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Because the world is scary as hell but it’s a good place and worth fighting for — here’s to growing up, getting out, and getting things done. {listen}

01. foster the people - fire escape | 02. the avett brothers - the perfect space | 03. kaleo - save yourself | 04. simon & garfunkel - america | 05. jon brion - here we go | 06. the mountain goats - up the wolves | 07. fiona apple - extraordinary machine |  08. the zombies - this will be our year | 09. modest mouse - float on | 10. tame impala - yes i’m changing | 11. wolf alice - bros | 12. motion city soundtrack - everything is alright | 13. sufjan stevens - age of adz | 14. lcd soundsystem - all my friends


Mizuki Himeji Wallpapers

there’s this one undertale fanimation that NEVER fails to make me cry like a fricking baby, every fricking time I watch it there is no escape

I just,,, I dont think you understand how much I still love undertale, I’ll never get over it

1) @muhensai : Thank you so so much for your kind words <3! We’re super happy to hear that, it’s always so flattering to know we can inspire others! It’s not spam-ish at all, thank you again : )

2) Anon: Omg thank you!!! We’re always super happy to hear people notice these things ;; Thank you for reading it! 
As for the studies: I’m REALLY honored you’d want to do studies off my art. Truth be told, I still have no idea what I’m doing 80% of the time and I know i have a lot to learn. I wouldn’t want you to accidentally pick up my mistakes in the long run. I’m not stopping you, but maybe it’s better to study some master painters I look up to? 
Here’s a list of some inspirations:
Alfred Joseph Casson, Stepan Kolesnikov, Frank BrangwynDean Cornwell, Heinrich Lefler, Mikhail Nesterov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin

Hope it helps!


A Priori  ✣ A Destiel Hogwarts AU  ✣

by thebloggerbloggerfun and whelvenwings

Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are headed to Hogwarts.

Castiel, as a member of the old Novak wizarding family, is fully expected to be sorted into Ravenclaw, like all of his ancestors before him. Dean, as a Muggle-born, has no idea what the Houses even are. With a surprise sorting and classes starting soon afterwards, they’re both pitched headfirst into the unknown - and they find themselves in competition with each other almost at once, both of them needing to prove themselves to the people they left at home, and the people with them at Hogwarts.

Over the course of their seven years at Hogwarts, Dean and Cas learn what it means to prove yourself, what it takes to discover who you are, what it feels like to fall in love, and what it is they’ll fight for - what matters most of all.

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ichigo: *decides to rescue rukia because it’s the right thing to do and he owes her for giving him the power to protect the people he cares about, proceeds to do so, and then immediately hands her to renji at the first opportunity while telling him to “protect her with your life; that’s your job!”*

IR fans: omg he’s totally in love with her!

renji: *has dedicated most of his life to becoming strong enough to get rukia back, defies his orders and rebels against all of soul society while being branded a traitor just to try to save her, fights his own captain and finally achieves bankai all for her sake, refuses to let her go even if he dies, and has literally been in love with her for the last fifty years*

IR fans: he only likes her as a friend!

anonymous asked:

Alex in his undies while eating oreos!!! Gabi, are you trying to kill me with his cuteness?! He looks so comfy too omg. I love it. ❤❤ (Oh and I love the socks btw)

Awwiee, you’re the one trying to kill me with those sweet msgs 😙 ❤️❤️  I’m glad you like it! The friend requesting it has some pretty original ideas and it’s fun to play along hahaha

He definitely is very comfy there, he’ll have to be carried away to get something done this day. He is in the middle of those TV series marathons you watch in a day or two, and all he needs is some snacks and a comfy pair of clothes (or the lack of them) to get it going 👍✌️


Are you kidding?? This is the coolest idea ever! He already has the jacket, the name the hair,  the attitude…

Imagine him stealing from Bl/ind, and being the man you go to if you need something special or an access to the city. He’ll be so quick providing the goods, people’ll think he’s teleporting or something P:.

And he’ll hate violence, will use the ray gun only under extreme circumstances (probably good at avoiding getting hit). Still a little shit though, him and Poison either best buds or the worst enemies.

I gave him a police-style radio, so he could hear Dr. death and Bl/ind broadcasts. Also the belt is full of useless knickknacks he collects along the way.

(Anon, reveal yourself so you could give me more cool ideas!!!)

//Ok. My reaction to OUaT:

Unbelievable. That took a lot of nerve to make Baelfire do something ridiculously out of character like that. And here I thought in the very least he’d be spared further ruin while being dead for over three seasons. It’s just so omg. And worst of all, more people hate him because he’s suddenly hypocritical on top of all the other negative things they can dig up and throw at him.
Neal was the most precious, innocent, kindhearted character on that show.
He deserved so much better than anything he got.

But how incredibly serene would it be to just lay on the couch with calum the day after he comes back from tour. Your back to his and his arms encompassing your torso. Head tucked into the crook of your neck so he can watch you scroll through Twitter on your phone. He’d smell of the cologne lingering on his shirt from when he last wore it and the cigarette he used up about half an hour ago. Theres a blanket enveloping the both of you thats containing the warmth he radiates. The silence is comfortable despite being interrupted every now and then by his sighs of contentment and the chuckles he emits when he sees a particularly relatable meme on your phone. Yes, you’re physically warm because of the blanket and yes, you’re physically content because of the contact you share. But god, there’s nothing that could ever compare to the contentment and warmth you feel internally because of the sleepy beam of light that’s currently holding you gently and sharing himself with you for the first time in so long.  

I’m so annoyed right now! I saw earlier on twitter that thing with yeol saying that love isn’t something only between a woman and a man (and I agree with him) and now everyone is like “omg pcy are you hinting at something” or “my bakeyeol heart”. People can say those kind of things without being gay you know? Plus if he had said the opposite of it I’m sure everyone would called him not so cute names.