i'm so excited for fall semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. Normally I don’t make posts like this, but I have a Gravity Falls theory that I need to get off my chest. Forgive me if someone has already made a similar post.

I think the “substantial sacrifice” the Pines family is going to make in Weirdmageddon III is the Mystery Shack.

I got this idea while thinking about the poster given out at the 2015 Comic Con. (Click the link to take a look.)

The top half of the image is clearly the Mystery Shack, right? But it’s been transformed into something living. It has teeth, a tongue, an eye, and a heart. There’s a gold pyramid inside - with a top hat. I assumed this was just the artist’s interpretation, but I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that.

Bill has been turning inanimate objects into monsters. He turned the town water tower into a monster as well. If the unicorn hair barrier around the Shack gets broken somehow, he could possibly turn the entire Shack into a monster - and the Pines might need to destroy the Shack in order to defeat Bill.

This would constitute a “substantial sacrifice” for the Pines family. What does Stan care about most besides his friends and family? His business. Running the Mystery Shack represents something he was finally good at after years of failed attempts. What does Ford tell Stan to give up? His house, the place where all his research took place. And for Dipper and Mabel, the Shack is home base for all their summer adventures.

By giving up the Shack, both Stan and Ford would be letting go of their pasts in a way, allowing them to start with a clean slate. One thing standing in the way of their reconciliation (i.e. the argument over which brother keeps the Shack) would be gone. They’d be free to either rebuild a new Shack together or rebuild the Stan O’ War and leave Gravity Falls.

Also, the Mystery Shack is a kind of character itself. It’s been in every episode in the series. I’m not saying destroying it would count as the rumored character death, but it would certainly have the same emotional impact without killing off any main characters.

Or, you know, I could just be crazy. *shrugs*

pariven  asked:

So after this fall semester I'll have 6 classes left to finish my BA. During the last couple of weeks I've been freaking out over my degree. I've always been excited about doing English .But for some reason, now that I'm pretty close to being done, I'm just worried as hell I won't be able to do anything with it. I've had to defend it to a ton of people as well? So I guess I'm just wondering, since there are so many E majors here, if anyone had advice on how to kind of deal with this? Thanks xxx

First of all, remember that it’s a common experience to be filled with doubt or self-doubt. I say this because sometimes, when we get caught up in these feelings, they feel even larger and more overwhelming because we feel like we’re the only ones experiencing them and forget that others experience them too.

With six classes left, I can’t tell if you’re a junior or a senior, but either way, you still have time be proactive in making decisions that will help you career-wise. If you have a long January break, pick up a winter internship. If you have a lot of flexibility in the six classes you have left, or if you plan on taking classes in addition to those six, consider taking courses that will help prepare you with career skills. Which courses you take depends on your career goals. If you have set career goals, look up entry-level jobs in that field and see what kinds of experience and skills they’re looking for. Identify what skills you already have, or will have by the time you graduate, and then identify what skills you don’t have. Take courses or online classes/certifications/tutorials to learn those things.

If you don’t have particularly specific career goals, check out my English Major Success Stories tag for some inspiration. Dearenglishmajor.com also has a fabulous collection of interviews with people who’ve gone onto some pretty cool careers with their English degrees. Pick a career and search it in the jobs section on LinkedIn and read some job postings for entry-level careers. Figure out what you’d need to learn in order to be a stellar applicant for a job you’d like to have. (My success stories tag and Dear English Major are also great things to show people who think English degrees are pointless.)

I’m currently pursuing communications associate-type jobs (I’d had such a job but chose to leave it for personal reasons), so if I could go back and add courses to the college curriculum I ended up creating for myself, I’d add courses in web development, marketing, or statistics/data analytics. (Other people looking for a career in this field might need to learn more about InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress, or Drupal.) Fortunately, even though I graduated last year, it’s not too late for me to learn these things, since there’s so many resources online.

Have conversations with whoever you can: professors (if you have access to them during office hours), your career center, alumni, and people who have or have had jobs that you’d be interested in pursuing. You’ll learn a lot about what careers are our there, what skills you need, and best practices for applying to jobs. Also, if the feelings of doubt or worry or however you choose to describe them are significantly interfering with your day-to-day life, do not hesitate to seek out whatever mental health counseling services your school offers.

I wish you the best of luck!