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Prompt Meme - SWTOR style

Send me a symbol and character(s) and I’ll write something based on it!

☼  OC’s First time meeting a Jedi

☀  OC’s First time meeting a Sith

☯  “That’s not how the Force works!”

❤  OC’s first time working with a force-sensitive

❀  Discovery that the OC is force-sensitive (as AU if the OC isn’t normally)

✈  OC’s ship breaks down

☃   OC acquires a temperamental Astromech

⚘    OC explains the name they’ve given their ship (or weapon)

✌    OC must work with an alien who doesn’t speak Basic and they don’t understand.

♚  Write a scene where the OC is first learning their most prominent skill.

♦    Introducing their romantic interest (or best friend) to a food specific to their home planet.

♝  Down time with Lana

♞  Down time with Theron

☾    Down time with Koth

❄   Down time with Senya

♟   Making friends with redeemed Arcann

☂   Gravestone lift malfunctions temporarily trapping OC and Lana, Theron, and/or Koth

♬   OC’s reaction to having to be on Hoth or Ilum.

☏   What letter would the OC write their LI if the LI was the one who became the Outlander after Marr’s ship is destroyed?

 ?   Wild Card - Create your own prompt

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I'm going to be going to a job interview for the first time with my portfolio and i am real anxious. Do u know of anything that would help me find courage??

I have tags on my blog for [“courage”], [“bravery”], [“confidence”], and [“anxiety”], which all hold many spells that could help you. Here’s just a few spells from the courage tag - feel free to check my blog for more spells like these!

Good luck in your interview, you’ve got this!

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Did you see?

They were all around you. You saw their faces, their moves. Their breath tickled your neck and you moved, covering yourself with a thick blanket. You were shivering from fear, unable to control your body and mind. 

Their touch was all over your body, they surrounded you like a fire, not letting you run away. They held you in place, making you squirm in panic.

The door opened.

♛ Ayato ♛

- Oi, Chichinashi, what are you… - He stared at you for a moment, genuinely concerned, as you thrashed around. - Hey, stop it! - He came to your bed and pinned you down.

You screamed, starting to struggle even more, not aware it was him that was holding you yet.

- Stop it, I said! Calm fucking down!

You blinked, realizing what happened.

- T-they… - you mumbled incoherently. - T-they were here…

- What…? - Ayato narrowed his eyes, obviously not understanding anything.

- D-didn’t you see them…? T-they were h-here… They-

- Shut up already - he growled at you. - There was no a single person and you were squirming for no reason. What’s wrong with you?!

You curled up, escaping his gaze. Your eyes watered as you sobbed quietly.

- I-I don’t know…

He sighed, letting go of your wrists and sitting up.

- I don’t get it at all. Just… don’t do this again, or I will have to sit with you all night long… and you know what it means. - He smirked at your flustered face and without another word, left the room, leaving the door slightly open.

♟ Kanato ♟

- Can’t you shut up?! - he growled at you, looking at your squirming frame. He was annoyed, it was clear, and he knew that it was because of your actions. They woke him up from his slumber. 

He approached you and stared in silence at your body, narrowing his eyes as he couldn’t be aware of what was going on inside your head. 

You cried out and he nuzzled his face into Teddy’s artificial fur. 

- Annoying, isn’t she…? - he mumbled. - On the other hand… she seems to be so scared… - He chuckled lowly. - I don’t dislike it… Hey, doll. - He grabbed your arm and pulled you up harshly. You almost screamed and he let go of you - so you fell onto the cold floor, looking around. - Huh, you’re not scared anymore? What a shame… 

- K-Kanato…? - You looked up, your eyes watered. - Y-you’re here… 

- Of course I’m here. You woke me up, you trash - he grumbled. - Shouldn’t I punish you for this? 

- B-but… T-there were… I-I saw them… - you started to murmur quietly. - I-I saw…

Kanato narrowed his eyes and then smirked down at you.

- Of course, there were a lot of people’s souls. The ones that died here. Did you see them? Well… Maybe you’ll see them again, we’ll see… Now, come with me… - He grabbed your wrist. - It’ll be a long night for you, doll…

♞ Laito ♞

- Bitch-chaaan~? - Laito yawned, walking into your room, and then stared at you for a few minutes, curious if you’d see him. - Are you dreaming… some nightmare…? - he wondered, but when he came closer, he realized that you’re not sleeping. You weren’t fully counscious either though. You looked as if were fighting with something, yet he didn’t see anything that could possibly make you as scared as you were.

You pushed something away from yourself and got up quickly, in the next moment falling to the floor.

Laito chuckled shortly and you looked up, now realizing that he observes you.

- Is my Bitch-chan having delusions~? Maybe she’s not sleeping properly as she was told to~? Ahh, what can we do now~? 

- L-Laito… - You gulped and looked around. The monsters disappeared, leaving you two completely alone. You sighed with relief. And then you realized that the worst of the monsters was standing in front of you, smirking devilishly.

- Ne, Bitch-chan… It had to be dreadful, shouldn’t I… comfort you somehow~? - He stalked closer and raised your chin, looking straight into your eyes. - Don’t be so scared… You’re safe with me, you know~? Nothing will hurt you… more than I could.

♝ Reiji ♝

- What are you doing…

He glared at you, not moving from his spot, just staring at your squirming form. You heard his voice and fought harder, trying to wriggle away and run to him.

You hoped that he’d help you, protect you, or at least say that the ghosts weren’t real - you really wanted them to not actually exist, but how a not-existing thing could hurt you so badly…? How could it touch you, hold you in place, hit you as it did?

But Reiji just stared at you, for a while probably enjoying your fear, even if he wasn’t the one to cause it. That’s - probably - why he got bored of it so easily.

- Stand up - he said sternly.

- I… c-can’t… - you cried, already losing your strength.

- It’s an order. Stand up or you will be punished.

You fought. You really tried. But it was all too strong.

But as soon as he made a single step towards you, everything vanished. You sighed deeply in relief, staring weakly at the boy. Your heart thumped in your chest when you realized that you didn’t do as he told you to.

And his stern face and cold glare proved that he didn’t like it.

♚ Shu ♚

He instantly knew that something was off. He - obviously - couldn’t see nor hear all the creatures, but as soon as he entered your room, he could hear your heart skipping and the smell your boiling blood reached his senses.

He closed his eyes for a moment, but it was all too noisy.

- Stop it - he said in quiet, but demanding voice. When he came closer, you instantly started to calm down, the surreal creatures disappearing one by one. 

And when the last of them disappeared, you saw the vampire hoovering over you, staring at you intently.

- Are you scared? - he asked, but his voice was so indifferent. You curled up, still trembling from what you’ve just came through. To your surprise, Shu smirked. - There, there - he said mockingly. - You want me to comfort you? Or maybe you did all this scene to gather my attention? Well, you succeed.

He climbed onto the bed, pinning you down in an second.

- But you’ll pay for it, so brace yourself.

♜ Subaru ♜

- Hey, what the hell are you doing?! 

Subaru’s sharp voice made you instantly come back to reality. You sat up, curling up a bit as your breath hitched. 

- S-Subaru… - you whined softly and got up, running to him and wrapping arms around him. You were trembling, which only confused him more.

- O-oi, what are you…

- I-I was so scared… - you cried quietly. The boy was taken aback.

- You had… a nightmare?

- I-I don’t know…

He frowned, but didn’t say anything more. It was a bit awkward, but he eventualy placed his hand on top of your head in a calming, comforting manner.

- There, it’s alright now.

And it was alright.

“AJ, I’m sorry,” I pleaded, only to be met with a sharp glare. This time I was in deep trouble. Sometimes, AJ liked to perform checks on me to see if I was on my best behaviour - but after our morning fuck, in my daze from orgasm, I’d forgotten to put panties on when getting dressed. Usually, AJ liked that, often demanded it - but not when we were at church.

“You know the rules,” he snapped. “You were in the house of the Lord and you waltzed in there like a cheap whore. You are an embarrassment. I refuse to go to Hell for letting something like this slide.”

“What are you going to do?” I whimper, my wet pussy betraying me. I knew in my mind I should feel remorse, fear - but my daddy had always trained me to expect punishment involving his cock.

“I’m not going to do anything,” he said, smirking with pride at the punishment he just invented. “I’m not going near someone who acts like a filthy whore. It’s gonna be a long, painful week for you, darlin’. But you WILL learn not to disrespect the Lord. And you WILL learn not to disrespect me.”

okay but how will i ever watch anything again in my life after the life-changing experience that was watching chicago typewriter

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hi!! i have a question, why do we cry when we're sad or happy? why our eyes produce tears in sad or happy situations?

Hi!! This is the biological process, but I’m not too sure about the actual purpose of crying and what evolutionary function it has…if anyone know pls tell me I’d be very interested

So in times of sadness or happiness, the emotional centre of your brain, the amygdala, is responsible for recognising it. It then relays these emotional signals to the hypothalamus. However, the hypothalamus can’t differentiate between emotions. All it knows is that it’s getting a strong neural signal from the amygdala,and that it must, in turn, activate the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is divided into two branches: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Put simply, our sympathetic nervous system increases alertness and our parasympathetic nervous system calms us down.

In this case, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine is released, which binds to the receptors in your tear ducts. If the initial emotional signal was strong enough, this will result in tear production, making you cry.

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