i'm so excited for our wedding

I’m on my way to the airport for my trip to Las Vegas right now (our train is late so I’m freaking out a little). I’ll probably check in like once or twice a day (or whenever I find a free wifi), but otherwise this blog runs on queue-only until I’m back on May 10th.

And if nothing goes wrong I’ll be back a married woman :) If anyone of you is interested in seeing/hearing about my trip, I’ll probably post a lot on instagram, so that I don’t clutter your dashboards.

See you later

OK, I wanna list some Destiel-related things to be excited about in S10 before it actually starts and rips my heart out:

  • Dean gets cured in 10x03 apparently? Same ep where Cas comes to help… Coincidence? I think not. Probably a true love’s kiss is needed, you know.
  • Again, Cas x Hannah. Cas worries about Dean, Hannah worries about Cas… Parallels? A love triangle? So interesting, I can’t even
  • Claire Novak and the possibility that she learns that her dad is no longer there, it’s just Cas, thus removing all consent issues of Destiel once and for all. (I would be on cloud 9000 if this happens)
  • The possibility that Robbie may give us some extremely lovely Destiel hints/parallels with his musical episode.
  • The fact that Dean and Cas’ relationship has taken a certain direction since the Carver era started (from S8 onwards). S8: All that “I need you”. All that praying = begging. Dean’s desperation to be with Cas. Dean being the only one who could break Naomi’s mind control. The bar scene and the two men falling in love next to Dean and Cas. S9: All that “There are always obstacles keeping us apart. We can’t be together, we have to keep our distance even tho I love you bb". Oh, please. S9 was the culmination of longing looks and tender smiles. What next, a wedding?!

I may be wrong. I may be right. (Probably not about the wedding tho, tbh.) Anything can happen. But one thing is guaranteed:

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I wasn't sure if the ask was closed or not :( if it is closed, i'm so sorry and I'll have no problem resending this at another time:) If it's open, Ugo, Muu Alexis, and Sinbad on their wedding night with their S/O? P.S. I love your blogs including the aph one <3

(You wouldn’t have been able to send this ask if it was closed, my darling! I haven’t gotten an overwhelming amount of requests and most others are stored in the queue first, but thank you, I’m glad you enjoy both of our blogs!!)

Muu Alexius: Muu would be as gentlemanly as possible, the entire day having been so exciting to him that it had nearly drained him completely. He would help them change from their outfit, perhaps kissing their neck playfully as he remarks he couldn’t wait for the main course he’d get later, before spending some time with them just relaxing as their stress melts away in the cool air.

Sinbad: Would consider the occasion to be one of the most important nights of his life, and would show you his festive side by treating you to only the best. He would throw a large party to have all of Sindria celebrate your marriage, making a toast for you at the end as he hopes for you to remain by his side always, before promising that he’d sooner die than let another person take you away from him.

Ugo: Ugo would feel embarrassed despite the fact that you were married to each other now, and would be at a loss for what to do with your night; he would leave it up to you to lead, happy if you were happy. He would grab you at some point after the wedding, whispering in your ear that he wanted to relive the wedding dance, but just with the two of you alone this time around; he’d place his forehead against yours and smile softly, telling you that he’d remember this moment the rest of his life.

I'm getting married, today!

It’s bedtime and 1 AM but I am so happy and excited I just wanted to take a moment to share that in a few hours I will be married! David and I are heading out on our honeymoon (Disney World!) super early Sunday morning and I won’t be able to blog on Tumblr until we get home on Sunday the 29 BUT I will be able to be on instagram! I’ll be updating throughout the trip via my instagram (piecesinprogress) and I’ll stop back here tomorrow night to post a wedding dress picture. :)

Okay off to try to get some rest haha! :)


Hello everyone! Thank you for being patient with us. We are here to formally announce that–

MikoChiyo Week will be from July 13th-19th (Mon-Sun).

We have prepared the following prompts:

Day 1 (Mon, July 13th) //  Best Friends
Day 2
(Tues, July 14th) //  Confession
Day 3
(Wed, July 15th) //  Embarrassment
Day 4
(Thurs, July 16th) //  Flowers
Day 5
(Fri, July 17th) //  Domestic/Family
Day 6
(Sat, July 18th) //  Soul Mates
Day 7
(Sun, July 19th) //  AUs/Free day

We will be tracking #mikochiyoweek and #mikochiyo, so please do remember to include those within your first five tags!

If you have any questions regarding our rules or anything else, please contact us! Let’s have some fun and share the MikoChiyo love. Thank you!

My oldest son is getting married to his boyfriend tomorrow!!

If you follow me, you may remember my announcing his marriage last year. But at the time, the law had just passed and they wanted to do it that weekend!

Well, I and his fiance’s parents both support them wholeheartedly - except…we wanted a real wedding! They were just going to go to a big gay rally and do it there, away from their family and long time friends. 

So, being the wonderful children that they are, they decided to give their parents a real wedding to attend and be a part of. So we have been able to have multiple showers and now the wedding. Tomorrow. In the middle of an old bridge across the Arkansas river, that has been converted into a pedestrian walkway. I think it’s going to be beautiful and romantic and wonderful. 

I am so happy for them and excited that their families were given the opportunity to participate. Looking forward to a fabulous day - and rest of their lives together.

Mail Ordered Spouse AU Starters
  • So, you're the one from the catalog?
  • I thought you'd be taller.
  • What would make you want to buy me a ticket to come out here for?
  • I needed the money to take care of my family.
  • I'm your wife.
  • I'm your husband.
  • When should we get married?
  • I want you to meet the people around here.
  • I've been really excited for you to finally arrive.
  • My friends are looking forward to meeting you.
  • I'm nervous being in this new place.
  • I'm not going to be nervous on our wedding night.
  • I like you.
  • I hate you.
  • I don't want to be here anymore.
  • I changed my mind.
  • Can you change your mind?
  • You're handsome.
  • You're really pretty.
  • I want to meet everyone that's important to you.
  • I miss my home.
  • The train ride here wasn't so bad. There was pretty scenery.
  • The boat ride here seemed never ending. I'm glad to finally be here.
  • I feel like I made the right choice with you.
  • Do you want children?
  • I'm ___, your mail ordered bride/husband

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Will you be sharing pictures of your and Foxy's wedding? I know you guys are going to look great and have such a cool wedding, I'm so excited for you both!

I’m SO excited to take pictures/show them off, you don’t even know!!  I’ve never been into pinterest prior to getting engaged and now I’m in love with my wedding board, haha.  I’m so tempted to post elements of what I want for decorations and stuff because I’m just so excited.  it’s going to be all woodland/rustic/whimsical and uuuuughhhh ; - ; we’ll also be posting our engagement pictures when that happens!!
and thank you so much!

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Gaius finally finished backing for the trip he and his new wife were about to take. He turned toward Robin. "I'm glad that we're done with Gangrel and can move on. Chrom's wedding was nice, but I'm finally ready for our honeymoon."

She pressed her lips to his for a moment of simplistic bliss. “Yes, I’m excited to finally spend time with just us.” So many things she wanted to do with him, a future she hoped to plan for. But would he want things like a family in the future? Robin couldn’t be sure.

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So I'm bored and scrolling through the DWTS @ CBS Studios location tag on IG thinking I'd find us a new pic or something (lol exciting Friday night, I know) and nothing but I did come across a girl who posted a pic of herself in the backstage area where we have the wedding dance/maksyl swaying videos and someone commented on her pic saying how did you get there and asking if she got to kiss maks and she wrote back "no I didn't Meryl wouldn't let him out of her sight! 😁" Hahaha that's our girl!!

Reign in that leash, Meryl! I’m just kidding, that’s so adorable though!