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Because she loves him. She loves him, you know? She’s not gonna let him control her, or be her “everything”, you fall in love with someone and there’s a commitment there.  They made a commitment with their marriage to each other, support and be there together, through ups and downs, through thick and thin. It was made a long time ago, and through all the bad he has done, it’s always been with the guise of protecting her. It’s never been with destruction in mind, or causing harm and pain towards her. 

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“You make yourself a gift for me to be unwrapped and unwrapped again and savored.”

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When he’s got the chance to sing any French song ever made but y’know he’s John Lennon and he goes for a ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir’ (Would you like to sleep with me, tonight ) instead.

My friend and I did our French project on Fairy Tail and anime (because we thought our French teacher wouldn’t know ANYTHING about the subject). But when we presented he started asking us if Natsu had found Igneel yet aND WE NEVER EVEN MENTIONED IGNEEL OR ANYTHING. (Worst yet, it was all in French.)

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oh my god could u write some really sappy exr headcanons pls

Oh my god, I love sappy ExR, sappy everything really, alright here we go (beware the fluff):

  • They have the agreement that Sundays is sleeping-in-day and whenever Enjolras wakes up Grantaire has made breakfast with like pancakes and strawberries and coffee and flowers and they’ll eat breakfast in bed and don’t get up again until noon.
  • Whenever they’re walking Enjolras takes Grantaire’s hand, every single time even if it’s only five steps from the kitchen to the living room and Grantaire can’t help but grin and blush every single time.
  • Accidentally moving in with each other
  • They’re constantly touching, not like excessive or noticeable, just little touches all the time, almost absentmindedly.
  • Enjolras will come home from time to time with a flowers and when Grantaire asks what’s the occasion he’s just like ‘happy 26th week anniversary!’
  • When he’s tipsy Grantaire starts serenading Enjolras every time and he pretends to be embarrassed about it but he’s actually to enamoured to care because Grantaire doesn’t sing very often and he has such a beautiful voice and just lights up whenever Enjolras smiles.
  • Enjolras on the other hand, in drunk phase 1, starts telling everyone about his amazing, talented boyfriend who’s sitting right next to him and then in phase 2 just stares at him without saying anything (Phase three is drunkenly discussing political topics with everyone who’s in reach but usually everyone just tries not to let that happen)
  • Grantaire sometimes falls asleep on the couch while Enjolras is still working and when he’s done he looks up from his laptop and just looks at Grantaire sleeping for like ten, twenty minutes with a smile on his face before he carefully wakes him up with a kiss on the forehead and then proceed to lead an adorably, half asleep Grantaire to bed.
  • Also forehead kisses
  • Forehead kisses all the time. No special occasion, just like that. When leaving for uni, waking up in the morning, bringing over a cup of coffee, just all the time. (*this is me making delighted cooing noises*)
  • And, please do yourself a favour and imagine: Grantaire listening to music on shuffle on his ipod and some really sappy, upbeat love song starts playing that he didn’t know he even had in ANY of his playlists but he just listens while watching Enjolras, walking around doing laundry, or some studying or whatever in their apartment, until the song ends and a new one starts.


I had a stupid thought so of course I am sharing it here

Anna doing an obnoxious fake French laugh, like HONHONHON

and the first time she does it Hans loses his shit & forever after if she’s trying to make him crack up, especially during fancy dinner parties or important meetings, she’ll just kind of lean over and quietly be like *hon hon* right in his ear and he tries really hard not to laugh and fails every time

Anna abuses this power over him mercilessly

You said: Two words: MIND READER. Seriously, i’m so done with this fandom, i can’t think about one thing that everyone seems to have the same idea. BEEHIVE-SYNCHRONIZATION-MUCH. *storms away and controls herself to not doodle it before going to bed*