i'm so freaking tired okay


After this weekend, I kind of just want to write thank you note to the Homestuck fandom for being so absolutely wonderful. I thought I would be quiet and awkward all weekend, but I met so many amazing people at the Homestuck meetup (where I spent pretty much all of my time both days) and I really just came out of my shell and had so much fun. 

I am never, ever going to forget this, my first convention; there are just way too many great memories. Trying to convert Uncle Yo, giant cuddle piles, starting a giant frigging conga line, just… everything! I’m usually more eloquent than this but I just can’t put my joy and amazement into words. I never expected everyone to be so friendly and open, and I’m just supremely glad that I had to opportunity to come out and meet all you wonderful, amazing people this weekend.

I really hope that we can all keep in touch, and I wish the convention never had to end. I can just say that I was enchanted to meet every last one of you; you made me feel so comfortable and safe even though I was anxious and scared out of mind being around so many new faces. 

I’ll be posting the few pictures I have later today (if I don’t forget because my brain is totally fucking scattered). 

OH! And if anyone’s wondering, I was fem!god tier John both days. :B