were preparing for a show and Jiyong could not stop laughing, then they discovered that he had painted TOP’s nails a gold color and they had to remove it before the show. There are stories of Jiyong pulling TOP around when he was drunk, when they were both drunk no one could control them. Jiyong used to call TOP “oppa” which is what Korean girls call older brothers, to act cute, and they are often seen shopping together and choosing clothes together. They are cute^^

today was a good day bc i went to a transgender advice centre and the people there were all really nice and the doctor that talked with us is trans too and she was really friendly and like the first thing she asked were my pronouns and my name and she gave us so good advice and the contact details of some psychologists who specified on transgender and all that and it was so cool

also bc my mom keeps misgendering me constantly the doctor told me that at one point i should just start correcting her EVERY damn time until she gets it right, bc that worked for her and aaaa this was so good

also there is like a meet up or anything every friday and i’m gonna go there in a few weeks and she told me the kids at the meet up are all really into anime and stuff and i’m so glad and can’t wait aaaaah!

To the boy I never dated
  • To the boy I never dated,
  • I want to start by saying that I'm no longer bitter about what we were and how we ended. It has taken time and growing up to make me realize that I'm better without you, and I thank you for never putting a label on us.
  • However, these are some words that have been left unsaid that I still want you to know. Bare with me, I'm not used to sharing my feelings since you were so against any heart to hearts that I wanted to have.
  • I don't hate you. I know I said many times how much I did after everything you did to me, but I no longer do. I learned that in order to hate someone you had to care, but sadly I no longer care about you enough to have any kind of emotion. We're young, we were growing up together, so I don't hate you for not treating me right simply because you just weren't mature enough to give that to anyone.
  • From being with you I learned that labels are important no matter which way you look at it. Labels keep us from making bad decisions and ending up in flames, like what happened to us. But, I will never again trust someone like you again to tell me we don't need to have a label and that we are still just with each other and no one else. You just weren't man enough to date me, and that is OK.
  • I still blame you for making me think I was not good enough and didn't deserve love, but I also thank you for pushing me away enough to make me realize it was you that didn't deserve me. You put me through hell and tried to get me to think it was okay for someone to blow me off, be with other girls, and constantly lie to me. It was never okay, but I'm sorry for letting you think it was.
  • We never dated, but there was countless nights I stayed up crying over you and wished it was different. It didn't matter if we were "dating" or not, you still had a huge impact on my life that I still have to work through.
  • I want to give you advice to save your next fling from the hurt I felt. When a girl treats you like you're the world and you're absolutely perfect, like I did, treat them like they're important. Never let a girl like me go away because someday you'll regret not taking advantage of it.
  • Although we're over now and I haven't talked to you in months, I'll never forget the time we spent together. I'll always remember how you always liked to sleep in, your favorite shirt, how we always listened to the new music you found, how your dad was "like a Jew", the way your eyes looked when we locked eyes, the way you kissed me while we were in your car, or how we always had a secret meeting place. To you I was just another fling, but to me you were the one I wanted to date but never did.
  • With time I got over you, and I'm glad I did. You never gave me what I deserved and there was only so long I could put up with that. Now I wish you the best and hope you do well, because after all you used to be my world. Thank you for not putting a label on us and putting me through more hell.
  • Sincerely,
  • The one that got away
Best Scene - The Hub
  • Skye: Okay, you have the flash drive. I programmed it with a decoy crawler. It'll use my browser history to simulate my usual online activity, so while S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks I'm trolling reddit and facebook with the laptop you gave me-
  • Jemma: You'll be hacking the files for Ward and Fitz's mission.
  • Skye: Right. And remember, once you plug it in, you'll only have about-
  • Jemma: Three minutes before S.H.I.E.L.D. catches on.
  • Skye: Do you realize that you keep finishing my-
  • Jemma: Your sentences. I know. I'm sorry. Bad habit.
  • Jemma: *looks around and smirks*
  • Jemma: This is actually a bit thrilling.
  • Skye: Ah, good. I'm glad. Now we've just got to figure out a way to get the panel open.
  • Jemma: Don't worry. I made a special something. It's what we do. *sprays the panel* All done.
  • Skye: Really? Wow. Okay. Uh, now just find a USB port.
  • Jemma: Okay.
  • Sitwell: Agent Simmons?
  • Skye: *speaks in Coms* It's fine. Just play it cool.
  • Jemma: Hello, Mr. Agent Sitwell, sir. May I help you?
  • Sitwell: Call me Jasper.
  • Jemma: Um, what brings you to this restricted hallway so late at night?
  • Agent Sitwell: I could ask you the same thing.
  • Jemma: No. Don't.
  • Skye: Simmons, focus. Just make up an excuse.
  • Jemma: I was just on my way to the loo. I could swear it was two rights and a left, but is that it here? *points at the panel*
  • Sitwell: That's a wall panel. Why are you accessing it?
  • Skye: Don't spiral. Just say something. Anything.
  • Jemma: *twirls her hair in a fake attempt of flirting*
  • Jemma: You certainly have a gorgeous head, don't you?
  • Skye: *mouths* What?!
  • Jemma: I like men that are about my height, but heavier than me.
  • Skye: Stop talking. Stop.
  • Sitwell: Agent Simmons, do you have authorization to access that panel?
  • Skye: Say yes. Say you do.
  • Jemma: Oh! Of course.
  • Jemma: I certainly have it right here in my bag.
  • Jemma: *talking to Skye through the com in front of agent sitwell* he's on to me.
  • Skye: Stop talking to me! He can hear you!
  • Sitwell: Are you on comms with someone?
  • Sitwell: *Speaks into the walkie talkie thingy* This is Sitwell, I need an escort-
  • Jemma: *shoots him in the chest*
  • Jemma: I'm sorry! Oh, my god. Oh, my god. *puts usb in the panel and looks back at Sitwell on the floor*
  • Jemma: *moves his body out of the way* Alright.
  • Skye: Okay. Okay.
  • Jemma: Oof.
  • Jemma: I've shot Agent Sitwell. Good, good, good. Was that all right?
  • Skye: That was terrible! You are terrible at this. That was a total meltdown.
  • Client: my dog was in last week and put on carprofen. She wasn't doing as well as I had hoped so I talked to my friend and she said her dog is on prednisolone and doing really well, so she gave me some for my dog. I was wondering what happens if I give him both?
  • Me: Please don't. Mixing those medications together can amplify their side effects potentially leading to kidney failure, liver failure, gastric ulceration, rupture and death. I'm glad you asked before giving them to your dog.
  • Client: ... I've already given them both to him yesterday.
  • Me: ... would you like to bring him in for an exam?
  • Client: yes.