i'm so bored with the u.s.a

the worst part of shipping a not too much popular couple is that you can’t find things in a easier way and it’s so f*ckin boring

hey guys i’m bored so here’s some people i love off the top of my head:

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OH OH, some hakizana jealousy, modern, or not whatever u want. and you can choose which party is jealous. maybe both are. ;)

Haki would like the record to show that despite what some people might say, she was not trying to start trouble.

She’s just so bored.

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  • Hope Lupin: Have fun, and if anyone offers you D-R-U-G-S, be careful.
  • Remus: What?!?
  • Hope: It's ok, love. I know boys will be boys, but I can trust *you* to do the responsible thing. I'm very lucky to have you, because you're so boring.
  • Remus: Boring?
  • Hope: Well, not boring, just scared of things.
  • Remus: Scared??
  • Hope: Sensible. That's the word I'm looking for, sensible. You're very sensible so I don't have to worry about you as much....because you're so scared.

it’s been a while since ive posted some selfies but like here ya go (ps ive changed hair colors twice in the past few weeks so bear with me)

kik: laurenamber12
snapchat: laurenamberxo

and literally don’t even both being sexual, ill just block u

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Prepare yourself, my asks are coming! I'm going to give you a lot of work! How about the male strawhats + Law, Ace and kid, their ideal female s/o? Btw, will you do match ups?

*cracks fingers* I’m ready!

And no, I won’t do Match Ups. But I do all the other stuff ;)

Male Strawhats Ideal Female S/O
+Law, Ace, Kid


  • He would see them as a friend too, so his ideal female s/o has to love adventures, action and fun!
  • Luffy would get easily bored with a Girl, who does nothing, just sits there and…yeah. U know what I mean.
  • We all know Luffy, and we all know what kind of people he likes
  • Luffy would not care much about the look, more important for him is the personality.
  • There’s a lot of playground for his future s/o. 
  • If he loves her, he will love her will all his heart. (Even love her more than meat)


  • This marimo loves silence and calm moments, and he would love it even more if he could share it with his babe.
  • If he can talk with her about swords, training and all that stuff, it would be even better! So a good listener is pretty good for the swordsman.
  • Zorro won’t care about the look either, so the personality is here also more important.
  • He would love it, if his s/o is into snuggle and naps. Or even better, both.
  • Because he loves to snuggle while taking a little nap on deck. And with his s/o by his side,it would be perfect for him.
  • Zorro is not the kind of guy, whos much emotional, so he could not handle a too sensitive girl, it would be too much for him
  • Maybe he doesn’t look like the guy who talks much, but he would love to have long and interesting conversations with his s/o about topics he like. 


  • We all know, this man loves women, but for a long and happy relationship he will pick carefully.
  • It would be perfect, if his s/o would be interested in cooking, but it wont be necessary.
  • A sweet and kind woman, would melt his heart. Sanji is not a man who would like a tomboy, is more into a real Lady.
  • He would love to talk with his Love about God an the World, while he’s cooking, or if he helps him (even better).
  • He prefers a neat woman, since he places importance on his own look.
  • Sanji is pretty  comprehensible man. If you have something on your sweet heart, and you want to talk about it, he’s the right guy for talking
  •  He wants someone, who gives him love, gives him kisses and say nice and sweet thing to him.


  • I think a girl, which listens to his lies and just chuckles about it, would be perfect.
  • Even if she knows, it’s a lie she would let him.
  • A smart girl would be perfect for him. He would love to talk about topics she like and what she’s interested too. 
  • He’s a pretty good listener, and he would love to hear the soft voice of his s/o.
  •  Someone he can protect and someone he can impress or bring to laugh.
  • Usopps ideal woman has to have his humor. He would love to bring her to laugh, smile, chuckle. This man just wants to see his Love happy. 
  • A calm and sweet Girl, thats his s/o.


  • This cute little fluff needs a second cute little fluff.
  • I can image a little shy girl by choppers side.
  • He would love it, if his s/o would be interested in his work.
  • We all know how strong this fluff is, so his s/o doesn’t have to be strong or though. He would protect her with his life.
  • I think, chopper needs someone, who is by his side. Who is with him in his doctor room, who helps him to sort all the medical books, just some one, who spends time with him.
  • It would be perfect if his little fluff would share his love for sweet things.
  • He would buy her cotton candy and eat it with her together. 
  • This sweet guy, just needs a sweet girl. 


  • This man, just needs a strong woman.
  • He would love it, if his girl watches him while he’s working, or just helps him. 
  • I think Franky would get pretty bored witch a shy little girl
  • This Cyborg just wants a badass woman. 
  • And also, a little naughty and dirty minded one would be good, since Franky is a perv.
  • It would be perfect if his s/o would have knowledge in mechanical things, and give him a hand at work or even better, improving his Cyborg body.
  • Franky would adore it, if his s/o would bring him Coke, joke with him do the “Supeer~!” with him.


  • Oh dear, this gentleman needs a lady.
  • It would be perfect if his s/o could sing to his music, or just if she’s interested in music.
  • He would write her tons of songs!
  • Brook would love to have long conversations with his love about everything. This skeleton saw so much, he loves to talk about it and even more with his partner.
  • A classy woman is the perfect one for him.
  • Someone who chuckles every time he made his dorky jokes
  • He won’t even ask his Love for underpants, because he would adore this woman so much.


  • I’m pretty sure, that his ideal woman has to be kinda like him.
  • She should be calm and very smart, so Law can have good conversations with her.
  • He would like it if she’s a bit cheeky, but just a bit.
  • This man needs a woman who cares about him. Someone who brings him coffee, gives him a small kiss on the cheek and reminds him to rest a bit.
  • His s/o has to be a calm person, o dear he loves that. Not much of a talk, thats perfect for him.
  • It would be perfect if his s/o would be interested in what he does.
  • Someone who reads a lot of good and complex literature, this man will melt. He would love to discuss with her about a special book and the best parts of it.


  • This satan, needs a badass woman. He won’t even let a weakling in his crew, so why should he date one?
  • But honestly, he needs a strong woman. Someone who can protect themselves. Someone whos evil like him. Just someone he can argue with and have sex after that.
  • Kid definitely needs someone with a dirty mind. It would suit him just so well.
  • He loves women who don’t give a little fuck about what others say. Sort of tomboy, not that much of a Queen of the Bitches.
  • This guy does not like boring people, he loves crazy and insane. Just like him.
  • In short, just be like this Read Head with tits.


  • His woman should suit into his Family.
  • His ideal s/o should know showing respect and honor for his father.
  • I’m sure Ace loves woman with a good taste of humor. Just someone, he can laugh with.
  • His s/o should be a good listener. Ace loves to talk about old days, about his brother and his home.
  • Kind of swinging and uncomplicated woman, is his taste.
  • Someone who loves the freedom, adventures and the sea.

I was tagged by the lovely @kihyunically - thank you so much lovely! ♥


A. Answer all questions and then write 11 new ones.

B. Tag 11 new people.

Is there an MV or song (lyrics) that really left a lasting impact on you?

For MV it would be BTS - I need U.I don’t know, but the first time I watched the MV I started to cry. And still, whenever I watch the MV I start to tear up, and it’s always the moment when Jimin leans out of the car and smiles? I don’t know why but this moment…?

What is your favourite album by your ult group?

This question is so hard when your ult group always release so good albums. But I would go for The Clan, Part 2.5 ‘Beautiful’

If you were to give ANY single gift to your biases, what would it be?

Well,… I guess it would be something nice, maybe some jewelery or some clothe. I mean I can say ‘Yeah I want to buy him a car’ but… I don’t know if this is a really useful gift. So I think something to wear would be nice. But it also should be something special, something unique.

Top 3 songs of 2k17?

Monsta X - Beautiful ; BTS - Spring Day ; CLC - Hobgoblin

Do you share a birthday with any idols?

Yes - with Infinites Woohyun and iKONs Yunhyeong. So february the 8.

What are some favourite moments of your fave groups? (can be a funny cut on a show, during fansign, etc)

Normally when they eat and are soft together but… I think Monsta X’s deokspatch episode where they have to do some sports was so cute and funny? When they have to jump over the…thing? and landed in the mini-pool.

If hypothetically speaking you can only listen to ONE kpop song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mino & Taehyun - Pricked. When you haven’t listened to it yet, do it. You won’t regret it, it’s so so beautiful.

What is it about your biases that makes them special to you?

All of them have a soft heart but at the same time they are so strong, they are so hard-working and put their soul in everything they do. Also for me, all of them stand out in some way, they have their own opinion and mind and don’t hesitate to share it.

Are you the type to decide on one bias in a group and stick with it, or do you tend to switch from member to member?

Well… at the beginning I’m always a bit confused like… WHO SHOULD I CHOOSE? And first I have a total different bias from the one I have now, but once I changed my bias once I stick with them. This… yeah, really applies to all of the groups I stan?

Do you own any posters? If so, for which groups?

I do own a lot, mostly because when there is noted ‘free poster’ I think why not? So I have kind of a huge collection but the only posters I have hung up are from Monsta X. I do on some of Monsta X, Shinee, Got7, BTS, Exo, Vixx to name a few.

Which hairstyles for any member of any group would you like to see again for a future era?

 I want Wonhos brown hair back.I mean, he looks amazing with every haircolor but my favorite one is his brown hair. (Also I wouldn’t mind Key with the hairstyle of Everybody Era or Why so serious? Era.)

And now my questions ♥

  1. What would be your dream-collab between your favorite idols or groups?
  2. Which girlgroup would you recommend and why?
  3. What kind of concept do you want your ultimate group to try?
  4. For summer - what is your favorite song for this season?
  5. Favorite Live Performance of your ultimate group?
  6. If you could  be one member for a day - who would it be and why?
  7. Your first K-pop song ever?
  8. What do you associate your bias with?
  9. Name one, in your oppinion, underrated song?
  10. Favorite Lyrics?
  11. In which show do you want to see your ultimate group? It also could be a show which is now longer airing!

And I tag!

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who do you think/hope will be endgame in pll? this is not going to be a discussion, so you are free to state who you think/hope/wish/etc! i’m just curious since it’s the last episodes airing right now :) 

for me i hope these are endgame: emison, haleb, spoby and jaria, but also sparia because they fit together perfectly :D

hello folks!! im talia & im very excited to join such a wonderful group of people. my hobbies include watering plants, and cuddling lil’ animals. im from canada & its pretty freakin’ hot rn, ngl. thank u, thank u for accepting me also. now, enough about boring me & let me introduce you to kit!! also;; i probably seem nuts but ive been waiting to play my lil harry here! so yay dreams rlly do come tru

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ok so to celebrate Job im thinking of buying a ps4, what are some good games that aren’t shooters, horror, or in that general vein of gritty boring alpha-male action hero who takes himself too seriously kind of bullshit

specifically i’m a fan of puzzle and adventure games, turn-based rpgs, and also games with a solid plot?? also not too big on simulator-type games, competitive games, MMOs, or anything that’s essentially an endless timesink


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Ok i love your blog!! What a blog!!! Ive got some questions for you!! What's your favorite color? Dogs or cats? Dawn or dusk? Why did you start this blog?

thank u babe ! xxxxx
my fave colour is red🍷🎒🐙🍒👠🍎🌹
I think I prefer dogs rather than cats (sorry cat lovers x) I think cats r cute but guys *puppies* !!!
idk if I prefer dawn or dusk,, I like dusk because it’s so so so so so pretty but I also love it when I’ve done an all-nighter and I can see it’s rlly morning (I’m not recommending all-nighters but they can be so special)
I started this blog because my friend had a tumblr and I wanted to know what it was like ! I’m SO glad I did it because I’ve met so many lovely ppl !