i'm so excited to start ships now

I literally can’t believe that we’re gonna have an Akiramon talk probably in the next chapter? like??? this is a miracle??? I’ve wanted this for years, YEARS

Atsushi, meet your future husband! He’s kinda crazy right now, but he’ll get better ;‑)

Also, Dazai totally ships you two!

Wander Over Yonder shipping survey
So I've heard that the galaxy is ending but do you have a moment to answer these simple questions about relationships in WOY

I did it! The form is now live and you can now tell me about your favorite ships in Wander Over Yonder! I don’t know if anyone was actually excited about that or not but here it is!

If you have the time, please consider filling out this survey and/or reblogging this post so I can get more data points for more accurate analysis!

If you’re curious about what answers I get, I’ll make periodic posts about what I find in the #woy shipping survey tag.

Update 6/26: Added popular write-ins.