i'm so dumb seriously

okay. fuck. so, i had to dig into the depths of my old blog to recover this, but here it is. that stupid fucking kara/diana one-shot i scribbled down after i saw batman v superman for the first time. it’s been collecting dust in my drafts for over a year. i totally planned to edit it and at least try to fix it before i posted it, because there’s literally no plot, and it doesn’t even have a title, but… there’s… literally nothing i can do with it. it’s beyond saving.

@featsanvers and @love-is-a-state-of-mind, look what you’ve made made do. are you both happy now??? i’m going to go jump off a cliff! :)

((hiding the garbage below the cut because i’m a coward!))

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anonymous asked:

shit do you even know what a LAN party is? ignorant

shit, do you even know what a LAN party is? 

lmaoo just beacuse LAN parties are typically PC, doesn’t mean console LAN’s don’t exist? LAN literally stands for local area network, you think you can’t join more than one console to one LA network? How do you think competitive Halo players compete? 

I went to my first BYOC event when I was 14. “ignorant.

For Science

So last night @lamerdeseslarmes was talking about how archaeologists lick things and then went ahead to mention Ford and the Bill statue. Well, I TOOK IT AND RAN WITH IT. Have a silly little ficlet. :D

Flustered Bill, clueless Ford, Billford, mildly suggestive themes. (And an open ending because I’m totally gonna continue this later heeheehee)

”A-ha! Jackpot.”

It was an odd thing to say, seeing how his discovery had nothing to do with gambling. Maybe he’d taken after his muse and his often unnecessarily bombastic way of words.

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do u shave ur legs

Can’t say I’ve ever had the occasion to, no. Always thought it seemed dumb as hell for society to just up and decide half the population needed to do something that much a pain in the ass.

This actually got me thinkin’ and I looked it up. Turns out the entire idea of lady folks shavin’ hair off all these assorted places nature saw fit to put it was literally entirely created by razor companies to sell razors to ladies too. And then color ‘em pink and mark ‘em up by like ten bucks more. Y’all been getting the shit end of the stick for centuries, this is just dumb as hell.


Y'all I’m super happy you’ve got requests for me! Like? Some of these are really cute just?
Even if artists, like me, offer to take requests and are happy to, doesn’t mean y'all can treat us like some servant.
I’m sure it’s no one’s intention but y'all always phrase your “requests” like:

“Draw this and this!”
“Do this and this!”

Or, my all time favorite:

“This and this.”

No “Hey, could you[…?]
"Hey! If it’s not too much trouble?”
“Hey, I really like your art and it would make me happy if you could draw […]!”

I know I’m being whiny right now but it’s just something that bothers me personally a bit.
I’m over reacting, I know just.
Well, ah, aim sorry.

oh my gosh, my sister was telling me the last month or so about this show she plays on youtube to keep the kids she watches quiet at her work, like “oh, yeah the kids really like this show called Papa Troll. they all sit still whenever it’s on” and I would be like “huh, sounds strange but im glad they like it!” and then last night at dinner, it hit me

she’s saying “Paw Patrol”

not Papa Troll


You’re killing me, ESO...

I like to imagine Wilhelm to be the typical “I use a sword and shield and I hit things” mead and ale loving Nord.   The Nord who will tell you he wrestles bears for fun.  He might not be the smartest, but he’s a kind-hearted walking wall of a man who will help someone in need.

…And I just had to to ask a fellow Nord why honey is needed to make mead in order to progress a quest.


Like.  You really couldn’t have given me the option of saying “I’ll get you your honey.” and skip the part where a Nord calls my Nord a fucking idiot for not knowing what mead is?! REALLY?!