i'm so excitedddd :))


hakuna matata animatic!

original script/idea by @muirin007

voice talents by @tallestsilver and @lordjazor as christine and erik repsectively

((hope i’m doin your guys’ idea justice :0  ))

this was fun to pull together, haven’t done a proper animatic in a looong while XD  i’m looking forward to the animation part!


SOOO this weekend is my first time EVER selling my work at a con, and I’m so excited (and nervous hhhHHHHH)!! If any of y’all are attending London MCM Comic Con and want to swing by to say hi, want to buy some incredible fandom-inspired teas from @beastlybeverages, or want to check out the art I’m selling- feel free to drop by the Beastly Beverages stall!!

All I ask is that if you’d like a sketch commission on the day of an OC, please make sure you have reference ready! Thank you <3

….i have less than 60 minutes of childhood left..?!

1D Hiatus: Day 483

* ‘Sign of the Times’ debutes at #1 on Vodafone’s Big Top 40 chart

* Harry meets fans in London

* A picture of Harry with fans in Scotland last week comes out

* Niall posts a selfie on Snapchat

* A pap video of Louis and Eleanor out in LA today is released

* Niall posts a video on The Masters’ Snapchat story

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Apr 9th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #118

so i’m hanging out with my crush tmrw :)


The Dreamer’s Lights

Story by @casblackfeathers  |  Art by @anjika-flan  

Dean never dreamed about much. His life was made of concrete ideas, plans his feet could follow – like his job as a bladesmith and the family he could rely on – not staring up at the stars, or falling hard for a black-winged angel whose grace glowed in shades of silver and blue.

After Dean is shipped off against his will to fight in the war between Michael and Lucifer, that changes; when he’s not dreaming of home – of hushed promises and blue eyes as deep as the sea – he’s drenched in nightmares of blood and death.

With Sammy’s help and the angels on their heels, Dean manages to escape the front lines. Now Dean’s returned to the kingdom and is forced to confront the past, as well as the tragic events that took him away from home three years ago – starting with his betrayal by the angel he fell in love with.

Fandom/Genre:  Supernatural AU, Fantasy, Romance
Pairing (s):
Dean/Castiel (with background Sam/Jess and Bobby/Ellen.)
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 110 k
Warnings: Language, explicit sexual content, angst, pining, hurt/comfort, minor character death, mild violence, canon-typical usage of alcohol as a coping mechanism

Coming to AO3 on November 16, 2016

- DeanCas Big Bang 2016 -

credits (x) (x) (x)


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