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Worth It (a klance family reunion au)

(Idk what this is but I hope you like it??) ————————————

It’s Labor Day weekend, and the McClain family is having a huge family reunion. Lance is excited, but also lowkey horrified to have 145 (146 if you count Paulie, but nobody counts Paulie) of his family members crammed into his mom’s little house in the middle of nowhere. Parents, grandparents, grandkids, estranged aunts and uncles, wild cousins of all ages, and siblings all running around a rickety 21 year old house: Lance can already imagine the headache. As he travels back to his hometown, he can already hear the questions he’ll be getting: “So Lance, do you have a girlfriend yet?” or “ay, Lance I bet you’re popular with the ladies, eh buddy?” or “I know you’re waiting for a good [lance’s heritage] girl to be your girlfriend.” when he’s really, really not and he’s actually been more popular with the boys than girls lately but he’d die before he tells his family that.

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Nagisa had been the one to propose a game of spin the bottle at a summer sleepover, having planned it with Kisumi and Rin. Rei and Ai had pulled out of it just sitting on a corner, earning the nickname of ‘chicken’ for themselves, so it had turned out to be Nagisa, Makoto, Haruka, Momo, Kisumi and Sousuke left. After a few spins - after which Makoto found himself with Kisumi sitting down on his lap and Haruka glaring at both of them the entire time, and Rin giving Haruka a 'sensual back rub’ - Nagisa had jumped up, yelling that he wanted to spin the bottle. And it had pointed inexorably toward Sousuke. The challenge, as Momo read it from a piece of paper, was shutting them both in a narrow space together until they’d kiss. 

Nagisa found out the only such space there was, was a closet where Haruka kept things for cleaning and brooms. At least the place was high enough for Sousuke to stand in… Nagisa giggled, jumping in amused. He didn’t mind kissing any of his friends anyway.