i'm so done with her last name

Kay so in Copycat Theo looks like Chat Noir, right?  And then Ladybug tricks him into using Cataclysm on the chains and his ring starts counting down.

But, like, what if they hadn’t purified the akuma in time?  I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t be turning back into Theo.

I can just see the last beep going off and Ladybug and Chat being like “oh this is easy he’s not going to have powers now” and then the light flashes…

…and there’s Adrien.

And everyone is really confused.

Ladybug is like “I definitely thought this was Theo?  Chat, did you piss off Adrien too?  What the hell did Adrien get akumatized for?” while also freaking out because she’d just been flirting with Adrien and kicking his ass

Hawkmoth is freaking out because he’s finally learned one of their identities and why didn’t he think of this sooner with a possible additional holy crap I’ve been fighting my son.

Theo is freaking out because Chat Noir was Ladybug’s boyfriend and he was supposed to be Chat Noir not some random model Hawkmoth what is going on?

Chat’s freaking out because his identity’s been exposed even though no one’s really clued in on that yet save for Hawkmoth and he’s also freaking out because Ladybug seems to be going into a panic attack and this was definitely not how he was planning to spend his day.

So they purify the akuma and Adrien turns back into Theo and it finally clicks for Ladybug what that actually meant.  So now she’s freaking out even more and probably runs away because that’s usually how Marinette seems to deal with her feelings and Adrien’s sad and confused.

But then the next day Marinette shows up to school and gives him cookies and can actually talk to him and she tells him she’s Ladybug and they start making plans since chances are really high that Hawkmoth knows his secret identity.

Adrien’s really confused when he comes home from school and finds out about his dad’s new no-jewelry policy that’s been put into place for no discernible reason.  He manages to hide his ring, though, when Nathalie comes into his room to confiscate any jewelry.

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Name: Aurelia Muyskens (James said he’d let her have his last name if he got to name her.) 
Gender: Cis Female 
General Appearance: 5″6 unlike James she didn’t get any height. She did get James’s eyes and hair color although she likes to dye it. James doesn’t remember who her mother is so he imagines she looks more like her then him. She does however seem to have inherited Matty’s grin. 
Personality: She has the ability to light up a room and have everyone notice her, but unlike both of her fathers (or in spite of) she is rather responsible. She is also tough as nails and has come home with more then a few scrapes. Still no matter how many times she seems to be knocked down she comes back from it.  She however has a tough time making friends and much rather keep people at a distance. 
Special Talents: She has a knack for languages and picks them up easily. She also does rather well in school. 
Who they like better: Matty, she always goes to him if she’s been in a fight and wants to join War when she is able to. 
Who they take after more: James
Personal Head canon:
After James was left with a baby on the door he asked Matty if he would help out being her Uncle. After about six hours of bickering James finally admitted that he would actually need Matty to help him more and that he had no idea how to raise a kid but wanted her to have someone. She then became both of theirs and they haven’t looked back since even going so far as to have her adopted by Matty as well. 

Bonus Headcanon: 
James insisted on being Papa, and it didn’t work and Matty still refers to him as “Paps” on occasion. Also until the age of seven Aurelia didn’t realize her fathers weren’t actually in a relationship, because they act like a married couple anyway. 
Face Claim: Elizabeth Olsen 


holy fuck you guys

so, because of the ~evul~ plans of the of the rival band, jem gets stuck at the statue of liberty after the last boat’s left when she has a concert to get to

& the new thing this ep is everyone trying to find out her real name, because there’s a reward out for it, so this guy agrees to ferry her across if he can “have her secret”

so they get across and jem’s like, “you wanna see my other face? you wanna see it?” and he’s like “RIGHT NOW”

and she uses her holographic earrings–

–to PULL OFF HER OWN GODDAMN FACE SCOOBY DOO STYLE, AND REVEAL HIS FACE UNDERNEATH IT. she then proceeds to growl menacingly, in his OWN VOICE, “so, whaddaya gonna do with all that loot?”

his reaction is to start shrieking, “SHE’S ME, SHE’S ME! SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!” in pure unadulterated existential horror and flail so badly he falls backwards into the river

this being an 80s cartoon for small children, she does, of course, throw him a life preserver ring–

–while leaving him with an image that will haunt his nightmares for the rest of his small, bitter life.

she then transforms BACK into jem and walks away without batting an eyelash. stone fucking cold.