i'm so cruel to myself

Here’s a shout out to trans boys

Trans boys who deal with their periods
Trans boys with really heavy flows
Trans boys with really bad cramps
Trans boys who feel like shit buying tampons or pads.
Trans boys who have to use the girls bathroom to deal with their period. Trans boys who cry when they have their period because they know that week will be hell
Trans boys who cant handle dealing with the mess if bleeding through
Trans boys who can’t bind their chest because their nipples get too sensitive when they’re on their period
Trans boys who can’t bind their chest because their chest is too big and it only hurts or looks odd
Trans boys with small chests who still get called she
Trans boys who avoid public bathrooms because they’re too scary to even consider
Trans boys who can’t explain why they have to take their bag to the bathroom
Trans boys who put off sleep as long as they can so they don’t bleed through over night

Trans boys, you are all handsome guys.

I’m so sorry and I know how you feel.
I know you can do it.
I’m always here for you.
Please never think you’re alone.

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> i'm so sad, world is cruel, so many problems, i hate myself, i'm so tired<p/><b>Hansol:</b> hey i still exist<p/><b>Me:</b> OMFG WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT. WORLD IS PERFECT EVERYTHING IS PERFECT BECAUSE OF YOU. I CAN HEAR ANGELIC SINGING. YOU'RE BLESSING OF GOD. THANK YOU<p/></p>

i meant well—
         (well, look at what well-meant did)

living with jongdae would include:

- him leaving small notes for you here and there always with his :3 drawn on them
- whining
- milkshakes
- lazy sundays together when you just stay cuddled up in blankets for the whole day
- him silently tracing patterns on your back w/ his fingers
- more whining
- deciding to watch a movie together but never making it to the half of the film w/o starting making out
- him softly singing you to sleep
- a lot of high-pitched laughter
- him singing in the shower really loudly. but it’s actually beautiful and feels like a blessing
- him always forgetting to put his socks in the drawer and you picking them up all over the house
- cheesy jokes that you actually can’t live w/o
- silently lying together listening to the thunderstorm outside
- you helping him to style his hair
- him being scared for your life when you have cramps. eventually it’s you who’s trying to calm him down and reassure that you’re not dying
- sleepy kisses on your neck in the morning
- him trying to throw the paper into the trash can while sitting at the other side of the room and always missing
- your neighbors repeatedly knocking on your door bc you guys have been too loud for the n-th time this week and you both giggling like two 6 year olds

hellolovedoves  asked:

Okay, I just read your vampire sambucky fic and what I need you to know is that Steve telling Bucky to "Do it" was my cause of death. Like, I am so DECEASED. How many Hail Mary's does it take to get a soul back? I dunno. But I'll be drawing fanart until I figure it out.

look okay look I read this ask and the line ‘how many Hail Marys does it take to get a soul back’ and then I fell down into so many Steve feelings:

when i close my eyes (i still see your ghost)

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been seventy-two years since my last confession.

He hasn’t been to Confession since Bucky fell. Since before he fell. No churches in the wilderness of war, except the bombed-out shells they took shelter in, but he’s been back between missions often enough he could have gone. Should have gone.

What would he have said?

Bless me, Father. I have loved a man, and oh god, I’m so afraid.

Does it make it worse or better, he wonders, wishing he could drink, if you’re afraid the man you love isn’t a man at all, but something darker, something sharper, something that smiles at you wearing the face of your best friend? Is that a mortal or venial sin?

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anonymous asked:

why was alana so upset when she realized was alive though?

Because she’s lost. Poor Alana has no idea what the hell is going on anymore, who should she trust and nobody wants to tell her anything. Maybe when she saw Freddie she understood that all of this was a trap for Hannibal, and now she’s losing all her hopes and faith in him.