i'm so glad that he's there to guide them

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Yg and Jm have exposed the most vulnerable parts to e/o, they revealed that when Jm was experiencing hard times they started drinking together. They constantly want to involve one another in the most intimate parts of their lives like the fact that Yg has, for 2 years now, wanted to work with Jm with his music, he went to Jm for the guide and wrote him songs etc. This isn't even about shipping I'm just so happy that they have found something like this within each other. I want a r/s like that.

seriously they’ve developed such a strong n deep connection that is so beautiful, soft, and real. seeing the things they say about each other and the way they have constantly and openly supported whatever the other does is so unreal like…….there is so much love, respect, and trust between them and I’m SO glad they have each other

Burning Midnight Oil [ZoSan]

Rating: Explicit
Words: 10595
Summary:  Zoro asks Sanji out for some private time just outside of town, and a night that begins suggestive and taunting follows a road less travelled into a sentimental territory that lies uncharted. Fluffy smut written for ZoSan month.
Notes: Omfg this took an embarrassing amount of time to write. So many late nights. But I wanted to write something unapologetically cute and satisfy my smut writing bug at the same time, so here we are, somewhere in the nebulous void between FWP and PWP. Focus is ZoSan, of course, because it’s that month and I love them. I had to rip this story from my veins because of writer’s block, but it was worth it. ENJOY OR SOMETHING
(o_ _)ノ彡☆ 
Also on AO3 (check here for content tags)

Sanji steps over matted patches of reed grass, the rope handle of his lantern gnawing into his hand as he makes his way up the hillside that lies blanketed in darkness. The few scattered lights in the humble port town of Blind Harbor still flicker in the distance when he glances back over his shoulder, but the sound of the rampant nightlife has long since left his earshot. Most of his crew mates are somewhere within those homely buildings, he figures, although he hasn’t seen any of them since shortly after dinner. Whatever they’re up to, he’s sure they’re enjoying the hell out of themselves. It won’t be much longer until he can say the same.

They’re only one day into their week-long stay in Blind Harbor, and his body has yet to concede that he’s actually on land for now. He hasn’t quite gotten rid of his sea legs yet, and it shows, as he veers a little too far to the side of a rock in his path. Not enough to trip him up, but enough to his mind to stutter and pause to reevaluate where he is; at the bottom of an incline of dry, solid ground. His shirt clings to his skin as he hikes through the nighttime hot spell. It’s stifling, but not uncomfortable—and even though his heart is one beat away from leaping into his throat, that feeling isn’t unbearable either. He’s pissed at himself for choosing a fucking cotton shirt instead of linen, but now is far from the time to be worrying about how sweaty his laundry is going to be.

Maybe tomorrow he’ll deal with that, but not tonight. Tonight, according to a piece of scrap paper left folded up next to his kitchen sink, he has a date.

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Unalaq's spiritbending
Jeremy Zuckerman
Unalaq's spiritbending

I’m very pleased with this track. It’s so beautiful! This one’s for makobend  :)

I tell ya, I’d sell a kidney for a book 2 soundtrack - book 2 may well be Zuckerman’s highlight. 

This is the music playing when Unalaq soothes the dark spirit in book 2′s opening episode, ‘Rebel Spirit’. It’s also used when Wan interacts with the fire lion turtle when he is banished from his home town in ‘Beginnings part 1′, and when Korra spiritbends the dark spirit bats in ‘The Guide’.

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How do you sex bettas? I've gotten 3 from Petsmart and i'm only positive about one of them because he has large fins. But the two "female" bettas I also got i'm not sure of. One of them has an egg spot so I think it's a female. But the other is a crowntail and his/her fins grew out a lot within the year I've had them, plus no egg spot. Any help on how to sex them? I wish they were as easy to sex like dogs/cats are.

Aaaaah I’ve been meaning to make a sexing bettas guide! I’m glad you asked.

First: You have to look at several things and join all those observations to determine if they are male or female. You can’t just say “I see an ovipositor it’s a female.” and call it a day. It could absolutely be a young male or a bloated male!

So the things to look for are:

  • An ovipositor (AKA eggspot). This is the tube that the females eggs go through when they exit her body. It is located behind the ventral fins and looks like a white grain of salt. However, young males will often show what appears to be an ovipositor (really just their vent) and sometimes bloated/constipated bettas will have their vent protrude because of all the pressure in their torso.

    (Female ovipositor. Source)

    (Young male with a protrusion that could be confused as an ovipositor. Source)

  • Fin length. This is a tough one because there are obviously males with short fins! And some females with long fins! Still, a females fins will never get as long as a veil tail males fins will. The key is to look at their ventral fins. Even the most beautifully finned female will have thin small ventrals when compared to a short finned male.

    (Long finned female halfmoon. She still has teeny tiny ventral fins! Source.)

    (A halfmoon plakat. See how much longer and fuller his ventral fins are? Source.)

  • Body shape. Females will go through a process called “being eggy”. This is when her body creates eggs, causing her ovaries to swell. If she does not breed they are either absorbed back into her body or dropped (when she may actually eat them!). This looks like a swelling just behind the head, sometimes it is very swollen! Females often have smaller heads, proportionally.

    (See the swelling behind her head? Source.)

    (This female has a more even swelling of the ovaries. Source)

  • Gill beard. A female will never be able to have a full gill beard like a male. They will flare, and they will have a gill beard! Just not as full as a males.

    (This is a male flaring. You can see his gill beard extend below his chin. Source)

    (This is a female flaring. See how much smaller her gill beard is? Source)

And now some things that aren’t indicators of gender! I see this a LOT online and in real life and none of these are actually true.

  • Color. Females come in every single color that males do. They can be JUST as colorful! Wild Betta splendens (and other wilds) can indeed be sexed this way. But NOT the bettas you see in the pet store.
  • Bubble nesting. Females can and will build entire bubble nests. This means nothing!
  • Aggression. Sometimes, females are JUST as aggressive as males. And sometimes they’re even MORE so.

I hope this helped!