i'm so excited omg look at their little faces


A star shines but your light is the brightest 🌟

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is it okay that i'm in love with ephraim already? like, i kinda have been for months (freckles are my ultimate weakness), but every time you update, i get so excited and fall a little more in love because look at that art, look at that magical, handsome, manbunned, freckle-faced cutie, i want him to be happy. i don't know anything about him, but i want him to be happy.

omg me too he is such a cinnamon roll


I’m so overwhelmingly happy for this beautiful couple. They wanted this little one and looked forward to it and now it’s happening. Sending them the biggest congratulations now, as they become a little family. I’m sure, they’ll be the most amazing parents to their liten dotter or son!

Video: SVT, pre wedding interview, June 2015