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Have you not watched swr

Noooo, I’ve never watched it ever….I don’t know who Kanan or Ezra are, and I’ve never written any fanfics for it, or drawn fanart of my favorite character, or come up with headcanons, or screamed with people about it…never! 

Darkness falls upon the great Earth
Through the blood of dragons, a revival comes again 
Bound by the covenant of old
When the four dragons assemble
The sword and shield that protect the monarch shall awaken
And the red dragon shall return at dawn
—  Ik-Soo, 
Yona of the Dawn, volume 3 - official English release


Oh dear – no, no, I’m not upset at all! I was just kidding! I honestly thought you knew the word and were just teasing me a bit. Which I would honestly appreciate, because let’s be honest, I tease all of my mutuals now and then (or a lot) and it’s only fair that you all get to tease me back whenever you want.

Again, I’m not upset at all, I was laughing when I saw your comment. I’m sorry when I made it seem as if I were upset, that was not my intention at all. I know my humor is a bit weird from time to time, and that joke didn’t go that well. For that I’m sorry.

Honestly, really sorry there. That’s a brilliant example of miscommunication on my part here. X’D But I got a good laugh and you learned a new word, and there are no hard feelings here, so… Everything alright, yes? =D

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hey man(so soft, i'm still crying over it), i'm new to the fandom and because you're my fave voltron blog and is always so nice to everyone, i tought it would be best to ask you to clarify some of my doubts. Lance is officialy cuban or is it something the whole fandom collectvily believes? And the last names that are usually used in fics (mcclain, kogane), they're from the 80's voltron? That's the first time that i'm in a fandom where canon and fanon confuses me so much XD Thanks <3

No worries, I’m happy to help out^^ ♥ If I’m being honest it would have confused me too if I hadn’t been in the fandom for as long as I have now sdjhfgdjksfhgjd

Lance is canonically Cuban, that was confirmed by Jeremy Shada (his VA) and the Voltron Twitter account (link):

Hunk is confirmed to be from Samoa and Shiro’s name and facial features are Japanese, so that’s pretty much confirmed too^^ 

The last names Kogane and McClain are from “Voltron: Defender Of The Universe (often: DOTU)”, yep. I am pretty sure that someone asked the creators about their last names at the SDCC yesterday and they said that they are open for interpretation. In other words: you’re free to use whatever last names you’d like :D 

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So what does widowmaker think of doomfist hurting Tracer? And does sombra have any new gossip?

Widowmaker: She’s an annoyance.

Widowmaker: It’s a pity he didn’t finish the job.

Doomfist: HEY I TRIED OKAY!?

Sombra: New gossip… hmm. Let me think.

Sombra: Oooh, I’ve got something!

Reaper: dont you dare

Sombra: Gabe has a kickstarter to bring Hot Topic back!



Sombra: Not even kidding.

Reaper: sombra why

Sombra: Because I can, obviously!

Thank you, Anon, for this wonderful prompt omg. I will love you forever and ever for sending this to me (not sure if this was exactly what you wanted so I’m just gonna apologize in advance 😂)

Kelsey loved theater. It was her passion. If it paid better, she would have decided to pursue it full time.

Unfortunately, it didn’t, and she was a realist. Although she was pretty damn good, she knew she would ever make it to Broadway. So, she resigned to just acting at her local community theatre.

Currently, Kelsey was preparing for their summer musical - “Wicked”, where she had snagged the role of Glinda. She was entirely too stressed out over it - she loved the role, and wanted to nail it, but it was the biggest one she had gotten. So there she was, stressing over her lines the night before opening night.

“Kelsey, are you coming to bed?” Lincoln asked, groggy with sleep as he leaned against the doorframe. She looked up for the first time in hours, her eyes burning.

“What time is it?”

“Almost two AM.” He said, yawning tiredly.

She pushed away from the table. “Oh shit.“ 

"You were studying your lines all this time?” He frowned, putting a hand on her lower back as they walked to their bedroom.

“Yeah…I’m just…I’m really nervous for opening night.”

“Not sleeping at all the night before won’t help you.” He said softly. “But you’re going to be incredible. I can’t wait to watch it.”

“What if I suck?” She moaned as he pushed her gently towards the bed.

“You won’t.” He said, pulling the covers over her.

She gripped his shirt, her eyes filling with tears. “But what if I do? W-what if I mess up and forget my lines? What if-”

“-Shhhh.” He soothed, putting a hand on her cheek, and staring into her tired eyes. “Baby, how long has it been since you’ve slept?”

“I don’t know.” She whimpered, blinking away the tears.

“You are exhausted. Get some sleep.” He said, brushing the hair off her forehead

She nodded, her eyelids already drooping. She still didn’t let go of his shirt, so he climbed over her carefully, and as soon as he was lying next to her, she rolled on her other side and curled up into him.

She slept soundly until about nine, when a steady throbbing in her head woke her up.

“Shiiiiiit.” She groaned.

“What’s the matter?” He mumbled, nuzzling his face into her neck.

Kelsey pursed her lips. “My throat hurts…so does my head…I think I’m getting sick.”

“I’m not surprised.” He said, propping himself up on his elbow. “You’ve been going pretty much nonstop for the past few months, you’re sleep deprived, and you’re stressed. That, my dear, is pretty much a recipe for coming down with something.”

Kelsey groaned, burying her face in the pillow. “I’m so achey.”

“Yeah, you’re definitely getting sick.” He frowned, taking the pillow off her face.

“It’s opening night! What am I going to do?!” She panicked.

“First off, you need to relax. Stressing out over it isn’t going to do you any good. I’m going to go get you some airborne, and orange juice, and we’re going to nip this thing in the bud.” He said, determination in his eyes. “What time do you have to be there tonight?”


“Six.” He repeated, nodding once. “Well it’s still early. You can sleep until then. Are you hungry?”


“I’m giving you food anyways.”

“Liiiiiink.” She whined. “I’m not hungry.”

“Yeah, I heard you, but you need to eat. You’ll just feel worse if you go all day without food.”

“Whatever.” She grumbled, crossing her arms and staring up at the ceiling.

Lincoln was just hoping that this was a fluke thing. She tended to get sick slowly, but when she finally was sick, she was down for the count.

“Link, I don’t think I can do this.” She whimpered, pressing her forehead to his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and she couldn’t help but melt into his embrace.

“I know you don’t feel well.” He said softly in her ear. “I know. And I wish I could get you back home in bed, but this is what you’ve been preparing for. You’re going to do terrific.”

She just groaned and slumped into him. “I’m exhausted.”

“Drink your coffee, take the medicine I gave you, you should be feeling alright for the show. Then I’ll take you home and you can sleep the rest of the night.” He said, kissing her forehead. He frowned, and put a hand on her cheek. “You seem warm. Do you feel like you’re running a fever?”

She pressed her face into his chest and gripped his shirt, fisting it in her hands. “I feel so achey and heavy and I just want to go to sleep.”

He whined sadly. This seemed to be coming on much more quickly than either of them were accustomed to or anticipating. “I’m so sorry, Kelse.”

“Nnngh…I have to go.”

He kissed the top of her head. “Take the meds, you’ll feel better.”

Thirty minutes later, Lincoln was sitting in the audience, gripping the bag he had brought and filled with various things she would need once she was finished. He had a thermos of tea, tissues, cough drops, a thermometer and a few bottles of water. He sat on the edge of his seat, bouncing his leg anxiously as he gnawed on his bottom lip. She just had to make it two more hours.

HE just had to make it two more hours.

The house lights flashed, signaling that it was time for the show to start.

Lincoln held his breath, waiting for Kelsey to come on stage. Once he could see her and see that she was okay, he would be able to relax a little.

Much to his surprise, Kelsey was terrific. He knew she would be, but he had been worried that whatever bug she had caught would affect her performance.

Honestly, if you didn’t know her, you’d never be able to tell that she was sick.

Lincoln waited outside the door that the cast would be coming out of. The moment Kelsey stepped outside, she all but collapsed into Lincoln’s arms, coughing miserably.

“Good news is, you were fucking fantastic.” Lincoln murmured into her ear. “Even better news is that you’re done for the night and you can get some rest.”

“Did I really do okay?” She croaked.


“I didn’t forget anything. I almost did, but then I remembered.” Kelsey mumbled, and then twisted away from him to let out a trio of congested sneezes.

“Bless you.” He sighed, putting a hand on her lower back. “Let’s get you home, yeah?”

She nodded, her eyelids drooping as he led her to the car.

Lincoln helped her into the passenger’s seat, and then rummaged through the bag he had slung over his shoulder.

“How’s your throat?” He asked, handing her the thermos of tea.

“Hurts.” She rasped.

“Yeah, i figured.” He sighed. “Drink the tea, it should help.”

“Thank you.” She sniffled. He handed her the tissues, and then grabbed the thermometer and stuck it in her ear.

“Is it necessary to do this here?” She croaked, going into a coughing fit.

“Yes.” He said, pulling the blanket that was at her feet over her lap. The thermometer beeped. “One oh two. Yikes. I thought you’d be running a fever.”

“Can we just go home?” She moaned, pulling her knees to her chest. Everything felt jerky. Her entire body was so achey and heavy, and it seemed to take all of her energy and effort just to get to the car. 

She was exhausted and just wanted to go lie down in her bed.

He kissed her temple. “Yeah, try to close your eyes, I know your head is probably bothering you.”

“How can you tell?”

“You’ve been grimacing.”


He chuckled. “Ready to go?”


“Hey.” He said, pressing his lips to her burning forehead. 

“Hmm?” She mumbled looking at him.

“I love you, and I’m very proud of you.”

She shot him a weak smile. “Thanks…love you, too.”

Kelsey settled against the window, her eyelids dropping as she fell asleep.


“Laurent had appeared beneath an archway. Damen’s breath left him in a rush as he took him in: Laurent stood beneath the smooth white stone, the tangle of vines and wisteria matching the laurel that was balanced delicately atop his head, the rich green leaves gold-tipped. His hair was woven into a long braid that went diagonally across the back of his head and ended resting over his bare left shoulder, elegant as spun gold. He wore a white chiton with gold embroidery that resembled Damen’s, neither garment more elaborate than the other, though Laurent’s had a long overfold that flowed from the clasp of royal vermilion at his shoulder down to the backs of his knees. The soft twilight made him breathtaking, his pale limbs bare.

When Damen met his gaze, Laurent smiled, a genuine, joyful expression, nothing repressed or held back, and Damen’s heart moved in his chest. Laurent’s blue eyes were shining and looked nowhere but at him. Damen felt a little stunned.

Laurent came to stand before him and Damen thought, he will always be mine. Laurent’s smile had softened, the expression startlingly gentle, and his hands came up to cup Damen’s cheeks, thumbs brushing away the wetness there. If not for the emotion in his chest, Damen might’ve flushed. He hadn’t noticed that tears had come.”

A Firm Hold of My Heart - punktius


Even if it does turn out to be some sort of injury, all of this this just isn’t adding up.

Sousuke, what’s going on with you? I have so many questions that don’t seem to connect together at all:

  1. Why won’t you acknowledge Haruka? Is it because Rin is so Haru-driven that you’re afraid he’ll stray from his goal? They’ve both got scout offers now, it doesn’t seem like you need to worry about that anymore.
  2. Why did you have that bleak moment in the water? What did you see in that darkness? What scared you in that moment?
  3. Why weren’t you more excited about winning the relay? Why did you put on a happy face for Rin and then walk away?
  4. Why weren’t you excited that the University that scouted you also wants to scout Rin? Did you lie about being scouted? But that can’t be because you’re a top 10 national butterfly swimmer.
  5. WHAT ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR BY SWIMMING RELAY WITH RIN?? (even though you claim you don’t know)
  6. AND LAST OF ALL WHAT’S IN HIGASHINAMI THAT YOU NEED TO SKIP PRACTICE FOR? Is Higashinami near Sano? Are you seeing a sports/physical therapist there?

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Wait, how old are you? (Someone said like 12, and ur art is soo good that I'm like, fuuuck.)

Ohmygod so many people got confused xD official explanation: no I’m not 12, I’m 18 within 30 days lmao