i'm so glad she's working and doing stuff


TOP 50 TELEVISION CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers): #50 - angela moss (mr. robot)

“I have an idea that will change the world. I know it sounds really stupid, but I know how to do it. I think it could actually work.”

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you probably get messages like this a lot but I just wanted to say your Bill design and portrayal of him is one of the favorites I've seen from five years I've been in the fandom. Whenever I see your stuff on my dash it makes me really happy.. I'm planning on doing some fanart w/ your Bill design if that's okay.

Oh my god thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! @videogamelover99 and I have been Having quite some fun spitballing ideas and stuff for this au (or I have at least, I can’t speak for her but I assume she enjoys working on this she is writing the fic after all XD) so it means a lot to hear that. And yo by all means go right ahead that would be awesome

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Yen Press is terrible. They change phrases like Sebastian's "my lord" and "young master" to "sir". Making him bland and out of character. They're are other phrases that they change to make characters OOC. Oh, and don't get me started on name changes. They changed Bard's name to "Baldo". Baldo!! No wonder Yana finds the official English version funny, she knows they are bad. I'm glad they will be people who'll still do it, anything is better than that crud Yen does. (They'llalsoincreasetheprice)

I think that they translate things in a flowery or unnecessary way sometimes just so that their work differs to the stuff you can find online for free. I guess it’s just what you prefer to read though, none of it is really bad and OOC is often a somewhat personal thing. Although I’ve heard a lot of complaints from Japanese speakers about the online translations, I can’t personally say much about that :D

A good thing about Yen Press’s translations is they don’t seem to hold any fandom-related bias or preference? For example there is a line in the Circus arc where Joker literally says ‘the Earl along with his children were killed’, which is quite a crucial line in the manga. However, the online version says ‘the earl along with his wife and son were killed’ which is weird because the word ‘wife’ wasn’t even mentioned in the original line, nor was ‘son’ (singular). They have interpreted the line as it seems to be what Yana implied, but the act of doing that totally loses the original meaning and is now a bit problematic in light of new events in the manga.

However, the official version just says ‘both the Earl and his family were killed-’

I know very little about Japanese vocabulary, but just from this alone I’d say the official version deals with the interpretation much better; this way the meaning isn’t totally lost. There are so many mistakes in the online version due to everyone rushing to get a translation out (don’t blame them though because Japanese is so hard aaa) and that’s okay for some readers, but if you’re searching the manga for clues it is quiet frustrating at times if you interpret a line wrong because of it haha

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just wanted to let you know i have accepted a job working as a collections assistant at my school and when I mentioned the brain scoop in the interview the woman was really excited about it!! (she knew some of the people at the Field Museum) I'm so thrilled I'll get to do some of the stuff you've shown in the videos! You've helped show me (and others) that collections are so important and I'm so excited that the work I'll be doing will really be making a difference!

YEAAAAAAH GO YOU! Congratulations on the new position! I’m glad this show can open so many doors for people to learn about the neat work happening in museums everywhere.