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Here’s the boy! 

Bonus trans boy:


’’No way! oh he’s not going to beat us in there, that guy is always trying to one-up me!’’

‘‘Who is it?’‘



‘’Are you sure?’’

Everytime I see that scene I picture two bff’s who saw the crush of one of them and just freak out like:



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Do V and Y get a lot of creepy people coming up to them when the kids are babies to coo about how biracial kids are the ~most beautiful~

YES AND IT’S SO BAD ALL THE TIME. It’s a different flavor racism than the one Yuuri dealt with in Michigan but it’s JUST AS BAD and bad in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS depending on which one of them the person sees with the kids or if it’s both of them???

One time Viktor is watching Irina’s ballet practice when she’s like five, waving through the studio’s glass when she looks at him and smiling as she does her clumsy little plies

Another father walks up to him and asks which one is yours? And Viktor points out Irina.

“Oh, wow,” says the other father. “She’ll be a looker when she grows up.”

“Um,” Viktor mutters, because that’s a weird thing to say to him about his five-year-old. 

“I mean, she’s part Chinese right?”

Viktor squints dangerously. “My husband is Japanese.”

“Oh, well. You know. They all look the same. But I’ve never seen an ugly Asian girl. She’s gonna be real pretty.”

Viktor takes Irina out of that ballet class and starts sending her to private lessons with Lilia, which is what Lilia has been WANTING THIS WHOLE TIME VIKTOR KONSTANTINOVICH I TOLD YOU. I TOLD YOU.

On the other hand, when Yuuri is alone with Mikhail, little old European ladies keep coming up to him and pinching Mikhail’s cheeks and saying things like, “Mixed babies are just adorable,” and Yuuri wants to physically slap their hands away from his child.

It’s equally as creepy though when people HIS AGE, LATE TWENTIES EARLY THIRTIES, look at his babies and say, “Oh, I want my babies to look just like that! Like, Asian but without the eyes! They’re so cute that way!” and then hastily and fervently glancing at him and saying, “No offense!”

It gets better when they go back to Japan but like even there?? even there sometimes people say backwards shit. Kyo and Koichi are born and a lot of people say they have “Anime eyes” because they’re so blue. Yuuri has to go into Emma’s school once because someone is teasing her so badly about having a big nose that she doesn’t want to go to school. Twelve-year-old Mikhail begs them to let him dye his hair black so that he “looks normal.”

Which, like, they’d let him dye his hair whatever color he wanted–it’s impermanent and something he can have agency over even at a young age–but not because he feels like he has to, y’know?

But yes people are horrible and Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov just want people to let their babies LIVE and not say weird creepy things about them??? Also Yuuri Nikiforov is going to fight the FUCKING WORLD if one more person screams at him a slow voice?? He speaks perfect Russian? He studied it for five years in college?? Why is it that he’s the one who gets talked to like a child when Viktor is the one who STILL sometimes goes blank in the face and just blindly agrees to whatever it is the person he’s speaking Japanese to has just said to him.

“Is the moon made of cheese, Viktor?” Mari once asks a very tired Viktor, trying to smother her laughter as she watches him rock back and forth with both twins and their matching stuffed tigers cradled in his arms. Six-week-old Kyo and Koichi have had a case of the sniffles and, while not serious, it’s been a hell of a weekend.

“Uhhh yes,” Viktor mumbles, eyes half open. “It’s fine.”

Yuuri takes a break from wanting to sleep forever to laugh hysterically into Viktor’s knee before trying to fall back asleep.

“I’ll babysit the terrible trio tomorrow,” Mari assures them. “You guys look like you need a break.”

“Bless you,” Viktor whispers, strangely understanding every word of that much more complicated sentence. “You will be sainted.”

“The patron saint of sniffles and drooling brothers,” Mari says, and Yuuri doesn’t know if she’s talking about him or the twins but he throws a pillow at her anyway.

au where misako never abandoned lloyd when he was a kid and he went with her on her travels

he becomes an archeologist just like his mom and grows up with a super loving family with misako and all of her archeologist pals and becomes super well educated and knowledgeable about e v e r y t h i n g
• lloyd- hey did y'all know it would’ve taken about 347 years for even two feet of ouruboros to be uncovered through natural causes
•everyone else- what the fuck

misako tells him everything she knows so like a bunch of good and bad stories abt garmadon so he doesn’t grow up idolizing such a bad dude but then he also knows from a super young age that he’s the green ninja and isn’t forced into this huge role right before he’s supposed to kill his dad

anyway misako would’ve been a great teacher and a great mom and lloyd wouldn’t have abandonment issues and actually grown up a happy kid and basically I’m just super emotional abt lloyd’s up bringing


Just Nico and Prince Albert having a casual chat about life whilst driving through Monaco

Okay. So.
I’ve had some time l to just. Stew over my emotions and to talk some things over. Needless to say, I’m tired of feeling like a worthless piece of shit. I don’t talk about a lot of personal things going on in my life on here, to be honest; I try and keep my blog happy and fun. So this might be confusing and probably really random… But without going into everything - it’s time to just…
Let go.
(And no I’m not going to burst into a Disney song 😄)
This…thing my emotions over the last few years have allowed me to become is not me. It’s just not.
Over the last week it got so bad that I’ve put things I love on hold almost- writing, drawing, just creating in general.
…anyway I’m babbling. And on mobile. But bottom line… it’s really just time.