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As you guys may have heard earlier… Tumblr tagged my last gifset as being NSFW. And at first I thought that was funny and laughed, however Tumblr is right. So I’m stepping up and doing the right thing. I’m censoring the gif so that it won’t ruin the innocence of poor Tumblrers.
I’m being sarcastic. I made it worse. I’m a very spiteful individual.

This gifset will now be known as “Christmas came early”.
I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

fox-rey  asked:

Hi, I have a question that has been bothering me for a while, do you think any AA Avengers (especially Clint and Kamala) ship Stony?

╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

i’m so excited about this because I’ve been meaning to make a “proof that clint is the AA!stevetony shipper-on-deck” post for quite some time, so thank you for sending this!! now of course we don’t have explicit proof that Clint (or any of the other avengers for that matter) are making bets under the table concerning the relationship status of their team leaders…..but we do have some p r e t t y damning evidence

SO HERE WE GO: Three Times Clint Revealed his Stevetony Agenda (and the one time Kamala did it for him)

  • Fittingly, the first time we see Clint outright commenting on Steve and Tony’s relationship is in the gayest episode of season 1: “In Deep.” To refresh, Steve and Tony just spent time 1) roleplaying, 2) getting up close and personal in submarine vents, and 3) thwarting the Cabal’s evil plans. Once they make it back on the Avenjet, they share this meaningful stare:
  • mmm, sexual. BUT ANYWAY, as they’re staring deep into each other’s eyes, Clint quips—
  • SUBTLE, CLINT, but also tbh same
  • Anyway, the next time this sort of thing happens is in “Savages.” To recap: Avengers go to the Savage Land to prove they can survive without tech, end up running into Hammer and his robo-dinosaurs, and Steve spends the entire time trying to make Tony understand that he’s still capable even without his armor. Typical day. However, when Tony does in fact come to the rescue with his newly created, tech-less armor, Clint turns to Cap and says:
  • Translation: I know that you know how much I believe in Tony, of course I knew he was coming to our rescue jfc
  • And finally, my favorite example of all: “Exodus.” Red Skull gets a hold of the Tesseract, Cabal’s about to take over the world, though Tony tries a last minute gambit and unleashes all his armors to take on the threat. Banter is exchanged, hands are held, long, deep gazes are shared
  • Beautiful. Inspiring. But here’s the kicker:
  • wow. bromance. bro + romance. bros who hold hands for a moment too long. bros who stare into each other’s deep, shimmering eyes. bros.
  • this is literally the definition of a “sorry you guys are having a romantic moment this is awkward but we really need to focus because the fight’s not over??”
  • to this day I still can’t believe they used the word “bromance” on-screen
  • Now unfortunately, these are the only moments that I can remember (at least for Clint). Kamala, on the other hand (who we know canonically writes fanfiction if her conversation with Carol in the S3 finale is anything to go by), has definitely picked up the baton that Clint left behind, so to speak:
  • like that time she literally grabbed a fistful of Stevetony in the midst of battle
  • or that time she told Cap exactly what he loves to hear
  • what an MVP. I’m so proud.

SO YEAH. This was my long-winded attempt to say: yes, Clint (and probably Kamala) most definitely ships stevetony. They’re truly one of our own.

I have a feeling he stares up at the night sky a lot, even at home


Drake Phone Home

Hey peeps IM SORRY for keep you waiting so long (if you were actually waiting, that is😭) I just really can’t grasp Drake’s persona, me and Maxwell connect in a certain way fight me, and so I keep on pushing back on finishing this 😂

So yup it’s pretty much the same stuff as Maxwell’s, but this one is a lot worse, I KNOW I SAID I was confident in this one but man I realized how much it sucks after a day…

Anyway I hope you enjoy this and ayyyyy I love y'all for your support!! Seriously y'all are the best I’m so happy 💕

Ps. The face claim I chose for Drake is Ian Somerhalder (tho he’s a lil old I KNOW), but at certain angle he just gives me the Drake vibe, plus he LOVES horses.

Maxwell Phone Home Part I
Maxwell Phone Home Part II

I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love learning about grammar. Especially in my native language, it’s just so interesting and amazing.

And grammar in other languages is difficult of course, it’s not something I’m use to, but it’s still absolutely amazing and so cool to learn about.


Steggy au: Peggy Carter, Co-founder and Director of SHIELD, all around superwoman, was just a few years shy of her 100th birthday. She didn’t think life held any more surprises for her … that’s until she heard the words “We found the Valkyrie” followed by “Steve’s alive”.  [ for cassianserso ]

a list of things I am never gonna care about

No matter how many asks I get or how many posts I’m tagged in.

Because I can only find so many polite ways to say, “I don’t care at all about the Star Wars Expanded Universe, please stop telling me about it,” and because, no matter how often I say that, I still have about a million asks about the Expanded Universe in my inbox, and every single time I make a meta post of any kind, I get at least three replies ‘splaining “canon” (by which they always mean the Expanded Universe) to me. (And another three “lol I thought you meant the European Union!” comments every time I use the abbreviation EU, even when attached to Star Wars.)

So here’s a list of all the things that I’m never going to be convinced to care about, no really, no matter how many asks people send me about them:

  • Star Wars comics
  • Star Wars books
  • Star Wars video games
  • most of the Clone Wars and Rebels shows, if we’re being completely honest
  • the pre-Disney Expanded Universe
  • the post-Disney Expanded Universe
  • any Star Wars meta that’s primarily concerned with/draws from the Expanded Universe
  • any and all Disney Star Wars spinoff/anthology movies
  • literally anything about Darth Maul
  • stories in which Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon/Mace/Padme/Bail/literally anyone not from the Tatooine slave community frees the slaves of Tatooine
  • anything that ships Obi-Wan with anyone at all (Obi-Wan is aro ace and you can pry that from my cold dead hands)

And to prevent this post from being a total grump fest, here’s a list of things I am always interested in

  • puns
  • Iceland photos
  • my ongoing desert aesthetic
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • quality AUs

askybison  asked:

hello hi please talk about witch adam. I just remember reading 1 post about it a long time ago and we need more. Please talk to us abt how adam makes pie with persephone's recipe when all of his college friends and him stay up late studying, or about the plants he keeps on the windowsill of his dorm that remind him of his friends and cabeswater or about the tarot cards he always carries in his backpack. Just talk to us about witch adam parrish <333

ok FIRST OF ALL, what do you think you’re doing coming here and making me FEEL THINGS about adam and persephone??? like????? their relationship was everything and she was probably the first good adult figure in adam’s life and i’m just…..so sad…….. ;___; so yes, of course he learns how to make her pecan pie. but it’s not like it’s easy, because nothing in adam’s life is ever easy. he asks blue to teach him; blue has to ask maura first; maura has to ask calla; calla storms to her room slamming the door and doesn’t talk about it again until two days later when she finally shows them how persephone made her famous pecan pie. and then blue teaches adam that last summer before he leaves for college, makes him do it over and over and over again until it’s just right (and yet, still somehow not exactly the same as persephone’s; the exact recipe being one of the many secrets she took with her). maybe it’s blue’s way of mourning her. it’s a way adam understands, at least – doing things to keep the emotions manageable. that first slice they eat together is a ritual. it’s a ceremony. it’s healing. so yes, adam makes it for his flatmates sometimes, and they all fucking love it dude this is delicious what the heck do you put in it, drugs??? but it’s when blue comes to visit that he makes it the most carefully and lovingly, because he knows what it means to the both of them.

and yes, of course there are the plants he keeps in the kitchen of his shared flat, in the brightest spot of sunlight under the window by the sink: succulents and cacti at first – he always has so much to do, and is terrified of killing them, so starts with something low maintenance – but more and more often things with leaves, things that he can visibly watch grow, things he can touch gently and be reminded of a time when other, older leaves touched him gently, almost the only gentle touch he knew in those days. plants with leaves, plants with flowers, sometimes, rarely, even dwarf fruit trees. and then, of course, there are the aromatic ones: basil, rosemary, thyme, and obviously sage (what’s not to love about a cooking plant that can also be used for purification rituals and protective magic?). 

(ronan, once, as they’re standing in the kitchen in their boxers and little else, points out that those little aromatic plants are like adam: beautiful and practical. adam calls him a sap, blushes around the ears, and kisses him long and slow.)

and the thing is, adam is practical, but he’s also unfathomable, which his roommates notice pretty fast. there are lots of uncanny things about that parrish kid, they say to each other in curious whispers. like the way his plants always seem to grow a little faster and more visibly after he talks to them. like the way he never seems to follow the same recipe for his now-famous pecan pie, but always ends up with the same delicious result. like the way he took one look at his roommate sophie’s tinder date when he picked her up, and called her an hour later pretending his car had broken down (sophie later asked him, stunned, how he’d known the guy was a no-good fuckboy who was unable to keep his hands to himself and kept trying to get her drunk; he just shrugged and went back to his physics textbook).

and then, of course, there are the tarot cards. 

adam keeps them to himself for a good while, only doing readings when he needs clarity or craves that connection to the supernatural he’d missed so dearly after cabeswater died. eventually jared stumbles in on him, and asks him to ~tell him the future. adam tells him to fuck off. jared fucks off, then comes back an hour later, and asks – this time, without a hint of mockery – for a reading, because there is just something about adam, about the loving and knowing way his deft fingers handle the cards, about the way his eyes go slightly hazy when he focuses on the cards’ images.

adam predicts jared’s week to a T, including things he had no business knowing. the next week, the roommates gather in the living room and ask him to read for each of them. it becomes a thing.

news travels fast across campus, and soon enough people adam doesn’t know start asking him if he’s that wiccan dude. they generally look perplexed, because adam looks every bit like the no-nonsense engineering student he is. adam shrugs it off. he’s not a wiccan, he tells them. then are you a witch? adam blinks. he thinks about persephone. he thinks about himself. magician. he pulls the tarot deck out of his bag, and reads. that’s how it starts.

he doesn’t read for everyone, of course; he has better things to do with his time – so many things to do – and he has never suffered fools gladly. people who stop him in the college green to ask him to cleanse their aura or some such get a glacier-cold look for their trouble. but sometimes, someone will show up at the apartment genuinely upset; someone who feels lost, and is looking for a port in a storm. he reads for them. he reads, too, for people who are restless like gansey, hungry like ronan, curious like blue. it becomes something of a joke inside his friend circle, the way people seek him out to ask for help with their everyday troubles. it’s low-key enough that it doesn’t interfere with his privacy or his school work, but high-key enough that he becomes that magic guy among the student population. 

sophie jokes that now that he has a reputation, he should start charging. he just replies, that’s not how it works. 

(it puzzles her, because adam is nothing if not financially savvy, but this – magic – is one thing he will not, cannot monetize. magic is what cabeswater gave him, and it is what persephone taught him; it’s what brought him close to gansey, and by extension ronan, noah, blue. it is what helped him realise his own power and save himself, so that he got out of henrietta and never looked back. in short, magic is so utterly intertwined in his life with friendship, love, and freedom, that he doesn’t know where it ends and he himself begins – or if such a separation even exists.)

we’ve established that julian is 110% slytherin so what about the other blackthorns?


Above: the gang™ feat. CRuss
Below: Catherine signing my programme (& me feeling 10000x more nervous than i look)

thank you SO MUCH to everyone we met up with, it was the best day ever :))))))))

Shinra, when someone thinks of threatening Celty:

Shinra, after Izaya got stabbed: