i'm so excited for their banter

unpopular opinion #47: the early sims vids are a gift. they’re so soft and domestic and even back in 2014 they were sat so close together and dan was so hype about the game and phil wore his glasses a lot and said weird funny things all the time. they’re relaxed and constantly interacting with each other and making each other laugh and it’s just good.

As it is #birthdayweek I made this a while ago with @spinetrick and @professor-cinnamon-roll  meeting up with @beta-19 and @stanchez-sloppy-seconds (and its kind of a part 1 of 2 for Sloppys present shh) I’m happy to hear it went so well XD

I was so, so close to using the animators AU but chose against it for some good ol’ OCs having some banter.

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Hi there! I saw where you opened requests and I'm so excited because I loved your Sundance Kid series! Can I request a fic where McCree invites his fem!crush somewhere private to tell her how he feels since he can't seem to get it across to her with subtle flirting? (She's shy and finds it hard to banter back (/^.^\) Thanks!

Glad you like the series. Thank you for the request and I hope this is what you wanted. It took me a little longer than expected and its longer than I thought it would be!

You usually only came down to the shooting range to watch the others. You weren’t much of a shot and never were comfortable with a weapon in your hand. Technology and science were more down your alley. Since you were young, technology and science had fascinated you and that’s what you ended up doing with your life.

“Hey, sweet pea,” McCree calls out behind you and you turn to him with a smile. The cowboy had always been one your favorites.

“Hey there, McCree. I watched you shoot today. Looking good as always.” That seemed to boost his ego and he gave you a toothy smile.

“Not as good as I usually am though. My arm here has been actin’ a little funny – think you can look at it for me?” He holds his mechanical arm out towards you and you shake your head.

“Come with me to the lab and I’ll check it out.”

He walked silently beside you, twirling his six shooter every now and then with his flesh and blood arm.

“Are you nervous about something, McCree?” you ask him jokingly.

“Now what would I have to be nervous about, darlin’?” The truth was, he was ridiculously nervous and had nothing to do with his arm. In fact, there was nothing wrong with his arm, he just wanted to spend time with you.

You stop as you reach the door the lab and turn to McCree who seems to be a little too close to you all the sudden. “M-McCree,” he leans in closer and you take a deep breath.

“Yes, darlin’?”

“I need…I need you to put that cigarillo out before you come into the lab…please,” you add breathlessly. He smirks and nods, dropping the offending thing to the floor and stepping on it.

“You’re the boss,” he says, still too close to you.

“Yeah, don’t want anything accidentally exploding.” His eyes widen and he stands up straighter giving you room to move away and open the lab door. “So, what’s wrong with your arm?”

“Well, uh, it seems a lil stiff,” he lied.

“Where?” You hold your hands out and nod your head, waiting for him to show him your arm. He moved closer to you and held out his arm still not showing you where it was stiff. He wasn’t even looking at your arm, he was looking at you and you could feel yourself blushing. “McCree…”

“It’s Jesse.”

Jesse…could you please move your arm for me so I can diagnose the problem?”

He let out what sounded like a displeased grunt as you poked and prodded at his arm. You could still feel his eyes on you but you purposely avoided his gaze. “You sure are pretty,” he says suddenly.

“Oh…I…thank you, Mc-Jesse. I can’t find anything wrong. Maybe you should just try to take it a little easier on this arm for a bit.” You stand quickly and move away from him, feeling yourself getting warm again. “Is there anything else you needed?”

He wanted to say you. He wanted to say a little bit of your time, but he couldn’t bring himself to say either of those things. “No, sweetheart. Thank you. Guess I better just take your advice.”

“You do that and…I’ll see you later.”

He was about to speak when someone else came into the lab and caught your attention. He lingers for a moment and you look at him, “Did you need something else?”

“No, ma’am,” he gives you a forced smile and tips his hat before leaving.

You were busy in the lab for the next few hours and when you finally left, you went straight to your room to relax. The room was dark when you stepped in and you dropped your stuff into a chair before turning the light on. A piece of paper on the floor catches your eye and you bend to pick it up:

Meet me at the shooting range at 9,


What could he possibly want with you at the range this late? You look at the clock and realize its already 8:45. Looking down at what you were wearing, you shrug and tell yourself that will have to do; there was no time to change. Besides, there was no reason to get all fancy just to meet McCree at the range, right?

You make your way to the range, keeping a steady but calm pace. You didn’t want him to think you were rushing to see him but you also didn’t want him to think you stood him up.

“’Bout time you showed up,” Jesse says from the far corner of the range scaring you half to death. He made his way over to you, the ring of heat from his cigarillo shining a bit of light on his face.

“I’m actually a few minutes early, McCree,” you say nervously.


“Right. Jesse. So, what are we doing here? Are you going to show me how to shoot that Peacekeeper or something?” you joke.

“No, darlin’. I, well,” he takes his hat off and clears his throat, “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“I’m listening.”

He hesitates for a moment then blurts out, “I like ya, alright?”


“I been tryin’ to tell you for the longest, but you’re so shy and sweet and it was just so hard to come out and say it. I didn’t wanna scare you away, sweet pea,” he finishes and you couldn’t think of anything to say which scared him because he started pacing. “Now, I’m gonna need you to say somethin’. I can’t have you bein’ quiet. My heart’s just beatin’ outta my chest right about now…”

“You’ve always been one of my favorites,” you admit.

“So, you’re sayin’ you like me too, huh?”

“Maybe…a little,” you tease.

“Hey there, don’t go hurtin’ my feelings.” He seemed to be feeling a lot better now that he had told you what he needed to tell you. “You mind if I walk you back to your room?” He offers you his arm and you take it.

“Not at all, Jesse.”

“Before we go though, I gotta ask…who’s your other favorite so I can rid of them as soon as possible?” He puts his free hand on his Peacekeeper and you laugh.

“You’re a troublemaker.”

“I am but I reckon that’s why I’m your favorite.”

You nod your head in agreement. There was no use in denying it any longer.

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reaction of the boys if Eika has to study for a test for the bright guard? how do they help? are they offered for a study night? How do they congratulate erika if she passes the test? (I'm sorry I could not think too much but I get excited about the idea, and if it's pretty boring then, I'll think about something else :) I've never read anything like that! I would like very much)) If only I had known you before you asked for headcanons! you new fan :) ♥ have a nice day and no trouble ♥

Thanks dear! And this idea not boring! ~♥


  • Of course, a lot of jokes and banter.
  • - Hey, let’s learn the definition of the word “sleep”.
  • But he’s not a bastard, so if you need coffee, medicine for a headache or a shoulder to cry he is there.
  • At some point he will start to worry with you.
  • In the end we have two hysterical with bags under the eyes, oops.
  • When you’re nervous, when you terribly want to sleep, when Miko moral squeeze you, he will hug you constantly, he doesn’t care at all.
  • A gentle kiss on the cheek before the exam really cheer you up.


  • He will turn into a huge cinnamon roll.
  • No, seriously. Want a massage? - Of course.
  • Want to be alone? - Okay, but take this warm blanket.
  • - No, you’re not stupid, you’ll be enter in the this guard, because one beautiful seductive vampire will sprinkle you with rose petals during the exam…~
  • Kissing suddenly becomes much softer and softer /if you want it hot, just say the word/
  • How about a hot bath, meanwhile trying to go through the material studied?
  • Once he asked you to have sex the night before an exam for good luck. If you agree, it will be the calmest, most gentle and wonderful sex in your life, okay?


  • He will be soooo proud of your perseverance and your courage.
  • Will carry heavy textbooks, so you don’t exert yourself. (He can carry you too, ahhaa)
  • Will behave as a caring grandma: at least 8 hours of healthy sleep, no nervous fasting, a сup of cocoa, a kiss on the forehead and a lot of motivation.
  • - Honey, you really are prepared, you are strong, you are brave, I believe in you, just eat this apple because you haven’t eaten anything since morning.
  • He’s like a huge pillow to hug and tears.
  • No one dares to fuck up his little angel, don’t you dare even joke about it, he will kill you with just one look.
  • He will give you his food, his large shirt and his heart. Love him.

“I’m worried Karen won’t be in the punisher as much as we were expecting” look yes me too but you know what really matters? you know what’s deeply important to me? more important than the technicalities of how long Karen will be on screen for?
Karen and Frank bantering about man buns.

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Heya! I was gonna start listening / watching Adventure zone, but I'm kinda confused where to get it from and where to start? Maybe you could point me in a direction, I'd be really grateful. Shame on my poor googling skills.

Of course! You can find it on podbay.fm as well as iTunes and other podcast apps (I use Overcast on my iPhone) and you should absolutely start from the beginning, episode 1, or 1,5 (same episode but edited slightly to cut out some irrelevant banter) - it’s really important that you do not listen in the wrong order or you will be severly spoiled D:

I’m so excited for you, damn I wish I could listen to TAZ for the first time all over again! (I am currently on my second re-run!)

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OMG KEITH!! ♡ WELCOME TO VOLTRON HELL!!! Does that mean klance hell too!??Will you be drawing some nsfw LancexKeith in the future??? AHHH I'M SO EXCITED!??!!

Does this answer your question about sinful Voltron fanart? 

I’m glad you’re excited about more Voltron fanart from me! And yes, I’ve fallen into the klance trap - am I that predictable? Everything about the pairing dymanic ticks my boxes god dammit. I’m so weak for rivals to lovers and banter with UST. Throw Shiro into the mix on occasion and I am a happy piece of trash, honestly.

Qrowin Banter #2
  • Winter is so curt and polite so when she curses Qrow gets excited and out of hand.
  • He's like "Jesus, yeeeeesss"
  • *In a meeting*
  • Winter: Fuck you Qrow.
  • Qrow: What fowl language! *Gets up and sits on her lap* Tell me more.
  • Winter: What-
  • Qrow: *puts his arm across her shoulders* Talk dirty to me.
  • Ironwood: Winter?

Me before watching the first two episodes of Miraculous Season 2: I like all the pairings but Ladynoir’s definitely my favorite, I love the playful banter and flirting, the other three pairings seem a bit more awkward but they’re still good


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That's one of the things I'm most excited for, Harry just being able to talk and articulate his really insightful and nuanced ideas about his craft in a way he was never given the time to do. And even with the more frivolous questions he was not always able to formulate his answer before one of the others was jumping in but when he was able to talk about music or his influences or his process, it was clear how brilliant he is (as well as when he was able to get in a clever quip over the ~banter)

“The way in which the verse is so conversational and informal. And it’s not melody melody melody melody, it’s like spoken word, and it kind of drifts and it peaks and it drops”. 20 seconds. That’s all the time it took Harry to share that small yet significant piece of himself with us. Imagine what he could do if he had a 20 minute interview all to himself. All about himself. Himself and his music his craft his creations. I found it so unbearably irksome whenever during interviews Harry was trying to get his point across and choose his words carefully in order to express himself as clearly as possible, and then one of the other boys then either Louis or Liam or both would interrupt him with their #banter or talk over him until the interviewer had no choice but to humour them, and Harry was left with nothing but blank stares and his own half-finished thoughts. There is so much worth exploring inside Harry’s mind he’s so insightful and self-aware and he’s got such an unique perspective on life & art & love & the like, and it’s a shame that in 6 years worth of interviews he was never really given a chance to voice all of those things out loud without someone pressuring him to avalanche the words out in a flash or trying to drown out his voice in a vapid sea of pointless noise and trite jokes. I cannot wait until the solo interviews begin. I cannot wait until Harry’s got a couch all to himself and the interviewer doesn’t have to pretend to be interested in what anyone other than Harry has to say. Every interview is gonna be a gift, piles of witty remarks and insightful ideas and well thought-out answers at our feet. Regardless of whether he’s discussing song lyrics or existentialist theory or the latest bit of hollywood gossip, everything everything everything is gonna revolve around him and his thoughts and his opinions and his presence. And I plan on enjoying every second of it for as long as Harry will let me.

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I think what I'm most excited about for Olicity is that the will they\won't they angst and drama is FINALLY over and that there are so many potential fun power couple stories that we could get. Think Mulder and Scully, Hardison and Parker, Nate and Sophie, Tony and Pepper, Buffy and Angel etc. all power couples that kick ass together, banter, watch each other's backs in the field and go home and make sweet love to each other. I'm more excited about that then anything else Olicity related.

*dances because of the accuracy of this post*

Basically, it’ll be like that mid-section of Flarrow (esp. Flash 1x08) ALL THE TIME, except with one important addition: ALL THE SEX. 


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Niall joined as an assistant manager, so I dont think he will play :( There is a list with all the players, and he is not listed as a rest of the world celebrity but as an assistant manager. I am sure it will still be amazing tho!!! I'm excited! :DD

Yeah, just saw. Still in the perfect position for some competitive banter. Louis should steal Niall’s clipboard during the game. That’ll show him.

To my fans...

Coming Fall 2017
Falling Into Her
By Erin Zak

If you had the chance to grab on to happiness and not let go, would you? Kathryn Hawthorne, local Chicago celebrity, thinks everything in her life is just fine. She has friends, money, a job—everything she needs to survive. Except, of course, love, which, after getting her heart broken, she avoids like the plague. Pam Phillips, on the other hand, just buried the love of her life—her husband of twenty-one years. The last thing she wants is a new friend, let alone a new love interest. When the two women meet and swap witty banter, things start to change. Kathryn can feel that familiar tug of desire in her chest as she suggests—in a smooth-as-silk way—that they meet up again someday. In a moment of pure insanity—or desperation—Pam decides to take a chance. What happens next changes Pam’s life forever.

My first work of original fiction is being published!! I CANNOT EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!!!

221B Con

I’m going to miss everyone so much and every single moment of the con was amazing but here are some things that are amazing that happened

Holding Paula’s hand
Breakfast (?) with Cara
Mana and Deni bantering
Pie being anime
Indy drawing lots of hot Johns
Vel being so on top of shit and always being there for everyone
Belly being super excited about orcalock
Michi and Archia are SO CUTE and so fashionable you guys are so cute and so much fun
Jill being so calm about everything ???how??
RADIO being radiooo omg love you
Oklahomos Mind Phallus
Meeting Bilbos pantaloons and starfish!!!! How could i forget!!
Not knowing bskizzle was bskizzle until it was too late godamnit