i'm so excited for my hometown

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Whoa you're in Korea right now, so nice ^-^ Next year I'm going to go too with some of my friends, super excited!! Do have any suggestions that I definitely need to see when I'm there?

oh my gosh that’s awesome!! i’m wishing you a safe trip and an amazing stay here~ hmm i feel like i’m only qualified to mention favorite places around seoul and my hometown, so i’ll try my best with those ^^;;

<< seoul >>

  • han river - at night with 치맥 or ice cream!!
  • everland/lotte world amusement parks
  • all the cafes - especially coffee chu! they have next level churros
  • line friends/kakao friends stores
  • namsan tower
  • the entire hongdae area - really good nightlife/music/clubs/shops
  • songwol-dong fairy tale village
  • bukchon hanok village
  • bamdokkaebi night market - open march to october only, food truck heaven
  • pp seoul lounge
  • shopping @ dongdaemun (cheap) or myeongdong (tourists sometimes get discounts, so bring your passport)

<< daegu >>

  • 큰맘순대국 (yoongi’s family’s restaurant) - amazing food, i go here so often yoongi’s dad remembers my order ;;
  • apsan park - i like going to the buddhist temples in the mornings
  • seomun market - shops + food stalls
  • daegu arboretum - prettiest during spring or autumn!
  • 중앙떡볶이 (jungang tteokbokki) - listen,,, i live for tteokbokki… and when my favorite street vendor ahjumma isn’t around, this is the place to go. just a warning: daegu varieties are spicier than ones in seoul~
  • the bulgogi & udon tents in bukseongro - serving the best bulgogi you’ll ever have, tastes best on rainy days with friends + soju
  • little italia - my brother made me include this… *eye roll* but it’s really good italian food! probably the only place in daegu where the pizza isn’t overly sweet

also: my friend grace (@dearmyjimin​) visited korea recently and made this special twitter account filled with helpful travel tips/reviews, which i highly encourage you to check out too!

if anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to add them below! 

So in the past two days I’ve been accepted into my first choice uni to take a subject I love, accepted for my first choice accommodation there, got a new bank card with my name change, been called James by my dad and watched Inception - so many good things!!

And to carry on this trend, on Sunday I’m going on a tour of the house where they filmed my favourite movie, Atonement, and soon I’m getting my first tattoo

It’s all starting to look up!


Haven’t posted pictures yet, but I’m really delighted with the cover of my new sketchbook!

The painting and colors are all from @echojar, and the stars/constellations were mine- this is the night sky over my hometown, at the end of summer. You can look closely and see Ursa Major, Leo, Orion, etc. 

Anyway I think we make a good team. <3

[image description: four photos of a hardcover sketchbook at various angles. The cover has a background of greens, purples, and blues, with silver constellations. It looks like the night sky. The last picture is of a short-haired genderfluid person (Sketch) with glasses, holding the book and hiding a smile.]


Happy Philip Hamilton’s birthday! He was born right here in my hometown of Albany, at the Schuyler Mansion, in 1782. It’s also my mom’s birthday, ahaha!

The first installment of the Ghost Laurens AU will be posted today, and tonight I’ll post a special lil fic for Philip’s bday! ;)

If you’ve been wondering where I am, the answer is reading because I have to read 400 pages by Wednesday, ahhhhh!

I love you bbys!! I’ll be back with some writing for you! ;) <333

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I move into my college dorm tomorrow morning! I'm super excited/nervous! Any advice from The Tonight Show?

Hey, likesunshineatmidnight

You’re moving tomorrow? 


Be sure to go to your favorite restaurant in your hometown before you leave. Definitely order desert! 

Spend the rest of night with your friends! Just chill out together. 

Set your alarm early so you can wake up refreshed and finish any last minute packing! Remember to wake up pumped, you’re moving to college! 

You’re going to do great! 

Say “Hi!” to your neighbors in your hall and make some new friends on the first day! 

Then, when everyone on your floor is done moving in, everyone should get ice cream together! 

Have a great year at school! - Noah

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Okay, I'm currently dying. Benedict Cumberbatch has officially land in my hometown of Adelaide, Australia. Just a few hours ago. I'm meeting him on Saturday. I. Am. Going. To. Die. Of. Excitement. What am I going to say? Why do I have to be so awkward? What do I do? What if I just freak out when I see him? What if something happen to me and I can't go on Saturday? Too many thing to worry about. *excessive hyperventilation*

Keep calm and carry on

Wow, lucky you. Don’t worry, you’ll do well and nothing bad will happen. You know, there are millions of fans who don’t have the precious opportunity to see him in front of them, and you’re one of the chosen ones. Don’t worry and enjoy the moment. Seize the day.