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There were times Kadie surprised herself how comfortable she was around him. There were a few butterflies, but everything seemed to flow so easily, as if they’d always been together, or perhaps they were always meant to be. She smiled at the thought and glanced at the book. Roses. So sentimental, how could she not love him? She got dressed, putting the book in her book bag, and returned to the small box he’d hidden underneath it. She opened it up to find a heart on a chain, and a handwritten note, ‘is go deo maith’ 

She put on the necklace, blinked back tears that threatened to ruin her fresh make-up (waterproof my ass), folded the note and stuck it in her keepsake box, then went to find her Toby.

“What does it mean?”

“You should know, you said it.” He teased, kissing her on the nose.

She squinted. “It’s Irish right?”


“You red-headed devil. C’mon tell me.” 

“I’ll tell you when you get out of your classes today, I promise.” His arms wrapped around her waist, comfortably, perfectly.

“Grrrrr… are we late yet?” she relaxed her arms around his neck.

“We’ve got a few minutes still. Why?”

“Kiss me.”

He leaned in close, the faint scent of roses intoxicating him. “You are so demanding.” His lips covered hers.

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Enkin Week Day 2: Sunlight / Moonlight

You asked me with innocent eyes
How a child like you can look serious too
Show me! My fair new face

(Moonlight(s): Episode)

Pretty cheesy and cliche but what Yufuin said was originally from Natsume Soseki’s (月が綺麗ですね | Tsuki ga kirei desu ne) sounds literary to say “I love you” especially they’re under the moonlight alone ;; I’m a big bag of sap goodbye;;

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fhhdhfjsdf okay this is like the back cover of a really bad romance novel plz forgive me

Emma never expected that when she went looking for love and forgiveness from God, she’d find it with the local vicar instead. But when Emma starts spending more and more time at church, that’s exactly what happens. 

At first things are brilliant. Harriet is calm where Emma is intense, gentle where Emma is fierce, and for the first time since James… Emma feels like she could be happy. Harriet helps her forget herself, for a moment. She makes her feel like she could really be better. Being with Harriet…it’s like suddenly all her past mistakes make sense. 

But when one of those mistakes comes back to haunt her… how will the couple face the truth? Will Harriet stand by Emma? And if she does, will either of them ever be the same?

Reina x Niles C-S Support

I think this was the first m/f romance support I’ve ever written. I think they really play off of each other well whenever they get some common ground. I went for a bit of a more “grounded” direction for the S-Support, which directly affects the P/C support.

Hope you enjoy! ^_^

Find it –> here

And the Nina P/C support where Reina has an almost uncomfortably honest relationship with her daughter –> here

(partly inspired by a conversation I had with my own dad, with the ending of her canon mom support tacked on the end because it’s one of my favorites)

Wanna One voice tag <3

I was tagged by @seongwoonie to do the Wanna One voice tag!! I was excited and nervous about this at the same time, so apologies for sounding like I’m holding my breath the whole time… is there a hole for me to hide in??

1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

tagging (randomly): @wannaonge @24mel @lai-gvanlin @bazingayehet @love-until-loved @2bioi @fanxychild-trbl @meow-ong @jaehwanornothing

Sorry if you’ve done this already, but please keep it going if you’re interested!


@nebulousneko and i have solidly decided that Magic Kaito and 2DPV Ladybug take place in the same magical anime universe (and i’ve been meaning to draw a bunch of stuff for it for aaages but never got around to it)

coming to paris was a horrible idea, kaito; these particular gems seriously aren’t worth it no matter how magical akako said they were


a lil’ sketchy promptis comic that I’m embarrassed about but got convinced to post on tumblr anyway



A year ago I had this idea centred about romanticizing brown eyes and I finally drew it. I don’t think elves have the same beauty standards as humans (or that humans in Thedas have the same standards as humans on Earth?), but the sentiment is there. 

After all, with a whole colour slider available, why pick brown? ;> Leithianel’s just being too judgmental. 

Holy style inconsiscencies, Batman! I got stuck at at the station for an hour today without any drawing materials on me, so I nipped into WHSmiths to get myself a cheap-ass sketch pad and a mechanical pencil and hi-ho, Silver, away! 

Mentally ill nonbinaries are cool and awesome. Whether your mental illness has an impact on your gender or not, you’re still pretty amazing and there are so many people who are glad you exist. Like me! I’m glad you exist. Keep being you.