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I can't believe people are blaming sakura for saradas outfit.They do realize sakura isn't real right?That she has no voice or opinions that her author dident give her.Sarada is dressed like that cus they want more viewers,their using lolican fanservice to get the boruto manga more exposed,it's a selling strategy.Sakura(a fictional character)gets no say in the matter.Their hate is so transparent,I'm glad sakura doesn't exist,imagine the amount of death threats she'd get.

Lol yeah, I saw several people hating on Sakura because of Sarada’s new design. It’s honestly one of the stupidest and most desperate reaches to hate on someone that I’ve seen in a while.

That’s like hating on Hinata because Kishi decided to make Boruto a cheat who cut corners in the Boruto movie, so she therefore obviously must have done a poor job of raising him if cheating is what he turned to. It’s honestly baffling how stupid these accusations are.

In fact, this is worse because it’s just a friggin’ change of design; it has nothing to do with the actual plot itself. So it’d be more like hating on Kakashi for allowing Sasuke to wear that really weird black one-piece suit during the Chuunin exams, even though it was just a change of design by the author.

Seriously, the sheer levels of absurdity that people will drown themselves in just to find something to hate on Sakura for, it’s just unfathomable. 

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Hi^^, first of all I just wanted to tell you that you are a huge inspiration to meand one of the reasons I finally started to learn korean! I saw that you are doing a q&a and I just wanted to ask how you go about finding language partners? There seem to be a lot websites out there but I'm still completely clueless on how to go about finding one :/. Also do you personally usually do language exchanges or do you only practice your target language with your language partners?

Hello! Oh, thank you for the sweet comment! I am so glad I could be an inspiration to someone, though I sometimes still feel inadequate and in need of lots of inspiration and motivation myself. Glad that you’ve decided to learn Korean!

I’ll answer your Q here, and make a specific video later about apps I use and how to find language partners. To answer your last question, it really depends. I’m very comfortable in Korean and won’t feel cheated or sad if I don’t get to practice it, so I’ll gladly speak English to a Korean person on one of these apps. Sometimes, some people speak English to me (to practice their English) and I reply in Korean and we fix each other’s mistakes as we go along. That tends to work well unless you get annoyed at changing languages the whole time. 

For now, here’s a list of places where I find language partners.

1. Twitter - Hashtags are your friends (change your location settings to see what’s trending in Seoul for example). Use trending hashtags or search specific tags in a language to find people with similar interests and say hi!

2. Penpalworld - Not specifically for languages. Sometimes there are weird people. Be careful! I deleted my penpalworld account a while ago, but around 6 years ago I found a Korean friend there and we met in person in Japan and Korea. We’re best friends now! 

3. Hello Talk - Specifically for language learning. It is limiting in the sense that you can only have one language at a time that you’re learning, or you need to get a VIP subscription. It includes a translation feature, a correction feature (to get your sentences fixed or to fix those of someone else). If you’re learning Korean and a Korean person is learning English, for example, you’ll show up on each others’ search lists and you can start talking and exchanging language. 

4. HiNative - Not specifically for meeting language partners, but a wonderful app to ask questions about languages and cultures. I guess if you reply and comment long enough on a thread you could make a friend? But I use this app when I want a quick response to what a word or phrase means. Really nice app!

5. Wakie - New app I discovered two days ago, actually. It connects you to people around the world with a voice call. You can only see their picture and age after you’ve made the call and you get 10 minutes to talk. You can choose what language you want to call in. In two days I’ve only been connected to three Koreans though. The app is full of Indians and Saudi Arabians (not that that’s a bad thing - great for learning Hindi and Arabic), but it may be difficult to find Koreans unless you are very patient. Beware that it is not a language learning app per se but it does cater for it by providing language options. 

6. eting 이팅 - Korean diary app. You post a diary entry, a thought or a comment in Korean and people can reply anonymously. I haven’t used it enough to be able to provide an in-depth review. For now, it seems as if only one person can reply at a time unless you delete their reply to make space for another. It doesn’t appear like you can continue chatting on a thread. So for making friends, not a good app. For practicing Korean and reading what people are up to, its quite nice. 

7. 관심사톡 Fav Talk - Korean (also has people from Japan, China, Singapore. “Global” and so forth) app for making friends based on mutual interests. The interests are broad and limiting and cater to a Korean market (Selections include: Running man, Kpop, language exchange, EXO, Japanese, Korean, English, Food, Drama, Coffee, Digital and so forth). You can search for partners using location (Country/Region), age, gender and mutual interests. Beware that this is not specifically a language app and some people really are only looking for one thing. If you’re just up for causal chatting and language practice, it is a great app if you make it clear to the person that you just want to chat. There are many other Korean chatting apps but they are mostly full of spambots and lurking creepy ajussis, so be careful. 

8. Lang-8 or italki - Websites for writing diary entries in any language and getting them corrected by native speakers. Its a wonderful way to help people and be helped. I’ve made a really good polyglot friend on italki. My profile is here.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope it helped you! Let me know if you have tried any of the apps and what you thought of it! :D 

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Hey, I love your blog! It's actually what finally made me watch Veronica Mars and I'm so glad I did! I just wanted to ask if you would be willing to explain a little about your headcanon of Cordelia as asexual? I don't disagree at all, I just had never thought of her character like that for some reason, and I'd be interesting in hearing more if you're willing to share. Have a great day!

Hey there! There’s little that makes me happier than finding out someone decided to watch VM because of my blog, so thank you for letting me know and I’m glad you liked it. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll indulge in my silly celebratory ritual…

Now, onto your question. Before I try and explain, I should warn you that my answer might not be eloquent at all because “Cordelia is asexual” is something that I feel as opposed to a headcanon I have sound reasons for, you know? But I’ll do my best.

In a nutshell, it just makes sense to me, you know? But let me list down some of the things that make believe Cordy was ace.

  • Cordy was the typical 90s Popular Girl, and as such, she dated a lot. Or at least, she was portrayed as boy crazed. But… she always approached dating as a sport of sorts. It was a competition, and she wanted to get the best prize (boy.) She never showed romantic interest in any of her conquests, they were all a means to an end (either because they were rich, they had contacts or they were the male equivalent of a Trophy Wife.)
  • Even when she did show interest in people beyond this dating competition, she mostly chose men with whom A) a relationship was unlikely (e.g.: Wesley), B) intercourse was unlikely (e.g.: Angel), C) she was the one calling the shots and therefore deciding whether sex was on the table or not (e.g.: Xander, Groo.)
  • She’s one of the few female characters in the Buffyverse who didn’t show an overt interest in sex at some point or another. For instance, when Faith mentions slaying makes her “horny and hungry”, Cordy says “gross”. Now, it might be the appropriate reaction for a girl of her social status, but Cordy always spoke her mind, so I feel it’s entirely possible she thought sex was gross. Moreover, she genuinely asks Xander if looking at guns makes girls want to have sex, as if she’s not aware of what precisely makes a girl want to have sex, even if she’s a girl herself. Then, she seems surprised when Xander admits everything makes him want to have sex because he’s a teenager. Now, it would be normal for a girl like Cordy to try and hide her own sexual desire since it’s frowned upon for girls to discuss their sexuality openly. But she seems to be more interested than anything in finding out what makes girls and boys want to have sex, as if she had never experienced that herself. 
  • She showed interest in pursuing two relationships in which sex was off the table and this was literally a non-issue for her. First, with Xander when she thought he turned into a sea monster. And then with Angel (compare how much of an issue the not-having-sex was between Buffy and Angel…)
  • She was never shown exploring her sexuality like Buffy or Willow were. In fact, she’s only shown having sex twice (although it might be implied she had sex with Groo, it might also be possible that she never did, considering Groo wasn’t a typical suitor and she was the one calling the shots in that relationship): once, in Expecting, and then, with - ew ew ew ew ew - Connor, but we now know she wasn’t herself. As regards Expecting, I can easily understand that as Cordelia experimenting and trying to find out if sex is something she might be interested in, you know?

Anyway, I hope this makes some sense.

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Hi! So I was wondering whether I could get some advice on something. I told quite a big lie to my close friend and although I've been keeping up the lie for around 4 years now, I'm planning to tell them the truth. Do you have any advice on how to approach this?

I’m glad you’ve decided to come clean. Lying can really damage a friendship.

Be prepared for your friend to be hurt, angry, and sad. Keeping a big lie going with someone you’re close to for a really long time will probably make them feel betrayed and like the version of you they know isn’t the real you.

Be prepared for this response and give them space to work through their feelings without immediately pressuring them to make everything normal again.

Aside from that, a lot depends on what kind of lie it was. If you hadn’t come out to them yet, or hid that you were a sex worker or a member of another hypervulnerable population, if you lied for safety – that’s going to be a different situation than if you lied to seem cooler, to avoid accountability, or to get out of an awkward interaction.

If you lied for safety, explain the fear you exist with as a person experiencing this kind of oppression, and talk about the reasons you didn’t share this information, so they can understand why you felt the lie was necessary. Explain that coming forward now is a sign of trust in them – and make sure you DO trust them not to out you or put you in further harm. If you don’t, think about if it’s really worth it to you to share this with them. Your safety should be a priority.

If you lied for more frivolous reasons, make sure your apology includes an understanding of why what you did was wrong. Let them know that you understand the severity of what you did and maybe give them an incredibly short explanation about why you did it. Don’t make excuses. Give them plenty of space to be upset and leave it up to them whether to continue the relationship.

As with any apology, be brief, be honest, and don’t get too much into your own feelings. Don’t expect them to comfort you, don’t expect them to listen to you describe your feelings and motivations in intricate detail, let it be about them. Don’t go on and on about what a horrible person you are or how you’ve ruined everything. Give them space to have their own reaction, don’t coach them into one.

You can find more on apologies in my “apologies” tag (link).

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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i love your fic for many reasons, but the most unexpected thing to come out of reading it was that it helped and inspired me to get over my aversion of writing about sex & physical intimacy. i've been writing fic for 10+ years so it's a big thing. i don't really know why this happened but i thought you should know that making yourself write those scenes was worth it for many reasons :D (my wifi disconnected so i don't think my first ask went through but if you got another like this i'm sorry)

I actually decided to write umfb&mha as an explicit fic to learn how to write intimate scenes so I’m glad I helped someone else too!

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Hello! Your little Harry Potter shorts continue to amaze me. Recently I just read the one about Petunia Evans being a decent person, and I'm enchanted. Do you have a masterlist of all the ones you've written?

hello! thanks very much; i’m glad you enjoyed my petunia. i don’t have a masterlist, but i suppose i can try to make one here:

harry potter what if’s

  • what if petunia dursley was a decent human being?
    (someone asked me to write about petunia for their birthday present–but i rather detest petunia. so i did my best to write a petunia i could love.)

  • what if a squib decided that she wanted to go to hogwarts and wasn’t going to let anything stop her? [link]

  • what if voldemort had gone after the longbottoms, and not the potters? pt. 1 – what if harry had grown up with james, lily, and the marauders, and neville had grown up the chosen one? [link]

  • pt. 2 – what if when voldy went after neville’s parents, the lestranges had gone after the potters? [link]

  • pt. 3 – what if voldemort had gone after the longbottoms and then the potters, and not given any parent a chance to sacrifice themselves and save their child? what if both chosen ones died as children? [link]

and i might have another one in the works oops…

non-hp what if’s

  • what if abigail hobbes got away, at the end of season one of hannibal? [link]
  • what if the little mermaid just walked away–from the prince, with the curse, and for herself? [link]

  • what if susan pevensie met peggy carter? [link]

but all my fic is on archiveofourown (dirgewithoutmusic) for perusal; and my novels are here.