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so it begins


the great eruri giveaway!!!

come one, come all. i finally got my shit together from my 300 followers, and now i’m at 500, and i’m pretty sure nobody even took this seriously. well GET SERIOUS, and GET READY.

ok enough hype. i’ve collected several pieces of merchandise and some pieces of artwork from our lovely eruri community to give YOU, THE FANS. OF ERURI. THAT’S US. as a big thank you for being the best community in the dig doggity dangity world. i love you jerks so much. so you want this shit? read below for rules and breakdown of prizes.

how to participate

  • only reblogs count as entries 
  • 1 reblog per person, but you can reblog as many times as you want (if you want to promote but not participate, please tag with “no entry” or whatever)
  • must be 18 years or older
  • must like eruri
  • must be able to accept packages from sad old women (that’s me)
  • against my better judgement, international entries are allowed (shipping from the states). you accept custom fees, though. and if i get a lot of international winners, i will need to stagger out the shipping because it’s gonna be expensive. :|
  • you don’t need to be following me, but wow why would you not? i post so much eruri, where the fuck would you be without me? lmao

the shit

1st prize: the otp

  • Traditionally colored piece with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty, long doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin and Levi official merch key holders
  • Cute Eruri fairy bottle charm by @identitypollution
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • OTP Weiss Schwarz cards

2nd prize: the commander

  • pencil sketch with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin official merch key holder
  • T-rex-chan necklace
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Commander(s) and the liege Weiss Schwarz cards

3rd price: the captain

  • A ficlet based on a prompt of your choice*
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Levi official merch key holder
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Captain Levi and his squad Weiss Schwarz cards

* Prompts are to be short simple requests (like my tea times). I do not do omegaverse and mpreg. I might be opposed to some other things too, but we’ll have to see and negotiate at the time.
** Not pictured and included in each list are stickers that I’m waiting to come in from @160x188, @nyranin, and @aileine. They will be distributed throughout the tiers evenly.

and the winners are…

going to be announced on may 16th, 2017. i will use a random number generator to make the decision based on the single entry reblogs. please make sure to have your asks or messangers active. if you do not respond by may19th your spot will be forfeit to the next winner. i hope to have everything shipped out and created by mid-june.

so how about it? gimme a reblog, fam!

saicko  asked:

Hi! How are you? Is everything okay? Hope ya feeling better than few days ago... Anyways, I'm super excited lately, cos' finally I'm gonna start my artist journey and man, I'm so hyped :D It's my first step to create comic about my AU (on which I've been working for 2 months now). I know it may be a bit egoistic, but I HAD to share it with someone xd Also, I have a small request for you - I've been a big fan od Ink x Dream ship lately, could you draw them with some fluff if possible? Cheers! :)

ooh!! Good luck with your artist journey!! Im Looking forward to read it! Please inform me if you already post it!

And Here ya go buddy 

Smol fluff 

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I was so excited for SnK s2 and all the jearmin goodness that would come with it, but now that it's turned out it's only going to be a one-cour series instead of the expected 25 episodes, I'm starting to wonder how much of the jearmin material they'll manage to cover. Which jearmin scenes do you think we can safely expect to be adapted within those 12 episodes?

It’s tough, Jearmin got a lot of attention as a ship during the Uprising arc, and Jean is rather absent for the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc as it is. though considering we have already had that added scene between Eren and Mikasa in S2E1, he could have some extra screen-time somewhere.

As for jearmin, as long as they stay faithful to the manga then we can expect this banger of a moment from chapter 50…

I’ll be extremely upset if this scene is removed from the anime. I think it speaks great volumes for both characters, and not just in regards to their relationship to each other. But either way fingers-crossed for lots of lovely Jearmin!!

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omg I wanna read your collection of asakisu moments and your thoughts on them pls!!! I'm really starting to ship those two!! ❤️😄


I’m so excited for this movie to come out, and for the fandom to enjoy the hilarious/precious interactions between Asahi and Kisumi :3  I’ve been shipping them for almost a year now, and would LOVE to share a list of my favorite AsaKisu moments/thoughts from the High Speed! 2nd novel with you!! :3

“Hehe, it’s a world unknown to ordinary men…… Hey, Kisumi, you, why you butting in so naturally. Leave us alone.”

“When I sit at my seat on my own, the girls gather around and ask me all sorts of stuff.”

Combing up his silky hair, he points at his seat with his gaze. Indeed, three girls with reproachful looks on their faces were glaring at Haruka and the boys.

“What kind of things do they ask?”

“What my favorite food is, what my favorite song is, what my favorite color is, stuff like that.”

“Kisumi, you, aren’t you full of yourself just ‘cuz you’re a little popular with girls. A man’s worth is here and here.”Asahi points at his arms and chest with his thumb. It seems the head is excluded.

—Chapter 2

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Atsushi, meet your future husband! He’s kinda crazy right now, but he’ll get better ;‑)

Also, Dazai totally ships you two!

Hey guys, I know I’ve not been very active here recently!! I am sorry. I had a crazy awesome time at SDCC and didn’t even have time to write a recap because as soon as I got back I had about 8000 deadlines waiting for me. And they’re all projects that I can’t yet show WIPs or talk about!! ME RIGHT NOW:

ANYWAY please forgive me lovely followers, I will start posting again soon!

Pssst, free shipping at my Society6 shop with this link (which also desperately needs to be updated, I know, I know.)

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much but Stiles and Lydia are gonna be together next episode. They’re gonna be close and interacting with one another and we’ve been waiting for something as simple as them talking by themselves for such a long time now, it almost sounds surreal.

The thing is that Stiles will be highly aware that Lydia could have died. And that at that moment, when he saw her lying on the ground with blood all over, it dawned on him that yes, his feelings for her are definitely still there.

And Lydia will be aware of just that as well because she saw Stiles go still. She saw how the hyperactive spazz that she has grown to rely on as a close friend went completely numb to the sight of her severely injured, to the thought of her dying.

And she’ll also be aware that she’d had to be strong for him even if she was in excruciating pain, because she probably remembered what he’d once told her. That if she were to die, he’d go out of his mind.

And he was. Just like he was on the verge of having a panic attack. So she put on a smile and soothed him, and only her voice above all the others brought him back to his senses.

So yes. I can’t wait to see them interact in the next episode because one of two things will happen. Either they’ll talk about it or they won’t, and either way can be easily relatable to what I’ve already written about the Stydia kiss here, so it’ll always mean something whether they talk about it/acknowledge it or not.

And don’t even get me started on the “previously on”, because if in the next episode there comes a scene on the “previously on” that is from another season, be it any Stydia scene at all, along with their scene in 5x04, I’ll probably die right there and I really wanna watch the episode.

I really am trying hard not to get too hyped about next week’s episode because even though I suspect we’ll get some good Stydia scenes, I’m sure it’s gonna be a very traumatic episode with the pack at Eichen and whatever it is that Stiles will do (we’re in for some fucked up shit, I’d bet on it). But it’s hard, you know?

Stydia is OTP material like I haven’t seen before. Stydia is in the little things. Just look at 5x04. They didn’t even talk to each other. He froze with the situation he was faced with and Lydia read him plainly, like she knew exactly what was going through his head and acted accordingly. Stydia is the literal definition of soulmates, are you kidding? And after such a long post, I don’t even really remember why I started writing it in the first place, but whatever.

Stydia is endgame! We just have to be patient for a little longer and enjoy the slow burn. The secret seems to be for us not to get too excited about what’s coming next to get good scenes, apparently. And I’m sorry if now you’re left with Stydia feels but I have enough to share so uh… Yeah, Stydia ❤