i'm so freaking freaked rn


How do y’all decide on colors for him anyway??


I haven’t posted any art lately cause I’m a fart but also I’ve been super busy so here’s a quick doodle dump to show you that I have been drawing… just not… anything like… nicely. Anyway. Here you go. I may finish the top MML pic but I’m not feeling it now so we’ll see.

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

The sensation of cold finger tips on his face awoke him from the depths of slumber. As Luke opened his eyes he was awarded with the sight of his beloved, hair disheveled from sleep, shirt askew exposing his shoulder. He leaned forward placing sweet kisses from his loves’ neck up to his lips, pulling back a bit after hearing Ryan giggle.

“You know, I don’t understand why you still wear that damn eyepatch,” he sighed palming his cheek and running the pad of his thumb softly along the scar on and around his right eye. 

“Baby, we’ve been over this-“ 

“Yeah, I know, Luke, I just…” pouting he looked away and continued, “It sucks that I can only see all of your face when we’re alone.“ 

"Look at me, Ryan,” he paused, only starting up again when he caught sight of beautiful hazel eyes. “The guys think I’ve lost all vision in this damn eye, hell, most of ‘em think I don’t even have an eye…" 

He reached forward and around to the back of Ryan’s head to tug gently at the hair there as his face slowly heated up. 

"I…If I told them that my cat got pissed at me and accidently scratched my face, they’d never lemme live it down…" 

Ryan smiled despite himself, here his man was, right hand to the leader of an underground gang, face flushed cherry red, embarrassed to all hell. He pulled himself closer to his face, kissing the scar. 

"The, great and mysterious, Cartoonz,” he stopped, giggling slightly, before continuing, “thwarted by a cat." 

Inspired by this amazing fanart~ https://yandie106.tumblr.com/post/160435960931/ohmtoonz-office-style-wearing-classy-and-elegant
"life is precious?!?!?! then why did you shoot conrad!!!!!!"

well ummm so you would rather i betrayed your “girlfriend”????? oh and let me remind you i sAVED YOUR LIFE ALRIGHT CONRAD WAS GONNA BLAST UR FREAKING BRAINS OUT YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT GEEZ WHAT THE HELL

I am so proud of @danicalicalifornia right now.
She’s kicking ass out there in the academic world and I thought y'all should know.
I’m so lucky & completely overjoyed to witness her accomplishments. I’m so lucky to be a small part of her journey.
She’s a real one 💯❤

 *Also peep that In-n-Out hat I love her 💀😂


tyrahnnical  asked:

((Wow I was so excited when I found your blog as I was working on the research for this blog because you had a Duck Dodgers verse and I was gonna come right at you with that, then shit just got super real with Daffy. It almost feels almost inappropriate to go for right now. [Also hi nice to meet you new Tyr'ahnee blog here]))

// OMFG NO WAY PLEASE COME AT ME WITH ALL THE DUCK DODGERS STUFF!! I am literally ALWAYS craving something in that verse, no joke. Like, honestly, that show is what got me hooked on Looney Tunes in the first place, lmao. It’s like, my childhood. I am so up for space shenanigans.

wow so i officially have decided on where i’m going to university and i’m just so stress-free and excited. there’s not a single thing about MSU that i don’t like and wow this is amazing life is great 2015 has been fantastic for me so far.

I walked from an underground train station and there was 22 men (yes I did count them) who all were more or less drunk and me. It was so scary and one man came to ask me super gross things and I just wanted to tell him to fuck off but like I wanna live so I had to keep up the nice girl act. Thankfully my brother came to my rescue after two very uncomfortable minutes. Pls go and choke if you think that we don’t need feminism. I’d like to be at public places without being harassed or scared even when I don’t have a male escorting me thank you.