i'm so emotional rn and it doesn't even make that much sense but okay

So guys, this is our first ~kinda big~ date! *tears up* Today The Piacorn Pact is officially 6 months old. Half a year! Time goes by so fast. At first Piacorn was just a joke but for me it became so much more. I wanna thank every Piacornian for the input because without the 34 of you none of this would be possible. Demi and I had an idea (and let’s be honest here, we were clearly on some sort of Piacorn drugs) but it was you who brought it to life. Piacorn happened 6 months ago and it’s still a thing, thanks to you. You guys have no idea how important you are for me, honestly :’) Thank you for making the Piacorn Pact the way it is. And thank you Piacorn for being your fabulous magic unicorn self~

Here’s to six more months!