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Q&A with Gray
  • You and Gray have been together for nearly 3 years and today you decide to do a short Q&A video with him. You enlisted Hep to help you with the video. You asked Gray to send out a tweet so that fans can send in the questions.
  • Hep: Okay, you guys ready? I'll ask the questions and you two just answer them. Don't hold back anything haha. Also, can you two make a quick introduction or something?
  • You & Gray: Okay.
  • You: Gray, you do it.
  • Gray: Fine. Ok. Hi everyone, I'm Gray from AOMG and today I'm here with my girlfriend, [Y/N].
  • Gray looks at you because he isn't sure what to say next.
  • You: Hi everyone. So yeah, today Gray and I will be answering a few questions for you guys.
  • Hep: First question. Where did you two go on your first date?
  • Gray looks at you and you can tell he wants you to answer this one
  • You: Well um Gray took me this fancy Italian restaurant. He didn't tell me we were going to a fancy restaurant so I wore jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket. I was so under dressed. It was embarrassing. I thought we were going to have a picnic under the stars or something so that's why I dressed like that.
  • Gray: It was suppose to be a surprise. It wouldn't be if I told you where we were going. And what made you think we were going on a picnic?
  • You: I-I don't know, I thought you liked picnics. Or you could have said, 'hey babe, I'm not going to tell you where we are going but it'll be some place fancy".
  • Gray: I do like picnics. Ok, the next date will be a picnic so you can't blame if you're not dressed for the occasion.
  • Hep: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • Gray: Uh we met at a night market. She walked into me and nearly knocked her plate of food all over me.
  • You: Keyword: nearly.
  • Gray: You say that every time. So yeah, my first thoughts was I wouldn't be angry or mad if she had spilled her food on me because then I have the excuse of asking her out to dinner. You know, to make up for ruining my shirt.
  • Gray looked at you and it was your turn.
  • You: My first thought was who the hell is not walking with their eyes open. I had to wait in line for such a long time for the food and I nearly dropped it because of him. But you know, I'm glad he asked me out even though I didn't spill any food on him.
  • Hep: You guys are too cute. Ok next question, what is the most romantic thing your partner has done?
  • You: The most romantic thing..Hm well for our last anniversary Gray was on tour and he actually ordered flowers to be delivered to our apartment. We were Facetiming when the door bell rang and the delivery guy was holding this huge bouquet of flowers. Also, he told me to look in his drawers and there was this USB and on the USB there were 2 songs. Both written, produced and sang by him. It was so cute.
  • Hep: Are we going to release those songs, Gray?
  • Gray: Probably not. Those songs are for our ears only sorry.
  • Hep: Well that sucks. Your fans will be so disappointed.
  • Gray: I love how [Y/N] sends me random texts during the day. It could be jokes, memes, photos of things she wants to buy and wants my opinion. But no matter what I say she still buys it.
  • Hep: What are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • You: His selfies!! He ALWAYS has to take a selfie that shows his left side profile. He would always tell me to switch sides with him when we are taking photos together. Like babe, you look fine either side.
  • Gray: Whatever. I don't complain about your habit of just throwing your shoes at the doorway. She never put them on the shoe stand so I'm always tripping over her shoes and heels when I'm at the door. I bought the shoe stand for a reason, [Y/N].
  • Hep: What is your ideal date night?
  • Gray: Our ideal date night is dressing up all nice and going to a nice restaurant.
  • You: After dinner we would probably go to the movies or just stroll around the streets.
  • Hep: Nice. Okay, so we are now up to the last two questions and these are kinda R rated.
  • Gray: Omg, are you serious. Can we just stop here. Cut! Cut! Cut!
  • You: Yeah, how R rated are these questions?
  • Hep: Nothing too over board. Ok are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Gray: [Y/N] can take this one. I don't want to answer it.
  • You: Oh what?! That's not fair. Umm to be honest, we both don't have any fantasies or kinks.
  • Hep: LIES!
  • You: You caught me! Gray likes to be a character from a certain movie. If you know what I mean.
  • Gray: Wth. Stop lying, [Y/N].
  • Hep: Omg. 50 shades of Gray haha
  • You: I'm just kidding guys. He hates that reference. Sorry Gray.
  • Hep: Alright. Last question. Do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: Wanna take this one, Gray? Since I answered the last question.
  • Gray: Umm heh. Well. You know...Umm.
  • Hep: C'mon Gray. Spill.
  • Gray: Well there was the one time when we were both in Taiwan, I think. We came back from clubbing and we were in the elevator. Um you know, things got hot then the next thing you know the elevator doors open. Outside stood this elderly couple. It was so embarrassing.
  • You: I was more embarrassed than you. Your hands were all the way up my dress so my leg was freaking exposed.
  • Hep: Omg, what did you two do after?
  • You: We got out even though it wasn't our level and ran.
  • Hep: Well that concludes the Q&A. Last words?
  • You: Thanks for sending us questions and we had a very fun time answering them.
  • Gray: Yeah it was fun. Except for that one fantasy question. I don't have a Christian Grey kink. Just wanted to clarify that. But yeah, thank you for sending the questions. Peace!
  • --
  • Let me know what you think of this series. Is the format too hard to read and follow?

anonymous asked:

At one point early on in the Cockles panel, Misha was talking about his kids and Jensen asked him "Is what you told me earlier public knowledge?" Misha looked confused like "What did I tell him?" Jensen said "Because this would be a good segue.." then he leaned over and whispered a clarification. Misha recoiled in horror, practically yelled "NO! Oh my god! I'm so glad you asked and didn't just say it." Jensen joked that "Jared would've just said it." Misha then joked he was having palpitations.

(cont..) People have been speculating (because they were talking about kids and things that weren’t “public knowledge” (yet?) and Misha’s panicked NO! reaction to Jensen almost spilling the beans) that Misha and Vicki might be having another kid. They dropped the subject quickly after that. But Jensen did throw in another little comment about how “REAL men have twins.” So.. yeah. There’s some offscreen gossip out of JIB con for ya. ;)             

Oh Goodness. I know when this was brought up before Misha was very clear and adamant he and Vicki didn’t want a third child, so if they ended up with one, it may have very well been on accident.

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Anon with the self harm ask, well two weeks ago Saturday I was hanging out with a guy I had just met and his best friend and my best friend. The kid I had just met was sooo intoxicated and had a meltdown and my friend had talked to him. We dropped him off that night thinking he was okay and the next day we got a call that he had killed himself and even though I barely knew him it was the worst weekend ever. I cried for an entire week and I still have some ptsd from it. I'm so glad I didn't sh 😭

oh my goodness i am so sorry love. i send my condolences to you, their friends, and family.

is this something that has been on your mind to the point where you are worried about your safety? often times when someone within your circle, even if you aren’t super close, commits suicide, it may make you feel similarly, where you consider or do dangerous and/or unhealthy things. do you think this is you?

if so, please don’t hesitate to talk to someone or seek help. there are so many online resources and hotlines you can call or text, so please use them if you feel you need to.

i am so sorry again, love. i hope you all can recover from this together.

ky xx

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A couple months back I sent you a message about crying and chewing on codeine until all hours of the morning. So, I thought I'd drop by and tell you that my doctors put me on new medication and now I'm right as rain! Didn't think I'd make it there for a few moments, but medicine has prevailed yet again! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it prevails for you sooner rather than later!

I remember! *hugs you so tight*

I’m so glad to hear this news, really just so happy for you. I hope it continues and you can carry on getting better. Take care :)

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I’m so glad you caught this anon because I was too busy crying