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This is totally fucking random but I love Lance. I had a dream where lance pranked me so bad that I started to scream curses in Spanish so loud that the whole castle heard it then I proceed to chase him, he screamed like a little bitch, with a chancletas (sandal) in my hand while screaming Spanish curses at him while he cried in Spanish (I'm Puerto Rican ) please make a headcanon for this please?

omg i love this i can totally see this happening, my mom used to (and still does tbh) yell at me all the time in spanish lmao. I’m just going to do some bullet points??

- so imagine lance was the absolute king of pranks back on earth right

- he did them all the time but when it was april 1 he would pull out the big guns

- so one year he wanted to prank one of his older siblings by going with a classic, the old water bucket over the door trick

- but lance being lance he had to be extra and fill it with glitter bc that stuff will literally stay with you until the day you die

- unluckily when he had set it up he hadn’t realized his mom might come up instead

- which lead to her ripping off her chancla and immediately start going after her him, screaming in spanish the entire time (which is terrifying)

- ofc lance runs which makes her even more pissed and they end up in the kitchen where she grabs the wooden spoon and goes ham on him while he cries in spanish 

- the entire thing is being recorded by the sibling he was going to prank and its hilarious bc their mom is covered in glittered and is wayyyy shorter than lance but she’s destroying lance (who’s also covered in glitter at this point) and its funny as hell

- bonus: the sibling posted it online and it went viral and when lance is at the garrison he’s only referred to as “glitter boy” or “chancla”

- bonus pt2: its showed at every family gathering 

- bonus pt3: while the team is in space they finally get access to the internet and they find the video and they start crying from laughing so hard