i'm so excited to hang these in my room

I’m so excited for tomorrow - I’ve got my last exam in the morning, and then I plan to go to the Tate with a friend, have lunch at the Rex Whistler restaurant and see the Queer Art exhibition which I’ve been dying to see for the past 2 months. Then I’ll go back to school to clear out my room, have dinner with another friend and hang out on the roof garden. Then I’ll go home and I have no more school engagements till the ball next week.

How The Signs Feel About Going Back To School
  • Aries: Meh, I guess the learning is nice..? I'm just exited to see new people, and do new things.
  • Taurus: It's-It's Coming!? I haven't even done anything this whole summer! I-I was just on the internet for the WHOLE TIME!
  • Gemini: Yay.. I have to spend months with weird and stupid people, this is going to be "super fun." I'm just gonna wrap myself in a blanket and cry.. and listen to sad songs.
  • Cancer: Yay..? I guess..? I really hope I have someone to hang out with.. I hope..
  • Leo: Well.. It's coming.. Again. Summer was that short..?
  • Virgo: I'm just exited to get new school supplies.. That will be stolen and chewed on by the people I hate.. Why..?
  • Libra: Finally! I get to see the squad again! And new friend too! Drama will be interesting this year..
  • Scorpio: Don't- I know it's coming okay! I'm going back to my room! *Sighs* Why does school have to be pressuring.
  • Sagittarius: Yay! New friends! New faces! But drama will slap me in the face.. I'll just hang around a few people..
  • Capricorn: Great.. Hell's coming back.. I'd rather be in prison.. I'll just be anti-social so then no one could bug me.
  • Aquarius: This is going to be interesting..
  • Pieces: Yay! School! Learning! Friends! Fun Fun Fun!
  • Wait.. No ones excited..? I thought so..

anonymous asked:

Want to tell you an amazing story! SO I'm friends with this girl who I'm crushing on majorly but she's straight. The other day I had invited her over to hang and we were sitting in my room watching tv. I netflix'd ouat and we were watching that for some time, she never seen it before. So I was excited to show her, and I started from season 1. We binge watched all the seasons til now and throughout it all she kept asking me about Emma & Regina and why they always acting gay w/ ea. other 1/2

Of course I was nervous thinking she’s a homophobe but it was like she was curious? I truly didn’t think anything of it and explained it to her and also the canon couples for them. She stated that she did enjoy cs/oq and ofc I cringed inside and thought well of course she did. That was all during our hangouts a few weeks ago. She then started watching ouat live with me on Sundays and when the 100th ep came on w/ Regina & the Pie, she turned and looked at me weirdly. ⅔

I went to ask her what’s wrong when she turned back & said nothing. Again thought nothing of it. So this past week when we watched the ep. she acted weird again when Regina stuck her hand in Emma’s chest. She turned to me after the ep was over & fucking said to me “Why don’t they just fuck already?” I was in shock really, then she gave me a literal heart attack when she also said “Why haven’t we fucked already?” I’m crying, turned out she was bi, liked me too & knew it all along! TNKS OUAT! 3/3

Ah anon! I’m so happy swan queen got you the girl! LITERALLY! That’s so cool :)