i'm so done making this look pretty

So you know when you finish a really long crochet project and you’re like super duper DONE with it and you’re like “man I’m not doing that again?”

But then a couple weeks later you’re looking at the pattern and you think to yourself “eh, it wasn’t that bad” and you pick up your hook and start again…

One of the four postcard designs I’m doing for shatterdomeseattle! (An additional four to be done by geniusbee.) The postcards were available through the Indiegogo that was run last year, and I imagine they’ll also be available at the con itself on May 3rd. So go to the shatterdomeseattle page and get up to Seattle. :3

I had to make one of them coffee related, and given that I usually always draw Newt, I decided to go with Mako instead.

this has been said before by many people, but...

PLEASE like my starter calls

PLEASE respond to the starter i make for you after you like a starter call

PLEASE respond to my open starters

PLEASE send in askbox memes 

i don’t spend time writing starters or reblogging memes so they can sit and look pretty on my blog, or so other people can reblog them from me. i write and reblog them because i want people to interact with me, especially those that have never done so before

and if you absolutely can’t do any of these things ever, then no offense meant, but i’m honestly not too sure why you’re following me. i can’t be the one doing all the work. it’s not exactly fair. and if your excuse is that i’m ‘intimidating’ or ‘scary’ (and it has been an excuse made to me by many) then that just hurts, in all honesty. i do my absolute best to be as warm and welcoming as possible. hearing people tell me that just kinda knocks me down a few notches, and it takes me a while to climb back up again.

i’m not here to be admired or put on an unreachable pedestal. i’m here to role-play with you guys


I drew this a while back, cause I’m the kind of weirdo that likes to think what others over the internet look like when given no picture to work off of

Not gonna lie, I fell in love with this character/design and kinda drew a lot more of it. 

I’m pretty straight forward and blunt; So… Thank you for existing. You make my day and I really do hope you liked this. Even though I didn’t need to do this, I did, and I did because I think you deserve it. :0)

Though I don’t know you personally, I can tell your a great and kind person  whom seems like a lot of fun. Though I’m almost positive that your not interested in starting a friendship with a random person that you’ve never heard of before… Then that’s okay. 

It was worth a shot, I guess?

Sorry, I’m just some awkward fart on the internet, don’t mind me. 

there was a really pretty trans girl that came into where I work today and she was GORGEOUS like she had on a really nice dress and shoes and her hair was done really nice but i could tell she was still perfecting using makeup and stuff, and she seemed kinda shy abt her voice so when I was ringing her up I told her she looked really pretty and she smiled SO BIG IT MADE MY HEART FLUTTER IM SO HAPPY I GOT TO MAKE HER SMILE

I know we’re only mostly seeing limbs and bodies in that sexy times preview, but dangit I can’t wait to see their faces as they’re getting it on. I’m pretty sure it will be all heart and sexy eyes.

And this scene? The one where Mademoiselle Smoak takes off her brassiere? 

Oliver is leaning up and looking up at her. Man I would pay top dollar to see his actual reaction as she’s getting all naked IN HIS FACE.

I was tagged by @jayhoppe @awksxuce and @dinosaur-anus for the selfie tag/challenge… And I look so fucking good today after getting my face done by a makeup artist I thought I would just post ALL THE PICTURES :)))) enjoy 😂😍😍😍❤️😋😋😋😋🔥🌟😅😢💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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