i'm so fond of their smiles and their laughs

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ok but when they were using ouija board shane's face looking at ryan when Ryan said he was going to join in and it was going to be their bridge;;; it was so excited and happy and fond ok he loves Ryan so much and is so happy when he plays along with shane's stupid antics

IKR! His smile was so adorable, like “yaaay, Ryan wants to own a haunted bridge with me! This is the best day ever!”
And when Shane said “hey, you demon fuck” looking right at Ryan just wanting to get some laughs from him its so pure

Edit: also I have to talk about the “why are you unbuttoning your pants? We’re in public” so… if there were somewhere private it would be ok?

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I'm quite literally crying over how much ym love each other They're so fond of each other's and it's so obvious just in the way they look at each other, and how familiarly they touch each other. Jimin laughs at almost everything Yoongi says and Yoongi always smiles at jimin whenever he does anything at all :((((( I can't even believe how in love they are, it's honestly so magical.

they really are changing the game w how supportive n completely gone they are for each other its so wild

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Summary: Long distance relationships are hard; they’re even harder when your boyfriend’s social anxiety makes phone calls nearly impossible. Tadashi isn’t worried– or, well, he’s not too worried. (Kei, however, is extremely worried.)
Notes: Happy holidays @rainbowbarfeverywhere! I saw ‘changing dynamics’ and ‘college’ and just WENT because wow I’m a sucker for that?!! I hope you enjoy! Written for the @tsukyamgiftexchange.

Kei thought their relationship was always easy for them—as kids, as friends, teammates, whatever. Being with Tadashi never felt like work to Kei.

Tadashi always politely disagreed on this—though polite could mean a lot of things from Tadashi. The first time that Kei expressed the sentiment, sometime during their second year of high school, Tadashi had looked at him, mouth agape.

“Hell no, did you—no, do you know how much I worry about you? You were almost hopeless!”

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Sunlight, firelight, starlight

Adrien knows he shouldn’t do it. Adrien knows that there will be consequences to this action and Adrien knows this is probably a bad idea but Adrien is not here on this rooftop, Chat is, and Chat is tired of staring up at the girl who hung the moon and wishing, and every fiber of his being is telling him to leave that behind and take the chance to do something with someone who is with him, on his level. 

So he does.

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Words: 2782, Language: English

  • Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Rating: Teen and Up 
  • Warning: None
  • Categories: M/F
  • Relationships: Ladynoir (specifically Marichat)

The result of me being marichat trash at 4 am, and thinking “Oh boy I’ve never written a kiss before I should try to do that.”

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write single daddy zayn and niall being super excited and in on that

Zayn startles when he hears the click of a shutter, rolling his eyes when he sees Niall smiling behind his fancy new camera.

“You’re supposed to be taking pictures during the party,” Zayn scolds, no real heat behind his words.

“Can’t help myself when I’ve got such a great model to work with,” Niall winks.

“Oi, don’t go taking pictures of me all day,” Zayn says, a real frown tugging on his lips as he hops off the chair he was using to help him hang streamers around his living room. “Today’s not about me. It’s about -”

“Laila, I know,” Niall finishes for him with a soft grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll be following the birthday girl around all afternoon. Won’t miss a single thing.”

Zayn feels himself relax when Niall puts his arms around him and places a light kiss on his forehead. “Good. Just want everything to be perfect, yeah?”

“It will be,” Niall assures, rubbing soothing circles against Zayn’s back. He sounds confident enough that Zayn believes him.

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