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It makes me so sad to see that Brigitte Hales views Rumplestiltskin as a character, who “is capable of good deep down, but can’t overcome his demons.“ No really, I was legit crying when I really considered how much these writers have screwed over Rumple, Rumbelle, and their fans. Have they considered the fact that it wasn’t an issue for Rumple to consistently overcome his demons back when the show still made sense in terms of characterization and storytelling integrity from the end of S1-S3A when the narrative didn’t automatically turn everyone against him, even when he didn’t do anything wrong, or was doing the right thing?

They brought him back, turned the GA against him, took away his son, abused him, framed him as a one-note villain with that stupid OOC fake dagger/author plot, turned Belle into his judge, jury, and executioner, had him constantly rejected by her even when he did try to make up for it and be the hero she insisted he be for them to be together, so that they could create the Once Upon a Hook Show, and have a tragic villain to be a “foil” to prop up Hook.

That means that they have essentially shit on this beautiful and complicated character that they created and the Dearie/Rumbelle fandom ever since 3B with OOC toxic angst and false hope this whole time, most likely on purpose, and robbed us of what could have been a perfect story and redemption arc at the end of 3A, just to bring him back and most likely ultimately destroy him when there are other villains who have committed crimes that are far worse, who are getting happy endings on this show without having to try nearly as hard.

The whole idea of Rumple being a “tragic figure, who can’t overcome his demons” just does not fucking work when you started out with a narrative of characters that supported him, rather than scorned him towards the end of S1, and it doesn’t work when there are villains who are far worse that are getting “redemption” arcs at the drop hat, like Zelena and Hook, while Rumple actually has tried to be better, and has still gotten rejected by his true love for the sake of OOC toxic dumbass plots.

And honestly, it’s not just Rumple’s storyline and characterization that’s been butchered to prop up Hook’s storyline, but everyone’s. It’s just most obvious with Rumple because they have put him in a position where he can’t win, even when he does try to be good because double standards have been placed against him by the entire OUAT universe. Meanwhile, mediocre villain characters, who have done far worse than him (Hook and Zelena) get forgiven at the drop of a hat, and Rumple’s mental illnesses (PTSD, OCD, and addiction) have been demonized as things that make him “too weak to be good” and unworthy when the writers actually used to treat them as real problems that he could get emotional support for and overcome without being constantly judged.

The only reason why I think the show went on post 3A was so that Hook/CS could have a storyline. Either that, or they sold out their original themes on family when they killed off Nealfire, and stole Rumple’s potential storyline, so that Hook/CS could happen when they got distracted by them. No, really, they had all of the original main characters storylines perfectly wrapped up in a beautiful and satisfactory way at the end of 3A, then they just had to bring it back for Hook/CS, even though he was never meant to be more than a guest villain, for the sake of popularlity, and fucked over every beautiful and complex original character/ship to try and make sense of it in the narrative, and, unfortunately, it still doesn’t.

I’m disgusted by what they have done to all of these beautiful original characters on this show to prop up Hook/CS, but I think what they have done to Rumple breaks my heart the most of all because he was the character who represented the idea that being a “difficult man to love” didn’t mean that there was no hope for you to find happiness and redemption through true love and family that supported you, if you reached out for help from them. But now, he is often scorned by the world at every turn, even when he does reach out for emotional support from it, not even because he’s necessarily done anything truly evil, but because he is Rumple, and being seriously mentally ill and having very human fears about failure and rejection make him “too weak to be good.”

That is a disgusting message to send to every Dearie/Rumbelle fan, who has watched this show, and who suffers from fears due to mental illnesses, such as PTSD, OCD, and addiction, just like Rumple. That is a disgusting and emotionally abusive message to send to the Dearie/Rumbelle fandoms on a show where it is possible for sympathetic and relatable villains to find happiness and be redeemed. That is a cruel and emotionally abusive message to send to Dearie/Rumbelle fans, who often have the most fragile of hearts, and the fans for who hope is usually a rare thing because they are often “difficult people to love,” like Rumple, and you gave them hope that it was possible for someone like them to be truly accepted and find redemption through true love and family from S1-S3A. Then, you abruptly turned the whole narrative against him and Belle in 3B with this flanderdized power vs love narrative that came out of fucking nowhere in S4, kept slapping them in the face with it every time there was an opportunity presented to take the show in a better direction for him and Belle, and kept having him rejected by her even when he did try to be better or open up to her.

Fuck off with your talk of hope, Kitsowitz! You’ve essentially told every Dearie/Rumbelle fan, the fans who often have the most fragile of self-esteems, that your feelings don’t matter if you are a “difficult person to love,”’ even when you haven’t necessarily done anything wrong, even when you are trying to be a better person, even even when you are trying to reach out for emotional support from your loved ones for over three fucking seasons now to prop up your gross and abusive shitty self-insert couple, Crapstain Swan, and that is disgusting!

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In light of recent events...

I’m disgusted with events that took place over the last 12 hours or so on Twitter, and I’m even more disgusted that this is a thing that happens repetitiously. So, here is a list of basic etiquette for meeting DnP in public. Honestly all of this is common sense, but apparently some people need to be reminded of it:

(Once you have read this, you have absolutely no excuses for your actions should you ever meet them (not that you had any excuses to begin with) and shall have 100% responsibility for your actions.)

(Also, these rules apply to any stars/celebrities/humans in general that you may encounter and apply in any location or scenario.)

  • DON’T take videos or photos of them without their consent, full stop. It’s a breach of their privacy, which goes against their fundamental human rights and is therefore illegal in almost all countries around the world, countries like Australia and the UK included…
  • …and if you do, DO delete it/them, especially if they ask you to. Again, it’s illegal and just morally wrong to take/keep/post non-consensual footage of them.
  • DON’T follow them or stalk them. It’s common sense and is for the same reasons as I listed above (it’s illegal), so if I get anyone questioning why, I will be really disgusted and disappointed.
  • DO go to meetups if you want selfies and if you want to meet them. The very reason meetups exist is so that you can meet your favourite stars in a consensual and relaxed environment, so take advantage of that rather than springing a trap on them outside of said consensual environments.
  • DO remember that DnP are no more or less human than us. I’ve seen people using the argument that they’re celebrities and that they should expect to be followed and whatnot, but they have the right to privacy as much as any of us and can feel frustration as much as any of us, so treat them like you’d treat any normal member of the public.
  • DO remember to distinguish between running into them coincidentally and deliberately tracking or following them. Running into them coincidentally is something you didn’t expect or intend to happen, therefore not your fault. Following or tracking them is 100% a conscious action so you are expect to take full responsibility for whatever may happen.
  • DON’T use “Oh but it’s a public area” as an excuse for following them. I’ve seen and argued with so many people who have used that excuse, but it doesn’t make following them any less morally or legally corrupt. Just because it may be deemed a public area doesn’t mean they’re always willing to interact with any people in it in a public manner. They are in public for the sake of sorting out shit for their own personal lives, it’s not an automatic invitation for anyone and everyone to follow them. Besides, Dan specifically said in a liveshow not to follow them in airports, so listen to them when they say that and assume the same request applies for any other public area.
  • DON’T think that they’re okay with being followed just because they offer to take selfies or whatever or because they don’t call you out on following them. I do wish DnP had more backbone regarding this, but the only reason they may agree to interacting with you is because they’re very selfless men who put their viewers wants (wants, not needs, because meeting them is not a necessity in life) before their own, however that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable doing it. Don’t take advantage of that selflessness.
  • DON’T remain under the impression that they live to serve us. They are under no obligation to do anything for us, not even on the internet, and it’s only because they’re good and admittedly-over-generous people that they do so in the first place. Just because they’re entertainers online sometimes doesn’t mean they’re idols to be objectified and dehumanised all the time, everywhere. They have their own lives and personal needs, exactly the same as we do.
  • DON’T be surprised if you receive backlash for doing things like what those people did today, you deserve every nasty tweet, post and DM you receive (unless you receive death threats or anything like that, which is never okay).
  • DON’T feel you have the right to defend yourself if you receive backlash, because you honestly don’t.

One final thought: you ever think about why celebrities imply or say that they want to live a ‘normal’ life? It’s because of stalkers and followers like the ones today, people who completely dehumanise them and put them on a pedestal where they’re expected to stay and be leered at 24/7. It’s not fair to enforce this on fellow human beings, especially with human beings as gracious and patient with us as DnP are. You don’t deserve to be called a ‘fan’ if you can’t love and value and respect them properly.


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you know what haunts me? why when harry was asked if he could have anyone in the world as his valentine he picked louis so fast so genuinely and then niall just decided to throw in "you two are so cute" with the most sincere tone why are they like this

“You are quite cute”. LISTEN. Everything about that moment is painful. 

Niall: picks Miranda Cosgrove

Liam: picks Kim Kardashian

Zayn: No answer


And when Harry picks Louis, Louis can not stop looking at him. He turns away very briefly to thank Niall and then goes back to Harry. It’s disgusting. 


Happy trans day of visibility!! (She/her)
(Guest star: my mom’s dog Snowy, named after Tin Tin’s dog)