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One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.

Here’s my birthday gift to one of my favorite blogs around here, @terubi !!

Happy birthday, my friend, and I hope it’s been a good day so far! I really love your writing - especially your fics - and your sense of humor.

awkward internet hug


hi I didn’t have time to do anything for today’s sh week so have some screenshots of ships for ship day

one is falling over that’s exciting isn’t it I hope it was okay

one has a pretty sky behind it that makes it 10x more amazing also it has sails u don’t see many ships like that nowadays tho how many ships do you see at all I don’t see many at all tho I don’t live anywhere near the sea/ a big lake that’s probably why @ People who live near the sea do u see sailing ships often I need to know this for science

also according to google that last one is famous for some reason I don’t know why but I’m gonna take Google s word for it

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s substitute for actual mildly okay content thank you and goodnight


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

ART WITHDRAWAL RELIEF.  Since I can’t digitally ink with the backup tablet, I decided to try out traditionally inking an RP character of mine and coloring that the other day.  It turned out nicely!  Not something I’ll do TOO terribly often, but it was a good way to finish SOMETHING in these trying, Tablet-Prime-less times.

Back to getting commissions sketched!  Hopefully Tablet Prime will be back in hand soon so I can get some inking and coloring done properly.

I can’t go thru the markiplier tag right now, there’s some good but a lot of bad. I think most didn’t really watch the video or ignored the parts that didn’t talk about Felix. It’s sad that a really good video with a great message got so many people to do the opposite of what Mark was talking about. I honestly don’t care if you like him or not and I don’t expect everyone to like him or agree with him but don’t belittle those that do. They are not “idiots” or “pathetic” or “stupid” they are people just like you are.

Hey to all those people telling people “ it’s not so bad, just power through the cramps” when they're on their period because it’s not an excuse to miss school/work etc.!

I had bad cramps today, but I tried to “power through it” and went to class anyways, even though my grandmother had to drive me because I couldn’t walk to the bus.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to feel like I was going to throw up in the middle of my lecture, leaving to take a walk outside in the cold to try and clear my head, even though walking made my right side feel as though it was being ripped in two.

I tried to “power through it” when I started getting cold sweat all over my body, taking off my sweater and then putting it back on two seconds later because my body couldn’t decide if it was hot or cold.

 I tried to “power through it” when spots started to appear in my vision, and just kept walking towards the exit.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to dry heave, and started walking faster.

I tried to “power through it” when my ears started ringing and the spots took over my vision and I was so so hot but shivering and my side felt on fire and twisted into knots and stabbed all at once.

I tried to power through it to the point where I collapsed in the middle of my college hallway. A stranger brought me to Outreach Services, where I lay on the floor, vomiting, for an hour until somebody could pick me up and take me home.

The school paramedics told me that I had passed out because I put too much stress on my already taxed body. My body was taxed because of hormonal fluctuations and blood loss aka my period.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. In the past when I’ve had cramps like this, I’ve stayed in bed and eaten strawberries and watched MASH all day.

So don’t you DARE tell me that you should “power through the cramps and do it anyways”. Powering through made me pass out. Powering through made me have to be wheeled out of the school in a wheelchair because I couldn’t keep my balance to walk. Powering through made my grandmother with osteoporosis and a tendency to panic have to come pick me up from school and help me up the stairs and almost break her hip when I started to collapse backwards on the front steps. Powering through made my 13 year old brother have to supervise me while I took a bath because I was afraid I would pass out and drown (he was super sweet about it actually; we closed the curtain and he read me Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Powering through made my mother who works to support our family pretty much on her own have to take time off work to come home and make sure I was okay.

In conclusion; If someone feels crappy because of their period cramps, leave them alone. Don’t make them do things anyways, because you might make it worse. And definitely don’t make them feel bad for not wanting to do things because of cramps; that’s the reason I even got out of bed this morning. Be nice to people on their period. Possibly buy them chocolate or painkillers. Nut don’t make them do things when they have cramps, and definitely don’t tell them “it’s nothing, power through” because cramps? Cramps can be one of the worst things you could possibly imagine.

Seriously. Fuck you all.

☠️ . Like this for a LYRIC BASED STARTERS

I’ve recently hit 2k followers, and it’s just so awesome and I have no clue to why you are following me guys but I wanna thank you all so much. For the occasion I thought I’d do my first follow forever, though I’m so bad at those things, forgive me if it’s a mess and if I’m forgetting people. Also if you’re not listed bellow it’s not because I hate you, it’s most likely because you don’t post stuff I’m into, you know. But please don’t hesitate to submit me things you think I might like and I might follow you eventually! Alright, here you go (no particular order):

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Do you just love that

Tokyo Ghoul gives a great message that you shouldn’t judge a group of people by the few bad seeds of the group. That you should fight for the chance to make a real difference in the world. Along with smaller messages to live to see what comes next, that you don’t have to be a hero to be special, that you can be loved by so many people and not realize it, that fighting means nothing if it isn’t for something, that the strong is those who understand that they are weak and so so so much more



Basiccccalllly feyre babe walks down the isle and then Tamlin says I do and then feyre says I don’t and then my precious little dark cinnamon roll Rhys appearsss and is like feyre darrrrrrrlinggg

The gardens of the Spring Court manor were swarming with people; Feyre could barely see a single patch of grass below the immense mass of the crowd. It reminded her of the leering crowds of under the mountain. No, she whispered to herself, this is different- this time I have a choice. Nonetheless, the creeping reminder of those who had tortured her mercilessly with their sneers and snide comments stuck with her. What didn’t help was, though the majority of the fae were behaving pleasantly, there were a small handful who had drunk a few too many glasses and were being significantly loud.
Feyre grimaced at them from behind the double doors of the manor. She could make it through today, she could endure; she could be the perfect bride for an imperfect man if it meant the safety of her true family; she would beat her demons and she would ignore her leering onlookers.
“Alright then. Are you ready to marry the love of your life?” Ianthe cheered from behind her. “Come on now! Get away from the door and at least look happy” Her hand gripped Feyre’s shoulder harshly and spun her around. Feyre plastered on a big grin. Honestly, it was a wonder Ianthe didn’t see through the blatant act.
“This is the best day of my life” Feyre lied in a monotone voice.
“That’s the spirit,” Ianthe responded, again, not noticing the act “well I have to go and organise last minute arrangements, so you just wait here. Lucien will be down in a moment.” Without another word, the priestess trailed off.
Feyre began to pace in front of the doors, her thoughts swirling around her head. Before long, Lucien appeared by her side. He simply glanced at her and then looked off out into the gardens, where people had already begun to take their seats.
“Tamlin wanted me to tell you before the wedding that he made sure there would be no red flowers” he whispered quietly, whilst still staring off into the gardens.
“Thank you Lucien” Feyre murmured, in a voice barely audible to anyone except him.
“I don’t trust you”
“I think you do,” she paused “I think you trust me more than anyone else in this goddamn court.”
He sucked in a breath at her undisguised words.
“How dare you-” he started just as Ianthe came into the room and declared, “It’s time!”
He gave Feyre one last hard look before pushing open the double doors.
Everybody quieted.
The bridal music began its tune as Lucien held Feyre’s arm and led her down the aisle.
The people of the crowd looked on in awe at their High Lord’s soon-to-be wife.
Soon, she whispered to herself, soon.
She reached the end of the aisle and stood by Tamlin’s side, who looked at her with a skeptical expression.
The boring part of the ceremony passed in a blur; the priestess (whom Feyre did not recognise) said her piece whilst Tamlin held Feyre’s hands and faced her.

After a long while of holding a saccharine smile and waiting for the end of the conditions of a High Lord’s consort speech, Feyre stirred with excitement as the real part of the event was about to happen.
“Do you, High Lord Tamlin of the Spring Court, take Feyre Archeron to be your lawfully wedded consort and wife?”
“I do”
Many of the crowd squealed in joy.
“And do you, Feyre Archeron, take High Lord Tamlin of the Spring Court to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
Feyre paused, taking a deep breath, and preparing herself for what she was about to do.
She looked at Tamlin, who eagerly waited upon her answer.
“I don’t”
And then all hell broke out.


“My dear Spring Court citizens!” A dramatic, deep voice thundered from a cloud of smoke that appeared by the doors of the manor. The scent of citrus and jasmine filled Feyre’s nose; the scent of her freedom.
“What is this madness?” She heard Tamlin bellow from beside her.
High Lord Rhysand of the Night Court turned his head slightly towards the pitiful High Lord of Spring and pursued his dramatic entrance.
“Ah Tamlin! It appears you have intentions to marry my wonderfully spectacular wife. I do understand Feyre is quite a darling, but I’m fairly sure she doesn’t require two high Lord husbands to give her power. After all, she has managed to become High Lady of the Night Court through her own powers and not through marrying you.”
Feyre felt a smirk creep into face just as Tamlin gasped, and his face darkened.
“How dare you come into my land and interrupt my wedding with these - these - these filthy lies. There is no such thing as High Lady and your obsession with my consort is sick!”
“Oh but I am not your consort.” Feyre said quietly. Tamlin moved to nod, as if he had been expecting her to support him, but then paused, fully processing what she has just said. He turned around to her slowly, betrayal sharp in his eyes, along with the rest of the guests.
“You. All this time.” Not a question, but an accusation.
Feyre’s smirk grew as she stepped off the dais and back down the isle to where her mate stood. Standing beside Rhys, she scanned her eyes over the spring court and said to no one in particular, “I am Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court, Cursebreaker, Defender of the Rainbow, the mate and wife of High Lord Rhysand of the Night Court, and I am most definitely,” she paused and stared straight into Tamlin’s eyes “not your consort.”

So, I read this absolutely DELIGHTFUL LoZ OoT series by  BetterBeMeta which I loved (Gerudo ladies! Zelda being a punk 12-year-old! Fixing the issue of the only dark-skinned dude in the game being declared unambiguously evil!).

The end of the lil’ coda-sequel made me cackle and involved Ganondorf scooping Zelda up ‘to perch on his shoulder like a finch’ and that image was TOO CUTE. Also there’s the implication that he’s going to teach her to be very sneakily seditious and not get in trouble next time and I just.

I really wish there was more, but as it is, I’m delighted and needed to Draw A Thing because authors who make me giggle myself out of the grumps deserve fanart.

Hinata attempts to give her Uchiha Sweetheart a sweet surprise. Sasuke is very, very bad at those.

Hinata was seeing another man.

Sasuke, who had come to the realization a few hours ago (she’d been asleep beside him, in their futon. She’d looked so beautiful), began preparing their first shared meal of the day with a quiet devestation. She’d been sneaking around lately, brushing aside telling him where she’d gone and what she’d been doing. Men’s items had shown up, albeit breifly- a bottle of colonge (neither of her team mate’s wore that), a formal men’s tie (a pattern and colour her father would never wear).

Of course she bought gifts for him. Hinata was a wonderful woman; sweet, and kind, and loving. God, had the world always been so bleak? No matter where he looked, from the sun streaming through their kitchen window, from her preparing the tea beside him; it was like there was a mist of grey over everything. Nothing cheery to his eyes. Nothing bright.

Hinata turned to him, and Sasuke wondered if this was it; if this was how it ended; in the morning, before breakfast.

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People who treat their friends bad make me so angry. You have this great person in your life & think it’s okay to just treat them horribly & act like it’s no big deal? How do people not see that that’s NOT OKAY AT ALL?

gentle reminder to this blog’s 15000 followers

I don’t really know if there are words that can describe how grateful I am. This blog truly would not be in the place that it is without all of you, especially those of you who take their time to submit suggestions for posts. 

Together, we have made over 600 reminders, all of which have at least reached one person, one dashboard, to make it a more positive place. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’ve come so far. 

All I have ever wanted was to help people, thank you for helping me do that every day. Each and every one of you.

I hope you all have a lovely day today. :)

first time ever doing a gif

It’s makes me so depressed that Edward has had to live in Munich, leaving all friends (and Al) behind, later on he witnessed his father being killed (and Heiderich…) i just cannot understand where does he gets all those calmness and courage, this makes me want to hug him so bad, to tell him that he doesn’t need to be brave anymore, for just a sec ; ;