i'm so excited for this sleepover

Sleepover Sunday!! 😴

Hi everyone! So starting at 4 pm east coast time (and ending around 10 pm west coast time) we’re gonna post a list of things you can send us, and we’ll be tracking the tag closeted sapphic sleepover! Post selfies, moodboards, playlists, anything creative and sapphic!! Send us asks or talk about your crush or significant other! Mod Nyx is gonna post a list of stuff to give y'all ideas!
I’ll see y'all in a couple hours!
-mod Aphrodite

pride month sleepover

It’s pride month so I wanna open up my askbox to discuss anything lgbtqia related. Share excitement, stories, vent, share concerns, questions, queer fandom things. Anything really. 

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fleurdeneuf  asked:

(you reblogged my silly thing??? i am flattered ;) ) you get a choice of three: robert ryan, charles korvin, or merle oberon? (asking because i just began watching their 1948 film, berlin express - but you can choose based on earlier photos of them if you like)

Ooh, three choices!  How exciting!

I thought I might pick Oberon just because of her name, but honestly, she’s beautiful!

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It’s sleepover Friday!

So I loved having a sleepover again it seemed so long ago even if it was just one week hahah :p I really like that we’re getting further in once upon a time and ofcourse sense8 c: And I also love being able to lay in bed with you and talk and it wasn’t too warm to cuddle for a bit which was great ♡ I don’t like having school the next day and feeling like we should already be sleeping though hahah cause I like spending nights talking too much :p But only like 2 or 3 more weeks and then school will mostly be over so I’m excited for that ♡