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You won, but at what cost?

PromptBakuKiriKami + Angst

Anon said: Bakukirikami with sadness! Kirikami extremely heartbroken to see their bf laying in a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages and unconscious ;v;

Why ppl like to suffer so much!!?

While I was drawing this I was listening to sad music and I felt so bad about making them suffer like this. 

This time Bakugou was too far.

First option:

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Anon…. Anon I got this message at 2pm. What time zone are you in?!

Also, writing this was a challenge for Saeyoung, Saeran, and Vanderwood, as… well, if you’ve played Saeyoung’s route, you know why.

Sorry this is going up so far behind schedule, I’ve been sleeping for almost two days solid and I woke up and couldn’t find my computer. Turns out my roommate borrowed it and forgot to give it back. But here it is.


  • MC played LOLOL
  • I mean, she was nowhere near the level of SuperYoosung, the #2 of the shooting star server, but she’d gone toe to toe with a dragon alone once
  • On more than one occasion, MC got the change to fight SuperYoosung in game, and every time, even though her level was lower and she always lost, MC kept getting closer to beating him
  • When MC found out SuperYoosung was her Yoosung, she nearly flipped, having chatted with him on an open forum more than once
  • He’s super excited too, though he thought she was a guy because she didn’t have an open mic, and thus didn’t talk to people online
  • After a few months of either playing with Yoosung or watching him play, MC or MasterCoordinator finally manages to beat SuperYoosung in front of his entire guild


  • MC was a barista at a cafe Jaehee frequented for a while
  • Because Jaehee came in often and MC had a little bit of a crush, she knew Jaehee’s order by heart
  • MC also attempted to leave cute messages on the cups and draw cute images in the foam
  • However, Jaehee was usually so busy or stressed, she either didn’t notice, or  thought it was a cute cafe aesthetic
  • It wasn’t until Jaehee and MC were actually working together and MC made her a cup of coffee with an image drawn in the phone did Jaehee connect the two
  • MC revealed that one time, in a truly desperate attempt to get Jaehee’s attention, she wrote her number in the foam, but it was missed completely
  • Jaehee’s embarrassed she didn’t notice sooner, apologizes, and is happy things ultimately worked out
  • The main reason Jaehee kept going back to that cafe was because of the cute barista, that just so happened to be MC


  • Well, I mean, MC is a casual fan of his
  • But they take the same train
  • Now, Zen doesn’t ride the train all the time, but when he does, they usually end up on the same one
  • More than once she’s taken a sneak pic of him
  • So, in his route, MC was on the train home from work, in a chat, and Zen posted a selfie of himself in the train
  • A quickly scan located him, and he moment she was off the train, she posted it with a little comment
  • “Hope to ride with you again soon~ 😘”
  • Zen freaks in excitement
  • He all but interrogates her about her travel schedule, but MC gives him nothing
  • After he meets her in person, he recognizes her, grins from ear to ear, and say, “I knew you were my type!”


  • Well, ironically, she was already a party planner for the rich and famous
  • They met in passing, a tense business smile here, and brief chats about the weather there, so on
  • And needless to say, his father had hit on her, but she turned him down in an instant, stating professionalism, but the truth was, she was creeped out
  • So when she was thrown into the midst of planning an RFA party, she practically had the whole party planned in an instant more out of habit than anything else
  • Jaehee host? Pfft, MC could do it! Not like it’s anything new!
  • One thing MC would remark on for years to come was Jumin’s face when he realized that she was the woman he was speaking to in the chats
  • While she “stayed” with him over the next few days, he was impressed with her work ethic and her ability to plan an entire party from flower arrangements to table settings to music and guests all from her phone
  • If anything, watching her keep a cool head when things went horribly wrong and one thing happened after another, it made Jumin fall more in love with her
  • He genuinely regrets not getting to know her sooner


  • Well, it took them a little while to recognize each other, but MC put the pieces together eventually
  • It turned out they grew up in the same neighborhood, going to the same church
  • MC had seen him a lot in passing, but had only spoken to him once or twice
  • MC didn’t know much about him, not even his name, she just knew that things were bad at home, he had a twin brother, and if he wasn’t with his twin, he was alone
  • A few times, she came over and gave him things like food, candy, and the like, in the hopes of coaxing a smile out of him, but they never came
  • Saeyoung didn’t immediately recognize her because (1) she had short hair back then, and (2) MC had changed a lot with puberty
  • And while Saeyoung doesn’t like talking about his past or his childhood, he likes that he has someone who was there and understands who is here for him


  • MC worked at a gallery as a glorified secretary for the curator
  • V had sold his pictures at the gallery and they’d spoken casually a few times, but he never knew her
  • However, being the polite guy he is, V always remembered her name
  • When they met again, he wasn’t sure until he saw her picture, and he continued to be friendly and polite
  • MC was the first to ask why he hadn’t released any new works lately, as she was a fan
  • When they did meet again, face to face, she openly admitted to him that she’d always harbored a small crush for him
  • The blush on his face was super cute


  • Did you think he did his pink tipped hair alone?
  • I don’t think so
  • … okay, after a while he did, but not at first!
  • No, at first, Saeran had to go to a hair stylist
  • MC was new to being a stylist, but she did his hair with impeccable care
  • he found that having her do his hair was incredibly soothing, even if the environment was not
  • Until Saeran could learn to do his hair by himself, he went to MC to get his hair dyed and touched up whenever his roots started to show
  • Because of this, he was able to watch her and get an idea of the kind of person she was (namely that was naive enough to fall for her coworkers tricks from time to time)
  • So when he needed to find a person to plant into the RFA, MC immediately came to mind


  • MC had once worked with the agency as a independent consultant
  • She didn’t know any details of their operations
  • All she did was consult on several projects
  • She was also legally gagged and threatened
  • One of the projects she worked on was with Vanderwood directly, but not for any long duration of time
  • And honestly, he didn’t remember her until she remembered him

Petyr Baelish One Week Challenge: day 3 (favourite scene) —> Petyr’s Gifts

[Feast for Crows spoilers below; **this scene has not yet occurred in the show]

“So tell me, sweetling - why is Harry the Heir?”Her eyes widened. “He is not Lady Waynwood’s heir. He’s Robert’s heir. If Robert were to die …”Petyr arched an eyebrow. “When Robert dies. Our poor brave Sweetrobin is such a sickly boy, it is only a matter of time. When Robert dies, Harry the Heir becomes Lord Harrold, Defender of the Vale and Lord of the Eyrie. Jon Arryn’s bannermen will never love me, nor our silly, shaking Robert, but they will love their Young Falcon … and when they come together for his wedding, and you come out with your long auburn hair, clad in a maiden’s cloak of white and grey with a direwolf emblazoned on the back … why, every knight in the Vale will pledge his sword to win you back your birthright. So those are your gifts from me, my sweet Sansa … Harry, the Eyrie, and Winterfell. That’s worth another kiss now, don’t you think?”

Crossember Challenge Day 3 - UNDERSWAP

As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

I know I’m a few days late, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and I had to make this. My guess is that Cross’ll use Papyrus against Sans. And since Underswap Paps uses orange magic (I think that’s canon?) and you have to keep moving to avoid damage, I just fell in love with the though of poor Sans having to run for his life…waiting for a chance to attack ;)

Challenge by @byutak, Underverse and Cross by @jakei95, Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

Here’s a still so you can see Cross and Paps in the back:

Nezumi and Shion really get me. I love them. Separately and together. What a team. Nezumi finally loses his shit to someone worth losing it for after years of trusting no one, loving no one…Shion’s his challenge and he could never overcome him. Shion, the boy is loaded with love that needs no “I love you”, he shows it to Nezumi… or tells him something else, that he’s drawn to him. They really care about each other and I’m reading the novel right now to learn about that deeper level of love and characterization behind the surface of the anime.

Eddsworld Week Day 4: Iconic Art Style or Extra Scene


Tag yourself, I’m the lazy coloring

Art styles in order are - @princeofmints (I know he’s not into EW anymore, but he seems to be one of the most well known artists and I honestly had a lot of fun drawing in his style!) | Bleach (Tord likes anime, so I decided to do one of my favorite anime’s, Bleach!!) | Paul-de-vorte (I’m not sure how to spell it oops. I was gonna do Edd’s style, but I went with Paul’s as it’s more well known for the new members. I honestly like Edd’s better uwu;;;) | @hoshmyposhes (Fun Fact: Hosh had kinda asked me to try their style and I’m only now remembering this lmao, whoops. I’M IN LOVE WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT THO SJKAFNLJDKSBNGJ)

blue is the fiery comeback you thought of five minutes too late. she wants the unattainable, is the desire to be everything everyone is not. the stars, a kiss, a difference in heights or opinions. black hair with jagged ends, dull scissors, too many elbows in the bathroom. matching eyes, matching taste; cutting, expressive, wistful. the wish you hold to every 11:11, the combat boots you almost bought.

ronan is angles and anger; mouth sharpened in a sneer, to jutting cheekbones, tensed, to a buzzed head. he is the argument you tried to avoid, all action and noise. the sound of a dress shirt whispering against a pew, the grip on a steering wheel. tall enough to knock his head on things: restaurant lamps, common sense, tall enough to be the only reason someone would look up to him. he is the sound between fourth and fifth gear, talon scars on his shoulders. molten blue eyes and careless self-possession, bruised knuckles, a switchblade of a smile.

adam is delicate. dusted in freckles, he is the day’s last few rays during dusk; tired, so tired, but still stretching for something he cannot yet reach. he is lithe, a curve to every bone. a curve to his lips, always half held back. sand dusted lashes, dustier hair, ocean eyes. something to make you sigh: rolling waves on a too-windy day, car trouble before class. he is the pride that straightens his back. oil on his hands, chapped from being washed too many times for this and the country dirt underneath his nails.

gansey is the indecisive fact. on the outside his shoulders are broad, like his mind. hands shoved through hair brown and sun-kissed, too many questions, too little sleep under his dreaming hazel eyes. sometimes these eyes are golden, sometimes unreadable, sometimes afraid. he is the perfunctory statement in a debate, breeding betrayed in the jaw, a square, in his precise features. he is the character of worn leather, the smell of gasoline, blind faith.

noah is the way sunlight catches in your rearview mirror and washes your reflection out: pale, light hair, colorless lips. he is your darkly tinted windows, but smudged. dorito fingerprints on the corner of a page. misty eyes, a fair day in the forest; blue or green or brown, something distant, laughing, witty. the glitter you never notice that is subtly everywhere, a joke muttered under his breath, the closing of a door.

kavinsky is the roar of an engine. dark greased hair, slippery tongue behind full lips around a bottle of lukewarm beer. a language you don’t speak. an empty home, a cynical remark, the feeling you get when you know you’re too late. thin from too many near misses, too many lines, too many finish lines. a finger gun to your head. eyes that smoke, darker and challenging; squealing tires, worn down gears, red lights.

—  the look in their eyes, that something to them

30 Days Of Art Challenge:  Day Three
   A Favourite Male Character - Raji Shenazard

I discovered the smooth line tool in SAI, and holy moly this doesn’t even look like I drew it.
That said, it took me a while.
Anyway, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is one of my all-time favourite shows, and Raji has a special place in my heart.  While Obi is without a shadow of a doubt Best Girl (in this show or any other, often beating actual girls for the title because he’s just that perfect goddamnit Obi) Raji is definitely a very close second.  His character development alone is so beautiful you could write a bloody ballad about it, and on top of that he’s such an adorably awkward little shit.  Protect him.

He’s definitely a blusher.

Ectober day 1: Decorations

We aren’t alone when it comes to putting up Halloween decorations. Ghost do it to, just for a different reason.

Instead of dedicating Halloween to the dead and deceased they celebrate the lives of the living, the loved ones they left behind or others who simply aren’t among them anymore. Human or ghost alike.
So to honor those they miss they light up thousands of small candles that floats across the Ghost Zone to represent each individual they miss.

All emotions aside the event is quite a beautiful sight tho.

I'm a Teen Behind Bars in an Immigration Detention Center
"I never thought I would be detained for so long for trying to save my own life.”
By Isabella Gomez

“I do not feel safe anywhere in here. I didn’t come here [to the U.S.] to work; I came here to try to survive. I never thought I would be detained for so long for trying to save my own life.”

We need a #DreamActNow

Black Friday.  My first and hopefully last work of fan fiction.

Written for the 1013 challenge from @frangipanidownunder and @txf-prompt-box, tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober for the full shameful experience.

Behold my first ever cliched conglomeration of schmaltz work of fan fiction:
1013 words, MSR, 
Rated R-ish, 
Trigger warning: thesaurus abuse and random acts of comma misplacement.

Synopsis:  A former technical writer with a mild brain injury that has messed with the word-finding pathway in her head is talked into writing fic after being assured she’d be able to do it by people who find it relatively easy and don’t have to search for every second word in a thesaurus.  It started out with the best intentions before turning into smut and reaching the word limit before i got to the two remaining black fridays that were part of the original outline.  But I hope you get something out of it despite all that.  And I made you some MSR porn which is under the cut and should make you forget about my story.



Friday, October 13, 1995, Dulles International Airport

It was an exhausting case. A non-stop dark comedy with psychics and bodies and little fat storm troopers, with Scully saving him again. The journey home was complicated by the addition of a ball of fluff with small dog syndrome. Mulder was glad to be heading home.  Despite the cryptic hints he’d been giving Scully all day, his birthday once again went unnoticed.  He blamed some of his misfortune on it being Black Friday, but he hadn’t walked under any ladders holding black cats so that couldn’t completely explain his despondency.

Scully felt his desolation as though it was her own and decided to try to make up for her neglect today.  “Mulder, you look exhausted. Why don’t you head home while I wait for Queequeg to come out. Once I drop him home I’ll bring some take-out around. I can tell you’re tired so I won’t keep you up long”.

Mulder didn’t even have the energy for innuendo, but agreed to Scully’s plan rather than mope around his apartment alone.  He smiled weakly before heading home to shower and make his apartment more presentable.

On the way home she stopped quickly to place an order at the local Lebanese restaurant, grab enough provisions to satisfy her new dog, and pick up a few festive items, before dropping Queequeg at home with a promise that she wouldn’t be too long.  After collecting the multitude of containers comprising a feast fit for a sultan, she arrived at Mulder’s door, bags of food in both hands and a foil balloon between her teeth.

Mulder beamed as he opened the door, lunging to hug her in his excitement before noticing the bags and taking them instead.  She was distracted from the aborted hug by the sight of his jeans-clad ass leading her into his living room where they laid out the array of dips, bread, kafta and salad.  His day’s disappointment was quickly forgotten as he cheekily risked thrusting a pickled turnip dipped in hummus or baba ganoush in Scully’s mouth every time she opened it.   The smells and flavours of the exotic foods were exquisite, and before long they could eat no more.  Laying back on the couch, Scully had to undo the button at the waistband of her jeans to accommodate her extended belly; Mulder doing the same.

“Thank you, Scully. That was perfect.” His genuine smile and the intensity of his gaze suddenly challenged the invariance of time, bringing it to a complete stop as he leant down to place a soft kiss on her lips.  A smile mirroring his own was all the encouragement he needed to repeat the gesture.  Time sped up again as lips, tongues and hands explored, more buttons were unbuttoned and clothing disappeared.  Mulder’s hands followed the curves of her body; his mouth left a trail of ecstasy as he made his way down her neck, devoting time to her incredible breasts before continuing down the midline of her body. He glanced back up to see Scully’s face enraptured, her eyes closed and her breathing erratic.

“Fuck, Scully, you know how to give a guy a happy birthday,” he smiled as he directed his attention towards her sensitive vulva.  Her hands clutched at his hair and her back arched as he explored her with his lips and tongue, then slipping his talented fingers inside her.  Before long the pleasure-pain of his skilful stimulation brought a succession of gasps, heralding the flood of her orgasm through her glowing body.

“God, Mulder”, she moaned, “it might be your birthday but I feel like I’m getting the gift.” She steadied her breath, feeling the intensity of Mulder’s need.  She needed him in return like she needed air.  

Mulder suddenly looked concerned.  “I don’t have any condoms, Scully”, he realised as he lay back on the couch beside her, trying in frustration to bring himself back under control.  

“Well it’s fortunate that it’s your birthday, Mulder.  I have a gift you might like,” she said, presenting him with the package that she intuitively picked up at the store earlier.

“God, I love you, Scully. You anticipate my every need,” he said as he kissed her again before carefully rolling the prophylactic over his unwavering erection.  Their mouths resumed their mutual greed as their bodies joined in passion.  

Clinging to one another in the afterglow, Mulder considered his day.

“Black Friday proved very lucky this year, Scully”, he said, holding her close, his mouth claiming every inch of her soft skin as he spoke.  “I’ve wanted you forever.”

“I love you” she assured him shyly, in that voice that always resonated in his groin

“Next time my birthday falls on a Friday the 13th it will be the year 2000,” he mused.  If we can stop the world from ending, we’ll have to plan something even bigger.  I’m amazed that you did all this for me after the week we had.  Next time it comes around, we’ll have to celebrate in style.  It’ll be our 5th anniversary,” he brazenly declared, “a double celebration”.

Friday, 13 October 2000, Alexandria

Scully entered Mulder’s apartment, not bringing a feast with her this time.  Having spent the last couple of months bringing up almost everything she ate, her amplified sense of smell left her unable to eat anything but the blandest of foods.

She sat alone on his couch in the dark, wrapping herself in his Navajo blanket, desperately trying to feel his presence around her.  She allowed her tears to flow; a rare indulgence.  Her hands on her still flat belly, she made assurances to its tiny occupant that he would return.

“He completes us, little one.  I know he’ll be back.  I’d know it if he was gone forever.”

Remembering his confidence and uncharacteristic optimism on his last Black Friday birthday, she fell asleep on his worn leather couch, imagining their shared joy when she finally got to tell him of the triple celebration this year, allowing hope gather within her that they would be together again soon.


There. I did it.  It’s done.  Skinner has my resignation.  And I’ll remind anyone who ever suggests I write my own fan fic again of this effort, immortalised on Tumblr for my eternal shame.

As my talents lie in other areas, I’ve included an example of my photoshop fuckery as a gesture of apology for my story.  It’s rather NSFW so it’s hidden under the cut       


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sober; jongin

Originally posted by jonginization

08. companion

jongin x reader

word count: 1.4k of fluffy angst

“part 2″

You clock out of the nightclub at midnight There are patrons scattered about the dimly lighted place, but otherwise it’s more of a slow night. The three men that you had been serving sat at the bar, more or less gone from the amount of alcohol you’ve poured them. There’s a group of men seated in one of the booths, seemingly in a serious conversation. You think it might have something to do with the two older women that sits across the room, if their methodical system of taking turn in glancing at them was anything to go by.

“Better leave now, Red, before I make you stay the night with me,” Jaehyung threatens while buffing a tumbler glass.

Jaehyung and you rotate shifts, and tonight he’s on from now to closing at five. Most of the time, you work the first shift, opening at six and leaving at twelve. Your boss is more considerate than he looks, and he tries to make it a point to let you out before late– well, despite it being midnight, but it was a nightclub afterall.

“Yeah, not a chance, Jae. I have a paper to write, so unless you want to write it for me,” you trail off, prompting him to bite the bait. But he doesn’t, not when he has an acrimony towards education.

“Get out of here, you.”

You laugh. “Thanks for switching shifts with me. See you.”

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