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Been so busy with college and work, I haven’t drawn much for myself in a while! So while I rush to finish my assignments have a few things old and new.

The Warforged is @awe-yeahs’ character, Chime
The Aarakocra is @atomjenkins‘s character, Cal

I think the funniest thing on this blog atm is how everyone is losing their shit over the Berkut/Rinea C-S support chain and then there’s me, who stopped playing SoV after like 3 or 4 chapters, and I’m just like


Rest, Little One

Rest, little one, oh how long have you wanted to sleep - to be able to close your eyes peacefully.

Rest, little one, the world maybe dark and gloomy - but you’re safe in my arms, I will hold you tight.

Rest, little one, for the world doesn’t rest on your shoulders - I will carry it with you and together we will make it.

Rest, little one, for I am here with you - to watch over you, to give you warmth as I guard you from the sadness and misery.

Rest, little one, for your soul maybe weary - and yet you have so much to give, so much to see.

Rest, little one, for soon you will see the sun rise - and with a new dawn, there is a new smile waiting and a new hope.

Rest, little one, find peace - for in this world full of darkness, your light needs to live, to twinkle like the stars in the heavens above.

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Which seijo members do y'all think would be attracted to a girl with a tiny waist but pretty round hips? Like curvy...but not in the mainstream sense? Like, still small, but everyone is always surprised to see how large her hips and butt are because she wears baggy clothing all the time? If you couldn't tell already, I'm describing me lol. I get a bit self conscious about my size pretty often because clothes never fit right. I really can't confide because people tell me to stop complaining...

All of Seijou would like their partner regardless of body type

Oikawa, Hanamaki, Yahaba, and Watari don’t make a secret of how much they adore their partner’s figure. They shower them with endless kisses and praise over how beautiful they look, running their hands over their sides, hips, and lower back. Whenever their partner mentions they feel self conscious about their body, they’re all quick to help them feel better, assuring that they’re just perfect the way they are.

Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Kindaichi, Kunimi, and Kyoutani are a tad more shy about expressing that, but make it obvious that they love every part of their partner’s body. They’re more touchy, especially around their partner’s waist, and always have an excuse to have an arm around them. If anyone talks shit about their partner’s figure, they won’t hesitate to step in and defend them, with either strong words or some… minor threats.

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are you aware of the ace beauty that is the book sexbrood

this is exactly how i’d imagine a tumblr-obsessed superwholock ace inclusionist writing a novel would go. like THIS is what happens when people attempt the ace representation they always whine about (as if plenty of existing characters don’t show a lack of sexual interest in others). they get a cringy, pretentious, sex-shaming main character, who’s unbearable to everyone but the writer and the few aces who actually thought they were good representation.