i'm so disappointed with this but whatever

So I’m used to people criticizing my field of study, but ever since Friday, it’s been non-stop with three different people trying to push me out of it. If I were to follow their unwanted “advice,” that would mean: dropping my current schedule, changing my plans for next semester, and not going into the grad school program I had already decided on and meet the qualifications for. Okay…

Not like I want to change anyway but it just baffles me when people think I’m going to rearrange my whole life just because they tell me I should lol.

Here’s my stance on the game I missed part of at almost 5am right now:

I understand why people are annoyed, overall we didn’t demonstrate clearly what we are capable playing wise. We did not play to our standards. That being said, we’re not always going to play well, that’s football sometimes. So, yes be disappointed that we didn’t show up the way we could have, but just remember, you can’t always be 100% in football sometimes, and it’s not like we’ll never play well again. so let’s just take it and move on. It doesn’t matter how good you are, every once in a while, you’ll be off. Remember how often we’re in top form.

Bad days happen, in the end, three points is three points.

Well, I’d hope not, but it happened: someone reported my blog -probably resented seeing my Fryecest fic- and now it’s flagged as nsfw .

Honestly, I do not agree with this: neither doodles nor texts are explicit or “heavy”. More than this, my blog is full of other than Fryecest. So I really don’t understand what happened.

Two days ago I contacted Tumblr staff and I hope they’ll unlock my blog soon…. but, since then, if you’d like to find my stuff (costumes, photos, fics or whatever), you should add “adult contents” in your researches  -.-

I’m very disappointed about this.

So I wanna go to this one college but my mom has concerns about security and I think she disapproves of it in general so I’m probably going to continue being a slave to my parents’ wishes even as an adult and go somewhere else

So I stayed on campus last week because of the huge snowstorm and only a few of my friends drank and partied and it was whatever but I just found out that apparently all my friends were drinking and acting crazy this weekend since I went home and ???? idk I’m kinda pissed and disappointed. Like I know they have to make their own stupid decisions but still like why am I one of the only sensible ones around this place it’s so annoying

“I’m not against black people acting or anything, but why did they have to cast a black actor in the place of a character who was originally white? It’s not like I have a problem with it, but it’s not even historically accurate!”

ok mom whatever you say 😒😒