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Hamilton fans.

Hamilton fans: Alexander Hamilton was a cinnamon roll, too good, too pure and beautiful for this world. Aaron Burr is a disgusting murderer who shot my poor beautiful baby!

Me, a Historian who has done all the research: Actually, Alexander Hamilton was in no way a cinnamon roll, and before you go around saying so- you should do some research instead of blatantly assuming things about him.


Me, a Historian: Okay, but the Reynolds Pamphlet-


Me, a Historian: but-



First of all, sorry for the long post. Also sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, this isn’t my first language.

I drew this with Joker’s suicidal tendencies in mind, and the idea that Batman believes that his villains can have a chance at recovery. 

10 days and 75! new followers later, the group picture to celebrate the 300 is finally done. Thank you all so much!

I want to give a special shout out to my Ora-Bros  @ask-star-platinum & @notsodailystarplatinum​ ! I love you guys! You are amazing♥♥

I hope in the future Star get’s to interact with more awesome people like you!

Below are all the muses from top left to bottom right (more or less). I really hope I didn’t forget anyone >_<

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way-of-flowers  asked:

For every ☹ I get I will show a sample of a muse I used to play but don’t anymore. Or send a ☻ for a muse I would like to play, but haven’t yet!

Silence in heaven as it was on earth.

That wish, that dream will never come, he thinks. To feel good about the future is but an exercise in futility. No, what must one hope for is to not die today, and tomorrow, and the next, and the next. A war said to only last a day, or some weeks, or some months, and now ongoing for three years; no, he thinks, he believes – what one has to hope for that is no more youth is sent to die in vain.

Yet Baron Hans von Hammer here, the so-called Hammer of Hell, one whom death follows and loves – he cannot fully commit to defeat and malaise. The desire for survival is equal to the desire to protect and fight for his fatherland. Even as he laments his role in failing to extend the pilots of his fledglings, his pilots under him in the Jadgstaffel, (the skies will never change, kill or be killed), he cannot fail his country. He cannot.

(Such a contradiction in sentimentality and patriotism, what weakness!)

But nature sometimes is kind and fickle, as likely influenced by humans’ destruction of her.


The succinct smell of gardenias and lilies, scents he remembers very faintly from his mother’s garden. From a time of peace, he can’t help but be distracted, curious, or maybe just aching for a piece of warmth to shoo away the loneliness

Look how cooly/your lips are cold/the wolf, he stares and stares/you killed my brother who saved you!/his touch is like death!/he goes to the forest to hunt/I had to get away/here is your reward!/before I’d stopped breathing!/even after his kills!

–no, merely wondering is what he is, as he walks with calmness to the source. He stops when he says a young girl, a very explicitly not German girl, tending to flowers with the same kindness his mother had, a trait he inherited whether he’d admit it or not. He is wary of her, as he had to be of those who may have joined the fight against his country, but he is not an animal. Before land, before fortune, before everything, his father taught him, comes honor. Thus, there is no need to pull a gun or reject her behavior towards him in a way uncouth. She was above all a woman, and they were to be treated with dignity no matter their race.

The bouquet she holds out eventually, she equally as wary but more welcoming than would a soldier, is filled with chrysanthemums. The cruel joke of the flower’s meaning is not lost on him. That the killer skies make sure to remind him of his role as a human killing machine is not lost on him.

(Or perhaps, befitting a lonely man, he overthought everything.)

“Nein, fraulein,” so left the words from his lips, even as he couldn’t take his eyes off her. (The world is large, why would you think it small as it used to be?) “I’m afraid your beautiful flowers may wilt before one like I.”

I would love to play: Hans von Hammer from DC Comics’ Enemy Ace!

OUT.    been doing tabletop so i haven’t gotten around to doing MUCH yet, but I felt it was important to tell you guys that whenever someone in the party gets an exceptional success, our game master links this video.

look at this cutie!!!!!!!!! ya’ll should check out bulldok and consider stanning them since their comeback is soon :)))))

lolanyways, i’m luna, and i like procrastinating to the point where even my grandmama’s dog doesn’t give me any love when i go visit :). jeongi’s navi page should be done by tomorrow but knowing my ass, it’ll be done in two days. 

under the cut will be the information of my new muse, moon jeongi~ i’m still fleshing her out so she’s gonna be a bit wonky,. 

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( out of character )

okay, so i’m not going to lie to you all — I did lose muse for Hyojung / Royce for a little bit.. Every time I came here to do replies I got nothing, and it made me sad… on top of that I moved to a new job and had to get all figured out in there.. What I’m really trying to say is, if we have a thread and you would like to drop it due to my absence, then let’s do that and plot something else. Or if you want, like this so I know I’m allowed to invade your inbox and message you for a bit until we come up with something.. I swear, she’s not that bad. lol

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♡ - … My muse’s younger self

Send me a symbol and i will write a drabble about my muse from the point of view of…

♡ - … My muse’s younger self

( Age: 8 ½: Two weeks after being shipwrecked to near North Blue due to an ambush, and the day she met her ‘savior’

Let’s just say that because of her dialect people weren’t happy when the found out that she was a noble.)

well it looks like wanting to move to a new url/blog approaching my two year anniversary on muses is a new thing for me, it seems

i know it’s a pretty big decision honestly, even if i haven’t been active as much recently two years of piling things up tends to give you memories you don’t really want to leave idle. however this blog is pretty clustered and messy and honestly i might feel better if i organize it on a different blog

… though i’m a sucker and would want to keep all my relationships i’ve developed. i mean really now, they’re all too precious. even if half of my partners are gone they’re still precious memories i wouldn’t trade for anything, in the case those people come back i hope they would also be willing to continue the friendship riko had with them

although…. ugh, i hate the yahoo-tumblr thing with new blogs, it won’t let me send IMs without sending a gif first so i’m like do i really want to go through that again. oh well, you win some you lose some? a good chunk of my mutuals are inactive so changing my url on this blog won’t do me any good anyway sighs. DECISIONS

anyway, tl;dr: i don’t know how much people are active in this fandom and whether or not people still remember me anyway, but riko’s a nerd who i wanna keep pushing forward, so i’m more likely than not to make a new blog that’s more organized, but keeping past interactions in mind unless my partners state otherwise i suppose? well, i’ll see. march 14th is my two year anniversary and look at me, can’t even stay on the blog long enough to celebrate it

Relationships Pages Updates

     This is long overdue, but I’ve finally managed to get some relationships added onto Yugi and Atem’s relationship pages! I have quite a few more that I intend to add, but I haven’t come up with relationship tags for them yet, so those will have to wait until I’ve done so! If our muses have a relationship, or are developing one, and you don’t see it on my pages yet, don’t worry - again, I just need to come up with a tag before it can be added! <3

Additions to Yugi’s relationships page are:

Additions to Atem’s relationships page are:

    ❝ Even with power, we cannot change what has passed. What is done, is done. And so, I chose to rise from the ashes that my kingdom had fallen under, to give Dalmasca the love and care she deserves – the love and care my father gave tenfold. The Empire will not sway me, I will not give up; I muse endure!

└ ♔ ┊An independent and private Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca roleplay of Final Fantasy XII. Penned by Lindsey! established january 2016, rebooted march 2017.